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My Mistake

chapter 01

by aya_yahiko

I had left her...

2 years ago.



It was raining that night.

"Jet?" A voice screamed, its tone obviously worried. "Where are you?"

There came no reply.

"He left." Another voice said, sadness filling it. "Me and Clive found this."

As he spoke, he raised an envelope with a heart sealing it. It looked familiar to her, it was like the envelope HE had torn up when they were heading for Humphrey's Peak.

"So he was trying to leave then..." The young female muttered, tears stinging her eyes. She tried to hold it, she did not want her other comrades to know what she felt for the lost person.


...they already seemed to know.

"We're sorry..." Her green-haired comrade said, as handing her the letter. "He was our teamate too, so we feel what you feel."

Despite her sadness, the girl smiled. "I know." She said, as looking up at him. Her tears cascaded down her cheeks, and they were falling down on the paper envelope on her hands. "We better open it, before the rain hits it too much and it'll get soggy and we won't be able to read it anymore."

Seeing her point, her comrades nodded. Although they knew that it wouldn't be the rain that would make the letter unreadable. It would be her tears.

As they went into the inn, a lone figure stood in the shadows, watching them. The sillouhette then turned away, leaving his friends with the letter he had written.

End Flashback...


I guess...

I wasn't thinking right back then.

Right now, I regret what I did. I regret that I left.

Our world, our home, Filgaia, is now green, but the prophets rule it. The Yggdrasil incident happened, and no one was able to stop it. That's one of the regrets I have. According to Werner, if I had been there, everything wouldn't have been like this. Yggdrasil could have been stopped with my power.

You know what, until now, I don't understand my power. I think it's stupid that I have any powers, I'm just a worthless Drifter who can't do anything right.

Stupid Airget-lahm B/V2...

I can't be equipped with anything but it. And no one can be equipped with it except me.

She tried to try firing with it once...

But it wouldn't respond to her.

Likewise, her ARM would not respond to me.

Darn it... everything is my fault! I had changed over the years, goodbye old 'too mean' me. Welcome new 'kind-of-nice' me. I know its sounds stupid, but hey, I changed.

And its all because of her.

Whenever I help people, I remember her. The way she would talk, smile, laugh... Just about everything.

I know I sound like a crappy romanticist but I guess... I don't care anymore.

To tell you the truth, the only thing that hasn't changed about me is I hate the past. I hate stupid memories. To me, they're still not important. They never were, they'll never be.

If I said that to her, she'd probably scold me again.

Hmmm... I wonder what that big idiot and Clive is up to now? Maybe I should pay them a little visit. Show my face, maybe? Nah, they'd probably shoot me at first sight.

Where the heck am I now anyway? Stupid map...


Sheesh, I'm at Southfarm. What a perfect place to be. I need an inn, and the nearest town is only...

Boot Hill.

Of all the IDIOTIC things to happen! No. I will not go there! NEVER! I am not showing my face there!!! She'd kill me at first sight! Probably shoot me in the head or somethin'.

Yeah, I guess... she's THAT mad at me.

Well, I left, for crying out loud! If I hadn't left, Filgaia, the home I used to hate, wouldn't have been like this. And my teamates, they wouldn't be mad at me. And her...

She'd probably be happy with her father now.


It's all my fault!!!

Sheesh, I'm in self-denial again!!!


What the - - - ? Wait a minute...


Huh? It's raining??


I'm soaked, and yes, it's raining.

I guess I have no choice. I have to go...

To Boot Hill.


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