Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Phoenix Journal: Burning Cold. This one took its time to came out, so I hope you enjoy it.

-Entry 6: Tricky Little Witch-

"Tests became ridiculously harder than I remember! It seems it was yesterday when I approved the same test without problems, but of course, maths are much more complex than then. In fact, I think I cheated in some tests, involuntarily of course. Due to the nature of my work I have been forced to learn Spanish, German and Russian, plus a couple of dialects spoken only in the monster world making the language test was a piece of cake. And I have lived for over 600 years, so I was present at many of the events described in the history test.

Now that I mention it, remember when I said I had lost faith in humanity? Well, one of the reasons for that was the way they treated those who didn't belong to their kind. Hunters, exorcists, crusaders... inquisitors, all of them fighting against the so called "Forces of Darkness" that threatened the human race. In particular, the Witch Trials were famous for being brutal. I can not begin to describe the torture to which they were subjected to, but unfortunately I witnessed the sentencing of one of my best friends to the bonfire. On that occasion, I was about to bring down to ashes the town of Salem but I refrained myself when I saw her face; despite the great pain she was suffering she begged me not to do it, that some day they would understand that humans and monsters can coexist. It has been 350 years since then and nothing at all has changed.

Forgive me, some things are hard to say no matter how much time has passed. Back to the present day, Nick better be preparing that rescue mission I asked him for a couple of days ago. I have no idea of what is he planning so I can only hope that none of the Gremory gets hurt. I told Issei to train by the time I got back and even I told Nick that he's not fit to combat situations just yet, I hope he can help him train with his Sacred Gear. I only got a peek of it and Sacred Gears aren't my field of expertise.

Anyway, the only thing left for me to do is wait and pray to find the daughters of Tsurara and Fujiko. Mikogami assured me that both of them were in school grounds but it's been more than a week since I got here and there is no sign of them yet. I guess I'll have to speak with him about it. With a bit of luck, both girls will be as peaceful and calm as their mothers..."

-Dorms Buildings, Morning-

Tsukune woke up and his daily routine began. There were times he wanted to just stay asleep until late but he knew that wasn't an option, so he began to wear the school uniform and proceeded to leave his dorm. A familiar voice welcomed him once he reached the hallway.

"All set, man?" his blond friend greeted him, who was leaning against the wall beside Tsukune's door. The human smiled and replied.

"How long have you been there?" he asked out of curiosity.

"Not long. It's not like I'm in a hurry to see how bad I did it in that test from yesterday" Joseph replied.

"Yeah, I hope I haven't done too badly" the human said. Both of them kept talking while walking down the stairs and went to the boy's dorm entrance, since both of their dorms were on the third floor. By the time they got there, the boys found a sight that had become more and more common in the last days. The girls were waiting for them seated in a near bench along with Velkan, who was standing next to them; they seemed to be having an interesting conversation since Kurumu was laughing and as Velkan grinned and Moka had a little blush on her face.

"Ah gentlemen! Ready to go?" the phoenix asked when he saw the boys.

"How did you get here so fast?" Joseph asked, still trying to figure it out that mystery. Both he and Tsukune wondered how was that Velkan managed to get there before them. The redhead chuckled a bit hearing the question.

"I just woke up earlier than you I guess" he replied. 'That... and the fact that I practice every morning with the Gremory portals it's been helpful' he mused to himself. As they talked about Velkan's speed to get down the stairs, Kurumu remembered what happened a few nights before when they fought Gin. She heard awful things about wendigos, like the fact they were cannibals or that they could keep their victims alive for months to feed on them. She knew he was her friend, but couldn't help feeling a little uneasy around him now. Suddenly, Moka broke the silence.

"Umm... Tsukune?"


"I was wondering..." she said nervously, but Tsukune knew what she was talking about.

"Oh, of course" he said while exposing the right side of his neck. "Enjoy it". Moka's face brightened to hear that and proceeded to bite the neck of the human. She didn't knew why but his blood was the most delicious she had tried. Once the vampire was satisfied and felt better she released him.

