A/N: So I've been shipping Hartwin since I saw Colin & Taron on the Jonathan Ross show, I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to see the film. – While at the same time wishing I'd never seen it because, seriously! I feel betrayed. Anyway, this is my way of dealing with the end of the movie. I hope you like it.

And yes, the title is taken from My Fair Lady because how could I not?

Warning for bad grammar and spelling. I have proof read this but undoubtedly mistakes will slip through, so if this is going to irritate you, please stop reading now.

Also, this is a multi-PoV story, switching between Harry and Eggsy's point of view.

Chapter 1

He didn't know how it got there, where it came from, he really didn't, it just kinda popped in when he wasn't paying attention and now he can't seem to get rid of it. It's not just the aching guilt in his chest, it's the image of warm brown eyes fluttering in front of his own. – Even as he's buried ball deep in the princess of….wherever.

The worst part, he can't seem to focus on anything else. He's tried. God, has he tried. He's fucking royalty for fuck sake, he's living the fucking dream and yet, all he can think about right now is a dead man. – And isn't that like the largest, coldest bucket of ice water ever. There's no coming back from that, not now.

Eggsy pulled out with an almost animalistic and…broken groan, and it has nothing to do with suddenly losing his ardour. He dropped down on the end of the bed and let his head drop into his hands, the tears pooling in his eyes to dampen his palms. Obviously the adrenaline of the past forty-eight hours had worn off because now he's shaking slightly and the pain he'd been ignoring since hearing that gunshot is ripping though him in ways he hadn't expected. None of this is what he'd expected.

"What's wrong?" the Princess demanded petulantly.

He didn't bother looking back at her, he simply got to his feet silently and began to search for his clothes, his head reeling as he stepped into his underwear and trousers.

"What are you doing?"

"Dressin' what's it look like?" He snapped.

"What!" she practically screeched at him. "You can't…"

He turned slowly to regard the woman, she may have a tiara and a bank account he and his mum could only dream off but she's no better than the girls on the estate. "I can." He murmured stiffly. "And I am."

He can almost hear Harry telling him he's supposed to be a gentleman and he winces at the sound. Maybe if Harry had stayed around longer, he could have taught him how he's meant to brush off a naked princess moments after you've had your dick in her arse. But Harry didn't teach him that, won't teach him that, because Harry went and got his damn self killed.

Eggsy snatched up his jacket furiously and thrust his arms in it like it was personally responsible for everything that had gone wrong in his life. – And in a way, he supposed, it had. He doesn't bother doing up his shirt, he just slips his feet into his shoes, grabs his glasses, which he doesn't put on and his tie which he also doesn't put on and marches towards the door, reaching for the handle.

"You cannot just leave!"

He scoffed, ducking perfectly as the Champaign bottle he'd brought in with him and hadn't touched was hurled at him, crashing into the door where his head had been. He turned to shoot the woman a hard look, then smiled and swooped into a bow. "Your highness." He murmured charmingly, though his tone held none of its previous warmth and flirtation. Then he yanked the door open and strolled out into the silent corridor decorated with blood and the headless dead.

"I will have you shot!"

He didn't so much as bat an eye lid, as he turned back to glare at her before slamming the door behind him.

Once he was alone and out of the view of her royal high and mighty, Eggsy stumbled back into the nearest wall, his back connecting with it hard. He slumped forward, his lungs fighting for oxygen as he closed his eyes, swallowing down a thick painful lump in his throat. He had no fucking idea what had gotten into him. He was losing his fucking mind.

He dragged his hand through his dishevelled hair and inhaled deeply, his head rolling back against the cold stone and his eyes closed. Only for them to snap open a second later, pain ripping though his chest at the instant replay of Harry's last moments.

Angrily Eggsy pushed himself off the wall, his eyes scanning the long corridor. Straightening his back he placed the arm of his glasses between his lips and began to fasten his shirt, slowly. He tucked the pristine white fabric into his trousers and started in on his tie. Every movement perfect and practised. He'd already let Harry down once, he wasn't going to do so again.

With his tie in place, he did up his jacket, dragged his still shaking hands through his hair and slid his glasses back onto his face. "Merlin?"

