"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu.

"Kurama" Demonic beings Speech.

'Kurama' Demonic beings Thought.

Naruto DxD: Rise of the Shinobi

Arc 1: Battle of the Youth

Chapter 3

"If Sona is as smart as I heard her to be..." Naruto said while scratching his chin "You guys are dead" Ravel, standing beside him nodded her head rapidly at the horrible truth to Rias and her peerage.

It was the night before the decisive battle with the Sitri family, Rias and her peerage was gathered together in Naruto's room in order to have their last meeting before the final showdown. Hearing him saying something like that, Rias' only choice was dropping her mouth in shock.

"Oi sempai, what the hell are you saying?" Issei screamed out everyone thought. With the help of Naruto and the amount of deadly battle they faced so far, you could say that Rias and her peerage made a lot of great improvements. Truth to be told, Rias was actually quite confident in her chance of winning against her rival.

But it seemed that Naruto didn't agree, not at all.

"Issei," The blond suddenly pointed his finger to Issei "how's the state of your Balance Breaker?"

"Yes. I've managed to get used to it" Issei shrugged his shoulder

"True, but there are several conditions to it, right?" Naruto asked, making Issei nodded his head. "First, when you change into Balance Breaker, it takes time for the transformation to occur and that is way too long. Moreover, when you have entered that waiting state, you can't use your Sacred Gear and with someone who realize on Boosted Gear like you, you will be left defenseless and basically dead meat during those moment. Both doubling and transfer are impossible. Furthermore, you can only transform once per day, and even if you cancel the transformation before it ends, your Sacred Gear will be deprived of almost all its power." Issei nodded his head rapidly at his words "So, what's the time needed for the transformation in your case?"

"Two minutes."

"So the time was shortened thanks to your training and getting used to it. However, those two minutes are a matter of life-and-death. To put it bluntly, it's hardly useful in actual combat. Above all, the time until the transformation during which Boosted Gear can't be used is just too painful. Since there are a large number of people that can defeat you within those two minutes. You have to think of how you can take care of yourself until you transform. Those two minutes are your greatest weakness." Naruto pointed out before continuing "The normal Boosted Gear's doubling and transfer are also important, since they have a wide range of uses. However, Balance Breaker is indispensable when fighting a powerful enemy. The normal state and the Balance Breaker State each have their advantages and disadvantages. So, for how long can you use Balance Breaker?"

"Yes, at full, I can use it for thirty minutes. When I use my power, it decreases more."

"Normally, that's pretty good for your first time limit. That's the results of your training. However, in an official game, that is completely out. It's out of the question if it's just thirty minutes, and what's more decreases as you use it more. There will also be games with long stretches of distance and time. We have no choice but to increase your time limit from now on."

Naruto then turned to his girlfriend, who then flinched when his eyes landed on her.

"Rias, Sona Sitri knows about the Gremory group to some degree, right?"

"Uh, Yeah, she understands us roughly. For example, she knows of Ise, Kiba, Akeno, Asia and Xenovia's main weapons." The crimson heiress said while nodding her head "Video recordings of our battle with the Phoenix group were partly open to the public, after all. Furthermore, Gasper's Sacred Gear and Koneko-chan's background have also come to light."

"Well, she knows roughly about all of you then. So, how much do you know about her side?"

"I know the abilities of Sona, of her [Queen] the vice-president, and of several others of her servants. Though some of their abilities haven't been confirmed yet." Rias said, unsure

"So you're at a disadvantage in that regard. Well, such a thing is fine for a game or an actual battle. That is often the case in both the games and in actual battles. There are also cases of a Sacred Gear evolving and transforming during battle. You should pay careful attention. The number of your opponents is eight."

"Yes, one [King], one [Queen], one [Rook], one [Knight], two [Bishops], and two pawns, for a total of eight enemies. It seems she still doesn't have a full set of pieces yet, but it's the same numbers as us." Naruto nodded his head before turning to Ravel and gave her a meaningful look, which she understood immediately and brought out a white board with her magic.

"The Rating Game classifies players into different particular fighting-types. Power, technique, wizard, support." Naruto began to draw. His knowledge about Rating Game was quite impressive to say the least because after all, he spent hours watching records of Rating game matches as well as doing research about the game from various book "Out of these, Rias is a Wizard-type. The type that is superior in magic in general, so to speak. Akeno-san is the same. Kiba is a Technique-type. He fights with speed and technique. Xenovia is a Power-type that excels in the area of speed. A player that aims for a one-hit-kill. Asia and Gasper are Support-types. Also, if you classify them with even more detail, Asia is closer to a Wizard-type with her magic, while Gasper is closer to a Technique-type. Koneko is a Power-type. And lastly, Issei. You're also a Power-type. However, you're also good at being a Support-type as well, with your [Gift] power." Naruto finished "To make it bluntly, this peerage is brawl with no brain, sorry Rias but that is the truth"

"Well...uh...I guess"

"The things that Power-types have to be most careful of are—counters. A troublesome class among the Technique-types. That is the counter-type ability. There are counter-types even among the Sacred Gears, but when fighting an opponent who carries one, power-types like Ise, Koneko and Xenovia can have their situations turned around by a single counter blow. It's because counters return the opponent's power to them plus the power of the one who counters. When one is strong, it's natural for there to be damage just as strong."

"If there's a counter, I just have to overcome it with power." Xenovia said that bravely. However, sensei shook his head.

"It's possible to overcome it with that, but it's another story when your opponent is a genius in that field and Sona is one of them" Naruto pointed out "Avoid attacking as much as possible. It's better to face counter-users with the spell-user Akeno, the technique-user Kiba or Gasper with his special vampire abilities. Everything is a matter of compatibility. Power-types are simply strong. But the risk is big for them when fighting against Technique-types." Naruto then turned to the leader of the group "Rias, if there are counter-users in Sona Sitri's group, they might run into Issei. If a counter eats up his enormous power, it will be an instant out. You need to come up with and refine some tactics for that."

"But, if the opponent is a female, the possibility of that is…low."

"Ah yes, the freaking Dress Break." Naruto chuckled.

"By the way about Issei's Balance Breaker, Sona Sitri definitely foresaw this with me at your side. You should be thoroughly careful. Since the possibility of you being crushed before you transform into Balance Break is high."

"But you guys also have one advantage in this battle" Naruto turned to them with a smile "That's other than Issei, Sona doesn't know just how much each and you have improved, especially Rias and Akeno. You two are both wizards-type, the ones who got great advantage over magics and also, you two are somewhat the core members of this peerage. Stay calm on the battlefield and figure it out a way to fight them, understood?"

"We understood!" The peerage chorused with a confident expression on their face.

"Man, I wonder if this is fair for my girls or not" Naruto said while putting the board out.

"You're too kind sometime, Naruto-sama" Ravel smiled at him while shaking her head, making Naruto shrugged.

"That's how I am" The blond grinned.

End of chapter 3

Tina's note: That's the end of chapter 3, I know that there is hardly anything happened in this chapter other than the fact that Naruto gave Rias and her peerage a lecture in power but this chapter is necessary to create a short time-skip to the next chapter. We all know how the Rating Game between Rias and Sona went, so we won't have to see it once again so the next chapter will be after that battle.

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