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Hello dear reader,

If you have found this journal then I wish you all the luck my friend. Because when you hold and read this book you're going through all my story, my life... well, basically me.

I wanted to leave a record because let's face it, all the interesting events that have occurred in life are the ones that no one have heard of. And trust me, there is a lot of it.

Who am I?

Well, let's just say I'm someone with a very LONG life (with emphasis on the "long" part). However it has been a very interesting one too, even if I say so myself. I have meet people so unique in their own way; I have made friends that are like brothers and sisters to me and even if I hate to admit it I have made enemies with the wrong people, even for my kind.

Ah, my kind. In case you're wondering no, I'm not human. In fact, I am the last phoenix in this world. I have lived for 617 years. So now you understand the "long" part, uh. Sadly, we are no immortals. I can and will die one day, even with my ability to self-resurrect using my power over ashes if I have the energy to do so. As they say: when it's your turn to leave this world, it's your turn.

Now, contrary to the popular belief, we phoenix never had any control over fire. What really happens is that we can manipulate the ashes in the environment near us, then we are able to overheat them to the point of incineration. That's what creates the "fire" effect. Kinda useful if you think about it.

But what is my story? Glad you asked.

Well, I witnessed many events in the human history, like the New World discovery, both World Wars and the most amazing invention of all times: burgers!... and many wars and technologies developed in between.

But even better than all that, I had the honor of witnessing the biggest moment that this world has ever seen. "The Great Peace", as it is commonly known, is the current age in which we live now. The peace between all of us and the humanity. After many battles and inner struggles among the factions and the revelation of the supernatural to the human world, we finally achieved peace.

It was a team work between a certain human boy turned to vampire named Tsukune Aono and his monster friends. I have a very special connection with them because I met the parents of a few of them back in the day. They asked me to watch over their kids when they attended at Yokai Academy... and I wasn't doing anything at that time so I kinda re-enrolled myself in that school. I have to say, I didn't expect much from a human like Tsukune but he proved to himself and the rest of the world that it doesn't matter what your kind is, but that all that it takes is the will to act when your loved ones are in danger.

The peace was the result of the union of Tsukune's group and another special group. Lady Rias of the Gremory House and her peerage had a major role in the truce among the so called Three Powers; the devils, the angels and the fallen. In general terms, the ORC (Occult Research Club) helped me to understand the value of friendship and loyalty.

All of this couldn't been possible without the help of the ones I work for. Back then I was working with... let's just say, a very powerful group that wanted every thing going accord with their plan. In the end all worked up, with a minor changes because of me but hey, nobody is perfect right?

But perhaps I'm overloading you with all this information. All you have to know is that written in this "little" journal are the most interesting moments of my life, but don't worry I'm not writing boring stuff like you know, human history. Mostly you are going through how this peace came to be.

Don't worry though, I wrote this journals assuming that a human found them, and so I detailed in every chapter a little bit about the specifics and customs of the monster kind depicted in them. You can thank me when you get there. If you are human, I can only hope you're not one of those elitists jerks who think they are better than us just for the fact that we are different. I really hope you don't make that mistake. Because that little detail thousands have died ... but I digress. If you are human ... try to understand us. We can do great things if we are united.

Now dear reader, if by any chance you happen to be a monster, angel, devil, fallen or something in between (If that's even possible), I want you to know that you're not alone out there in the human realm. May my journals be a guide for you in this brave new world, my friend. Have fun while reading this. See you on the other side.


Oh right, silly me, I haven't told you my name.

My name is Velkan Santino, Last Phoenix. And this is my story.

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