"Finished already?" the older man said with amusement.

Eggsy ignored him and straightened. "What are we doing with all these missing VIP's?"

Merlin was silent for a few minutes before clearing his throat. "I've begun contacting their various governments but that might take a while, seein' how many of them are currently trying to calm the chaos caused by Valentine's little adventure."

Eggsy sighed warily. "Right. So what do we do until then? Are we just gunna let 'em rot?"

"I… guess we should let them out. Try to get some order established until we can get a transport organised."

"Then do that." He nodded, glancing back at the cell door. "Just wait till I'm, you know, back with you."

Merlin scoffed. "Sorry, lad but someone's gonna to 'ave to unlock those doors personally."

Eggsy groaned, scratching at the back of his head. "Great." He growled. "Then what?" He listened to Merlin think and chewed at the corner of his mouth, his fingers running over the medal hidden beneath his shirt.

"Did you hear me?"

"What?" Eggsy started. "Sorry…I….what was it you said?"

"Send them thes way."

"Okay." He nodded, turning around to face the room he hadn't long exited, taking a deep breath. With his back straight he stepped back towards the door, typed in the number and pulled it open. Surprised to see the Princess still sat naked on the bed and cringing when her eyes lit up. "You're highness, when you are ready would you please make your way towards the landing area." He bowed low and turned to leave, a discarded water bottle holding it open just a little.


He didn't hear what else she had to say about him, he simply moved on to the next door and then the next.


The arrival area was choking with angry and confused celebrities and toffs, all demanding to know what the hell had happened and when they could go home. Merlin dealing with them all in a calm, professional manner though Eggsy could see the desire to just leave them and bugger off back to England for a nice cup of tea….or a scotch written in the lines around his mouth and eyes.

He pushed his way through the crowd, ignoring the insults and demands hurled at him as he climbed the steps back onto the plane. He made his way back to the leather chair he'd been camped out on during the flight and fell heavily into it, sighing warily. His head dropped back against the rest and as much as he tried to stop them, his eyes slid closed. Thankfully he wasn't greeted with the same painful vision he'd seen an hour or so ago.

He could feel sleep beginning to drag him down into its silent abyss and was happy to let it, when he heard the clearing of a throat and the shuffling of feet. Cracking open an eye reluctantly he stared up at Merlin, a warm grin on his face and a double scotch in his hand.

"Here, I think you deserved thes."

Eggsy pushed himself up straight and reached for the cut crystal tumbler. "Thanks." He nodded. "Everything….settled?" he nodded to the outside of the plane.

Merlin sighed, falling onto the seat in front of him. "Now I remember why I prefer working weth trainees." He murmured. "They follow orders and don't argue." He shook his head, sliding his glasses off his nose to rub at the bridge then to clean them with a handkerchief. "Thes is the first time I've ben out of the castle in almost a decade."

Eggsy settled back against the chair and sipped at the scotch. "Heard from Roxy?"

Merlin nodded, his head resting back against the warm leather. "She's already been picked up by the air force."

"Great." He nodded. "How's…everything else?"

"Chaos, especially since half the leaders of the free world and not so free world…" he scoffed. "…'ave ben found missing a vital piece of their anatomy."

Eggsy lowered his glass and stared down at it. "So…what now?"

Merlin shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know. We've never had to deal with anything like this before. – The table will be called together." he sighed. "What remains of et anyway? We'll probably start lookin' for a new Arthur." Merlin raised his eyes to Eggsy. "Et probably would 'ave ben Harry but…" He added quietly.

Eggsy knows he filched, he felt it. "Well he's not here." He grumbled a little too angrily, then sighs regretfully and licks at his lips, raising his glass a little in a silently toast before throwing it back. He set the glass on the small table and looked at Merlin. "Do you need me for anything else?"

Merlin frowned. "No."

"Great, 'cause I need some fucking sleep." He pushed himself off the chair and ambled towards the back of the plan. "Call me when the cavalry arrive."

He doesn't hear Merlin's response, he doesn't care. He just wants to lose himself in the silence and peace of sleep and try not to think how fucked the world is from here on out.