"Thank you very much. I hadn't enough time to have breakfast and this helped me to recover my energy back" the pink-haired girl said with a smile.

"It's funny. We're just going to the cafeteria before class and you already skipped breakfast?" Joseph asked making Kurumu regain her usual mood.

"W-well I..." Moka started but the blue-haired girl spoke first.

"We were just talking about that before you two came here" the succubus said. "Moka began to came here waiting for 'one' of you, so I decided to accompany her and go to class all together". Both Moka and Tsukune began to blush and the phoenix chuckled before checking the time on his watch.

"Well, since we're all here I suggest we get some breakfast" Velkan said.

"Oh right! And then we can go and see how we did it in the test" Tsukune replied. Joseph flinched at that comment.

"Dude! You have to mention that didn't you!" the blond said.

"Don't worry. I bet you did it better than me" Kurumu replied. And with that, the group made it's way to the cafeteria. As they were walking, Joseph and Moka were talking to Velkan trying to guess his kind in vain. The succubus, on the other hand, went to talk with Tsukune.

"So..." she said to get the human's attention. "What are you?"

"W-why do you ask me that?" he said, a bit surprised by the question and nervous because his secret of being human was kept only by the vampire and the wendigo.

"I just need to know if I have to watch my back from you too" Kurumu said, though Tsukune could tell there was a trace of sadness in her words.

"From me too?" he said and make sure none else could hear him. "Are you talking about Joseph?"

"N-no! Look just tell me what are you and we'll be ok" she whispered back.

"You know w-we can't tell other students what we are" he said nervously. "B-by the way, how is it going with your Destined One? Any progress?" he asked trying to avoid the subject.

"Ugh. Not good. I'm starting to think that he's not here in Yokai" she whined. Their conversation went this way until they reached the school cafeteria.

-Main Hall, Morning-

After their breakfast and much to Joseph's dismay the group went to the main hallway where again, much to Joseph's dismay, the test results were left there to everyone to see. However, and for the blond's relief, his results weren't the ones attracting attention.

"Wow! Congratulations Moka" Kurumu said with certain pride for being friends with a genius.

"Impressive" Velkan said with a smile. 'Just as your father'. Not even Moka herself expected that. The vampire had reached 13th place of all students on that test.

"Moka... if you don't mind, do you think we could study together some time?" Tsukune asked with a small blush, since he only got 128th place.

"Of course, you can... come to my dorm and I'll help you out" Moka said, with the same blush on her face.

"Oh Moka"

"Oh Tsukune"

"Oh Moka"

"Oh Tsukune"

"In that case" Joseph said breaking their loop. "You wouldn't mind if I-" he said before receiving a nudge in the ribs by Kurumu. "Why was that?!" he whispered to the succubus, who gave him a look saying 'Don't ruin their moment'. The blond understood the message and sighed in defeat. "Never mind" he said to Moka. "By the way Velkan, how it went to you?"

"I could do it better" he replied. "Honestly, I never got good at math" he said while pointing his name in the board.

"24th place?! Are you some kind of genius too?" the succubus asked.

"Nonsense. I'm just good at history and languages" the phoenix said with a grin. "You just have to study a bit harder"

"And do you think you could...?"

"Oh sure! I can help you two if you want" he said finishing the blond's question, who sighed in relief since he only made it 135th place.

"I know I didn't do it well, but I thought that if I spend more time looking for my Destined One I'll find him" Kurumu said, traces of discourage in her voice. She didn't bother in finding her name when she didn't saw it in the first half of the board.

"Why don't you guys go ahead to class. The headmaster summoned me yesterday" Velkan said as he walked away from the group. "See you later". As the phoenix leave the area Moka saw three student that seemed to pick a fight with a little girl. It was a girl with black short hair, violet eyes and a skin lighter that Kurumu's. The group didn't knew what was doing a little girl like her in school, and the attire she was wearing didn't help much; it consisted in a dark pink top and a purple corset. The interesting part was that she was wearing the school skirt, which was green and had a checkered pattern, and a hat that seemed to belong to a witch. The students yelling at her were clearly older and wore the male version of the school uniform.

