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My Mistake

Chapter 16

By aya_yahiko/terrandagger

"Teww us another stowy, daddy!"


Jet moaned in frustration. "Another one?" As he spoke, he could hear slight giggling from behind him. He turned, seeing Virginia looking at them, laughing.

He did the only thing he could do at the moment : Plead for help. "Ginny… help me!"

"No way! I have to clean the house." She giggled again, and her husband gave her a glaring look. Smiling, she thought, 'Some things will never change.'

And with that, she left him with the two energetic 3 year olds.

It had been 4 years ever since that date. Soon enough, they got married, and had 2 children. Twins! Heheh. The lady of the two had long silver hair and emerald eyes, while the lad had spiky brown hair and his father's rare amethyst eyes. Each of them had their own fair share of attitudes from their parents, but unluckily for Jet, they both got their mother's persuasive and too-happy personality.

"Teww us a stowy about you and Mommy, Daddy!" The girl of the 2 said, as nearing him. Picking her up and letting her settle on his lap, he pinched her nose first before replying.

"Ok, but you have to promise me that you'll help Mommy clean today."

She smiled and cheered, her emerald orbs showing pure innocence and happiness. "Ok!"

"What about me, dad?" The boy of the two said, his short auburn hair bouncing as he approached his father. "Will you tell me a stowy too?"

Jet grinned and took his little replica into his arms. "Of course. But you have to help your sister afterwards."

"Ummm… Okay."

"Now lets see… what kind of story did you guys want?" The silver haired Drifter hoped that it didn't need anything that involved imagination.

"We want a love stowy!" The silver haired maiden exclaimed, and as she smiled her father couldn't help but resemble her to his sister and wife. "Wight, Astral?"

The brother looked like as if he was going to puke. "A love stowy? No way! Boys don't like love stowies, right dad?"

Jet sweat dropped big time. 'Okaaaay,… these two will have no more talks with Kaitlyn.' "Uh… I don't know, Astral. But I guess some men do. But you like action stories, right?"

Astral nodded with delight. "Yeah dad! Something with action! Bang bang bang!" And along with those words, the little one jumped off his father's lap, doing some macho poses up front and making fake ARM noises. "Someday, dad's gonna teach me how to use ARMs! Right dad?"

"Hey! Daddy's gonna teach me too! But…" Obviously, his sister would not agree to his 'story' request. "I want a love stowy! Not action!"





And their fight went on and on and on and on and on and on and on… (A/n : Geez… all that for a category of a story? Hehehe… I guess that's sibling rivalry.) until another voice joined them, giving their bickering a stop.

"What if daddy tells you a story with love and action?" It obviously wasn't their father's voice, for it was female. The twins looked up to see their mother peering down at them, and also giving knowing looks to their father. "What about it, Jet? A story with love and action?"

'Kaitlyn, what have you been telling these two?' "Umm… uh… sure." Waitta minute… why did he say that? He didn't know any story with both love and action in it! He looked to Ginny for some help, but she was just giving him that knowing look. As if she knew a story to tell. 'Well, she should tell it! I dunno any love and action stories!!!'

But then… it suddenly him.

A story with romance and adventure…

Action and… uh… love…

Of course!

"I think daddy's ready to tell the stowy," Astral whispered to his sister as they settled down. Their mother had gone back to the kitchen, and weirdly, she was smiling like there was no tomorrow. Their father, on the other hand, was in a trance-like state. The amethyst eyed lad nudged the silver haired youngster to call out to their dad… they were both getting impatient. They wanted a story! =)

"Daddy?" Astra mused, as she waved her little hand over Jet's face. "Are you weady?"

Snapping out of his thoughts, our silver haired Drifter found himself staring into his child's emerald orbs. "Uh… yeah. A story with love and romance, huh?"

The twins both nodded.

"Okay then, you guys listen well." The amethyst orbed treasure hunter smiled as he knew what to tell. "I have the perfect story."

Both smiled as they heard that. "What's the title, dad? And what's it about?" Their small questioning voices could be heard as their eyes shone with attentiveness. "Is it about saving the world?"

Jet could only nod to that. "Its about a team who had to save the world… and their adventures in between. They're 4 Drifters… one girl and three boys. I'll start off when they met… and then when one of the boys left…"

"Awwe you sure that stowy has love in it?" One of the little youngsters interrupted, for she doubted that what she wanted to hear would be told. "Its sounds like its only action."

Her father patted her on the head. "Would I ever lie to you, Astra?"

She smiled as she saw her dad's point. "…Nope!"

"Right. Now let me finish." Jet paused as he gathered as many memories as he could remember. "When one of the boys left… the girl became really sad…"

"Waitta minute, dad!" This time it was the male of the two who halted his story-telling. "You'we tewwing us what its about… but we dunno the title yet!"

Their father looked at them in amazement. 'What an intelligent yet loud pair…' He sighed at that thought, yet smiled soon after. 'Just like their mother… ' He kept grinning as he caught a glimpse of honey colored hair from the kitchen, but then suddenly remembered what his children were demanding for.


A title.


I'm not really good at this field. You know, telling stories and all. These kids should stay with Clive for a week.

Uh… c'mon, think of something, Jet!

Its about a boy… sheesh… rephrase that… its about me… Virginia, Gallows and Clive…

Darn it! What's a good title for this?


The boy left… I left…

He regretted it… I regretted it…

It was a big mistake…


That's it!

I've got it! The title!

I looked to the two children that I would treasure all my life. They were just like their mother : demanding, persuasive, cheerful, happy, determined, and of course… cute all the same… (hey, they also have some of me!) and I saw them patiently (hey, this is a miracle!) waiting for my answer.

This is what I regretted doing in my life. Leaving her and escaping my past. All of this…

It was…

"My mistake."


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