He'd been back almost two hours and he knows he should go home, check on his mum and sister, he'd called them but it wasn't the same as seeing them with his own two eyes and yet he'd found himself at Harry's house, a heavy weight in his gut as he let himself in with the spare key Harry had given him almost three days ago that he knows he shouldn't still have but couldn't quite give up for some reason. – And it wasn't like Harry didn't know, he wasn't dumb. He'd let himself in afternoon he'd flunked out of training, hadn't he?

He took a deep breath as he moved slowly through the house, retracing his steps to Harry's study. He paused in the door, staring at the desk. The same place he'd watched Harry's life be ripped from him. The tear started to burn at his eyes again so Eggsy turned away from the room and made his way slowly through to the sitting room instead. Shrugging out of his jacket he tossed it over the back of the sofa then yanked at his tie before pulling his glasses from his face and tossing them unceremoniously on the sideboard. He reached for the decanter and poured himself a large whiskey. He'd never really been one for spirits, a pint of best or a bottle of Carlin down the pub was more his style, but….well he'd had a hell of a week, the last couple of days being the worst of it.

Taking a sip from the glass he strolled over to the large couch and fell into it with a groan, his eyes closed once more. The visions of Harry's murder had subsided thankfully allowing his mind to rest in peace, much like the man himself. He dragged his hand through his hair and sighed, he didn't think he'd ever felt so fucked, not during basic training, not in years of gymnastics. He felt like every part of him ached and may never work again.

Eggsy let his gaze flicker around the room, it was nice, homely. Better than he could ever wish to own. He had no idea what happened now, with the Kingsman. Officially he'd failed training. Officially he wasn't one of them, but he'd saved the world. – Whether or not it deserved it and he sincerely began to doubt whether it did. Lemmings the whole lot of them. – Merlin had sent him home saying they'd be In touch with a small sad smile before he'd turned and marched away to deal with official secret business, Roxy standing at the end of the corridor with a sad regretful smile. She'd nodded at him and then hurried to follow Merlin.

Inhaling slowly, Eggsy took a longer sip from his glass and let his hand fall against his thigh, his eyes heavy and sore. Twisting around on the sofa he toed off his shoes and kicked his legs up to rest his ankles on the arm. Harry had sat in the exact same way when he'd brought him home the night before the final test. After he'd told shown him the house, told him about his adventures – Missions, Harry insisted on calling them. – He'd lead them into the living room, taught Eggsy how to make the perfect Martini, then made himself comfortable on the sofa, stretched out while Eggsy sat on the other chair and watched him, listening to him explain what it meant to be a gentleman.

The conversation hadn't lasted long, then they were just talking about nothing of any real importance, long into the night until Harry got to his feet, set his glass on the table and waltzed to the door, informing Eggsy over his shoulder that the spare room was ready at the end of the hall.

Pushing himself upright, Eggsy inhaled slowly, setting his glass on the exact same table Harry had, in the exact same place, then got to his feet. Taking one last look around the room, Eggsy headed up to the spare room with a heavy weight in his chest he just wasn't ready to deal with quite yet.


Eggsy spent a week just ambling around Harry's house as if he belongs there. He'd stopped by to check on his mom the day after he'd gotten back, running into her before ever reaching the flat. She'd stood a few feet from him in the middle of the estate, giving him a once over before suddenly pulled him into a crushing hug, so tight Eggsy felt like he was a kid again. When they pulled apart, she looked him dead in the eye, smiling sadly and told him.

"Get out of here Eggsy."

He stared at her, heartbroken for a second before he realised what she was saying, get away from the life he'd had. That he deserved something better than West London and the Black Prince. He swallowed thickly.

"Come with me." He whispered.

She'd shaken her head, soft smile in place and then leant forward to press a kiss to his cheek before walking calm as you like past him and back towards the block. That was when Eggsy made up his mind he'd get her out of there, one way or another, as soon as he had his life sorted. Surely the table would accept him as Harry's replacement, after everything he'd done. - So Eggsy had waltzed back to Harry's place to wait.

