Thomas was staring at the new kid in his class, Newt. He was British with blonde hair and deep piercing brown eyes. He was in awe of the boy. Not to mention he was very attractive. Every time the boy was answering a question, Thomas felt all tingly inside. His voice was deep but not that deep. Newt turned his gaze and Thomas averted his once the blonde was aware that he's been staring at him. Thomas could've swore he saw Newt smile.

They heard the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Thomas was seated with his friends in the cafeteria and they were talking to each other until Thomas noticed that Newt was sat right across from him. Thomas found himself stare at the blonde again. This time Newt was staring too. They were staring at each other. Thomas was about to stop himself when Newt grabbed the popsicle in his tray. Newt opened it and started to suck on it.

Thomas heart sank and he blushed as Newt kept sucking on the popsicle. He gulped a little loudly and scanned the room if someone was looking. When he looked at Newt again, Newt was staring at him. He was deepthroating the fucking popsicle! Thomas felt warm all over. He can feel himself getting hard under his garments.

Newt then took the popsicle out of his mouth and started licking it. Thomas can't believe this was happening. He grabbed his hard on and started to squeeze, feeling turned on as hell. Newt was still staring at him.

"I don't think I can fit all of you in my mouth, Thomas." Thomas heard Newt say. He was red and flushed and he looked around wondering if anybody heard the remark. Thomas returned to look at Newt again and noticed the table was empty. He started to panic. Where was the blonde? He scanned the room once more and just when he was about to give up he saw Newt by the exit sign. Thomas looked at Newt and Newt gestured to follow him.

"Um.. I-uh, I-I need to pee." Thomas said to his friends as an excuse. Fuck, he was so turned on and hard right now.

He saw Newt enter the boy's locker room. He ran after him. He took a deep breath before entering. Without some kind of warning he was being pulled inside the door and pushed again to close it and Thomas felt Newt's lips on him.

Thomas did not care. He moaned so loudly into Newt's mouth producing a groan from the blonde. Newt's tongue was invading Thomas' mouth and he never wanted anything more. Their hands were all over each other. Newt suddenly found Thomas raging boner and started massaging it.

"Ugh, Newt." Thomas groaned as Newt was leaving marks on his neck. Thomas felt sensitive all over, his dick was so hard right now and the only thing separating Newt's hand and his cock werw his clothes.

"Take your clothes off." Newt ordered. Thomas did not have to be told twice. He took off his shirt and Newt was helping him with his pants.

"Mm, someone's eager." Newt smirked as he took hold of the hardened dick in front of him. Newt started to go up and down, pumping Thomas slowly.

"Ugh," Thomas was squirming in Newts hold. He was in fucking heaven. "N-Newt. Faster, p-please." Thomas said breathlessly as the torturing pain in his dick was slowly taking over him. His boner was vibrating painfully at every slow pass of Newts hand.

"Shhh. Do you just want my hand or do you want me to do to you what I did to that popsicle?" Thomas opened his eyes, mouth open, and nodded at Newt. Newt slapped Thomas dick hard and Thomas almost lost his balance.

"Say it." Newt said seductively.

"I want to be the p-popsicle, p-please." Thomas was basically weakening from the lack of touch from his cock.

"Not convinced enough." Newt started to back away and Thomas did not like that.


"That's more like it." Newt held Thomas' cock once again and knelt in front of him. He pumped him a few times before licking the head making a string of precum appear.

"Ugh. P-please." Thomas was begging Newt for more. He grabbed the back of Newt's head and pushed him on his dick but Newt refused and kept on licking. The side, the underbelly and the head, Thomas was going crazy by the teasing that he was about to cry out of frustration. It was too painful.

Newt thought that Thomas had enough teasing when the brunette whimpered. Newt opened his mouth and swallowed Thomas.

"F-Fuck!" Thomas screamed. He did not care who heard because he was feeling too good to care. Newt was bobbing up and down Thomas' length like there was no tomorrow. Newt twirled his tongue inside that made Thomas' back arch.

"N-Newt," Thomas was now bucking his hips against Newt's bobbing. His dick felt alive, he was too sensitive at this point.

Newt loved the taste of Thomas' dick. He deepthroat it causing the brunette to groan loudly. He was bobbing up and down his dick furiously.

Thomas was fucking Newt's mouth now. Searching for the release his body wanted since lunch. Newt was so good at sucking his dick.

"I'm s-so close." He warned Newt but that only made Newt work harder, faster on his length. Thomas was breathing loudly now. He tightened his grip on Newt's hair.

"N-Newt I'm gonna-" but before he was about to blow his load, Newt removed his mouth from Thomas' steel rod of a dick.

"Wha-" Thomas was so frustrated. He was so close and Newt suddenly stopped.

Newt leaned and kissed the confused boy briefly.

"I want you cum on my ass. I want you to fucking breed me." Newt whispered on Thomas' ear.

Thomas was disoriented by his pending orgasm but the offer made him closer to that.

Newt bent over the bench and Thomas got closer to him.

"Go on, Thomas. It won't bite. At least not in a threatening way." Newt snitked.

Thomas held his dick and slowly entered Newt.

"Motherfu-" Newt was so tight and he swore he would have cum then and there.

As Thomas was fully inside Newt and he really wanted to go faster but he slowly moved forward and back not wanting to hurt Newt.

"Is th-this okay?" Thomas asked not missing a beat.


That was the only encouragement Thomas needed and he thrusted his hips with full force.

"Fuck! Yes!" Newt was screaming with pleasure.

Thomas fucked Newt harder. Thrusting his hips faster and faster. The bench where Newt was leaning against started to squeak from the aggressive fucking.

"Ugh. Fuck. You're so tight." Thomas said.

Newt was moaning from the top of his lungs.

"Don't stop, Thomas!" Newt ordered and Thomas was thrusting harder. Thomas dick felt so good inside him, hitting his sweet spot over and over again.

"God, your k-killing me." Newt was breathless but he did not care. Thomas' rough fucking was all he needed right now.

"Thomas, i'm gonna cum! Ugh!" And Newt saw blurs in his vision as he achieved orgasm. White ropes of liquid painted the floor and he was panting and writhing so hard. He was sensitive but Thomas kept thrusting his hips hard which made it difficult to come down from his orgasm.

As Newt reached his orgasm, Thomas dick was gripped harder by the contraction of Newt's ass. The added pressure made Thomas feel like Newt was basically milking him dry.

"I'm gonna cum." Thomas said.

"Yeah. Cum inside me baby." And that was all Thomas need to let go.

"Fuuuck!l Thomas screamed as he came inside Newt. He thrusted so hard that he started to lose balance. He was writhing in pleasure, slowly fucking Newt as he came down from his release.

He pulled out and some of his cum dripped from Newts ass.

They both laid down and were breathing rather fast.

"Did that meet you expectations?" Newt asked.

"Even better." Thomas replied. "You?"

"You kidding? You were fucking my brains out." They both laughed and and tried to catch their breath at the same time.

"Let's do this again." Thomas offered.

"I'd be crazy to turned down that offer."