(AN)---a Sesshoumaru/Kagome romance with a plot?  Isn't that a welcome change?  ^_^ j/k!  I'm not digging on anyone, I swear.

Those who have read my other Inuyasha fic will definitely notice a difference in the writing styles.  This fic prompted me to write the other one.  I had come to a point roundabout the second/third chapter that just wouldn't come out right.  When that happens I force myself to move on and write something else.  Usually it helps.  also having feedback on what I've already got helps, too.  So, please let me know if I am doing something right here, and I will continue trying to do it!  ^_^


Disclaimer:  inuyasha and crew do not belong to me.  If they did...we'd all play Twister™!  Except Miroku. -_-;



The Lady and the Beast

She watched the darkness fill the village, starting first in the shade of buildings and the deep depths of some of the less welcoming places.  Her pale blue eyes were steady on the filtering light, patient and unhurried as the night creeping in.  The stillness stretched all the way in.  Cloth moved, hair tangled in the wind, but the small movements seemed only to accentuate her mask of comfortable serenity.

The beast behind her paced the length of its black leash, reached its end, but did not pull, only turned.  It was slowly wearing a path in the grass.  The girl turned, tucking stray black tresses behind her ear, and smiled.  Her hand raised, pale and slender with the other end of the leash wrapped loosely around it.  She pressed the thin leather thong between her flesh and the creatures, petting its forehead affectionately.  The beast stilled in its pacing and leaned into the touch.  It calmed.

The light was draining from the sky, melting back and drawing up.  On its tails the darkness came, though not quite full yet.  The girl cast her eyes back down to the village, and the beast looked with her, hovered over her in sheer size.  But the look...the look on her face made it small.  She was form, and it---

It was nothing more than her shadow.