The next three days had felt like eternity, there was no call from Merlin or Roxy and it was damn near killing him. He couldn't even watch Telly 'cause Harry's too pompous and high-nose to own one it seemed. So instead Eggsy's entertaining himself with reading. He hasn't got anything against reading particularly, he's just never really had the time or the desire to sit down for hours. – It was hard enough dealing with the stick he got from gymnastics without the shit he'd get for being a bookworm too. Where he comes from it's just easier to be like everyone else, it saves on the trouble and pain of getting a kickin'.

He's half way through Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, – Because of course Harry brings his work home with him. And he's got a sneaking suspicion which one's the spy. – when the doorbell rings and Eggsy groans, dropping the book face down on the table he pushes himself off the sofa and strolls barefoot out into the hallway Doesn't even think about the fact that no one knows he's there, or at least no one meant to know. Doesn't consider that it might be someone for Harry, so one who doesn't know he's dead. He's wearing the pyjama pants Harry had lent him when he'd stayed over and his t-shirt from the day Harry had left.

It's not until he's reaching for the door, pulling it open cautiously, that he realises he doesn't actually have any right to be there and it could be anyone. Harry hadn't exactly given him a full biography, he had no idea if the man had parents, – Which obviously he had parents but were they alive? Did he speak to them? – Brothers, sisters, cousin? A girlfriend? He choked slightly at that thought for a reason he didn't want to analyse. What was the point?

He breathed out a sigh of relief when he found Roxy, sorry Lancelot, and Merlin on the doorstep. A smile instantly spread across his face and he stepped back to allow them in. "Hey. What you doin' 'ere?"

"We could ask the same of you." Roxy answered with a smirk before Merlin could say a word, smiling bright at him.

"Well it's great to see ya." He closed the door, ignoring her comment and followed them as they showed themselves into the living room, Merlin leading the way because obviously he'd been here before.

"You're still stayin' here?" the man asked, glancing around the tidy yet lived in room.

Eggsy cleared his throat awkwardly. "It's not like…." He cut himself off, taking a breath to dispel the anger. "I can't go home. I need to….calm the fuck down or I might do something I'll regret."

The pair nodded understandingly. Roxy took a seat on the sofa, tilting her head to glance at the book. "Tinker?"

Eggsy shrugged embarrassed. "Boredom." He replied a little too defensively. Old habits die hard as they say. "I suppose you'd like tea?" he smiled, looking between them as Merlin made himself comfortable on the armchair.

"Would be nice." The man nodded.

Eggsy returned the nod and slipped out of the room, taking a short stroll to the kitchen and grabbed the kettle, filling it from the tap before setting it on the stove. – Because of course Harry can't be a normal person and have an electric one can he?

Eggsy stands staring at the kettle for almost a minute before he remembered that old analogy about a watched pot and decides to rummage around in Harry's cupboards for some biscuits, because no British household would be without at least one packet of biscuits. He can hear the gentle murmured of voices from the other room but doesn't strain to listen.

True to form there was an unopened packet of Rich Tea, he'd have preferred hobnobs but what can you do?

Three minutes later and Eggsy strolled back into the living room with a tray of tea and a wary smile. Merlin and Roxy were sat heatedly talking in low voices that fell eerily silent when he reappeared. That fact made something in Eggsy's stomach cramp up tighter than tight. Setting the tray down, he took the space next to Roxy.

"I'll be mother." Merlin announced, shifting closer to pour the tea. "Oh Rich Tea? No hobnobs?"

Eggsy can't help but laugh and it feels good and bad in the same instant. He hadn't laughed properly in over a week. "Okay, what the fuck's going on?"

Roxy looked over at Merlin, who doesn't even flinch. "Huh…?"

Merlin handed over the tea, glancing up at the pair with a smile.

"Merlin?" Eggsy pressed as he took the cup. "What the fucks going on?" The older man didn't speak, he just finished making his tea. Eggsy gritted his teeth, his cup in his hand untouched. He glanced over at Roxy who remained just as silent and still. "For fucks sake, just tell me yeah!"

Merlin looked up at him with a smirk. "The table met yesterday."

Eggsy stomach tightened as he looked directly into the man's eyes. "Arthur?"

"No one's been chosen yet, it a rather important position and we don't want to make a mistake."

"Another mistake." He grumbled.

Merlin ignored the comment and continued. "It's not exactly a job you can waltz into. Under other circumstances Harry would have…"

Eggsy nodded understandingly.

"Anyway…" he looked down into his tea sadly. "Another subject was brought up at the meeting."

"Oh?" Eggsy frowned.

"Well…obviously with what's happened to Harry we'll be needing a new recruit and well…" Merlin glanced over at Roxy with a small smile playing at his lips. "You're already trained and I'd rather not 'ave to deal weth another group of morons so soon after the last lot."

"And you did stop Valentine." Roxy added with a wide beaming grin.

"So…" Merlin shrugged as if it was nothing at all. "If you want et?"

Eggsy wasn't sure what he wanted, except… "Yeah."

Merlin met his gaze across the room. "You'll be the new Galahad." He said a little curiously like it's going to somehow break something.

Eggsy nodded regretfully. "Thanks."

That seemed to be all Merlin needed before suddenly his face broke into a smile and he settled back into the armchair with his tea. Roxy relaxed beside Eggsy, though she didn't slouch.

"So…when do I start?"

Merlin shrugged. "We'll be required to attend a meeting at the table tomorrow to discuss how we're movin' forward. Everyone's still recovering from V-day but someone's gonna try something soon enough." He smirked almost excitedly, and Eggsy shoots the same smirk back at him.

"Great." Eggsy nodded. "Can't wait."

He took a large gulp at his tea and felt Roxy staring at him like he'd grown too heads. Lowing his cup almost bashfully he turned back to Merlin, ignoring the woman beside him. "So I get paid for this right?"

Merlin snorted into his tea and lifted amused eyes to him. "Yes, ya get paid. – In fact..." he shifted his body, reaching into his pocket and tugging out a set of keys. "You even get a nice swanky pad of your own." He held the keys out to the younger man. "Three bedrooms." He added pointedly.

Eggsy set the cup down and took the keys, staring at them in his hand. "Where?"

"Not far from 'ere."

Eggsy rolled his lips and continued to watch the light gleaming off the polished keys and the Kingsman chain. "What 'bout this place?" he asked finally, looking up to meet Merlin's gaze.

"What about et? We'll have someone come in and pack up Harry's things and move them to storage."

The idea of Harry's life being packed into brown cardboard and hidden away to rot made him sick. A life spent protecting the world and that's all the thanks he got. Eggsy shook his head, he deserved more respect than that. He deserved to be remembered. He slid the keys back across the table. "I think I keep this place, thanks."

Merlin looked up at him, eyes intense. "Pardon?"

"I like it here. If it's only gonna be sold or whatever, I'll take it." Eggsy insisted, getting up and strolling over to the drinks tray to pour himself something stronger.

"Eggsy I don't think…" Roxy started, only to be interrupted by Merlin.

"Okay, Eggsy." He nodded. "If that's want ya want." Merlin nodded with a warm understanding smile. "But you can keep the other place. - Maybe you're mum and sister could us et."

Eggsy turned to look at the older man with surprise and confusion.

"You won't be the only member of the table who's been given a second home." Merlin chuckled. "Obviously you won't be able to tell her how you got it."

"Of course." Eggsy nodded. Though he had no idea how he was meant to convince his mum he'd been given a flat with his new job at a tailors that he wasn't even living at. He'd come up with something, though. He she could ignore all the shit Dean did, the cheating, the violence, then she could damn well ignore his.

"Then...congratulations." Merlin raised his cup to the younger man before bringing it to his lips.

"Congratulations, Galahad." Roxy smiled warmly, though it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Eggsy winced only slightly at the name, but smiled. "Who the fuck celebrates a job with tea." He laughed flatly, turning to pour three glasses.

"Kingman." Merlin and Roxy announced in unison, though they didn't protest as the crystal slowly filled.

Eggsy let his mind wander to his future and his life in this house while passing out the drinks. He felt himself smile softly, somehow it felt right to be here. Just wish Harry was too.

A/N: I had to write this because it's been in my head since the second I watched the movie. I can't believe they killed Harry, he better be coming back if the rumours of a sequel are true. I went through the whole last twenty minutes waiting for him to reappear, I was sooooo I hated that Eggsy went back to that damn princess, no cool Eggsy.