"What is a little girl doing here?" the vampire asked.

"Maybe she's somebody little sister?" Kurumu said. The group kept witnessing the scene from a distance of a few meters away.

"Didn't you knew it's forbidden to show your true nature in campus?" one of them asked.

"Yeah... We'll have to take you to the headmaster" another one said. Suddenly, three golden washtubs materialized from the thin air and fell upon the bullies' heads

"Don't bother me just because I'm smarter that you three together" the girl said between laughs.

"You know what?! Screw the headmaster! Why don't we teach her a lesson by ourselves!" the third one said, who seemed to be their leader and raised his clawed hand intending to hit the little witch. Moka could stand much longer and stepped between the bullies and the girl before anyone could react.

"Stop it! Leave her alone!" Moka said. The leader grunted at her.

"Who are you? Stay out of this!" he replied. "We're just reminding her about the school rules"

"And that involves yelling at her?" Joseph said as he and the others approached. The students began to see that they were at disadvantage and decided to retreat for the time being.

"This is not over yet Sendo!" one of them said and they leave the area. The witch was surprised to receive any help from other students, but was stunned by the fact that was the girl she idolized the one that defended her first.

"Are you okay?" Moka asked.

"Umm... yeah, thank you very much. I-I'm Yukari Sendo" the girl said a bit nervous while bowing. By hearing her name Joseph recognized her immediately.

"Yukari Sendo? Like THE Yukari Sendo that got 1st place on the board?!" he said in a shocked tone.

"Yup" Yukari said proud of herself.

"Aren't you a little young to be in high school?" Kurumu asked curiously.

"I skipped a few years. I'm a genius after all, you know" Yukari replied. "My class is going to begin so I'll see you later". With that she ran away leaving the group of friends a bit confused. In the end they decided that it was best to go to their own class as well.

-Headmaster's Office, Meanwhile-

The phoenix came to the headmaster's office in no time. He wasn't actually summoned to this place, he just needed to discuss some business with him. However, he was surprised when he opened the door.

"Sir? I need to have a few words with you about-" he said before noting something. 'This is odd. The door was unlocked but he's not here' he thought. As he remembered, the headmaster never left his office but on rare occasions. The phoenix was about to leave, but something on the desk caught his eye. 'What is this?'. Upon closer inspection, Velkan found that is was some kind of list of the students that hadn't joined a club and were at risk of getting suspended or, in some cases, expelled. This measurements would be considered extreme in any human school but since the main objective in Yokai Academy was to encourage the students to coexist with humans in their world, if a student didn't join a club implied that the student had no interest in share the world with mankind and therefore suspensions and expulsions were common in this school. Curiosity got the best of the phoenix and checking the list he came across one name in particular that made his eyes go wide.

"Uh. This is... unexpected" he said when read the name 'Shirayuki, Mizore' marked as 'expelled'. 'Oh no, you don't'. If Mizore was expelled, his job would be even more difficult that already was; he would have to be at the academy with Tsukune and the others, be at the human realm to aid the Gremory and on top of that, be at wherever the snow girl was. He couldn't waste any more time. The phoenix was too busy trying to find something to erase her name from that list to note the presence standing behind him until it spoke.

"May I help you?" the headmaster asked making Velkan flinch in surprise.

"AH! Sir!" he said before regaining his cool. "You should learn how to use the door lock. Someone with bad intentions could just get in and who knows what could do in here" the phoenix said as the headmaster raised an eyebrow.

"Did you found what you were looking for?" he asked again.

"To be honest, not exactly" Velkan sighed. "But I MAY read somewhere that you plan to get Tsurara's daughter expelled. I get that she needs to join a club as soon as possible, but don't you think it's a little rushed?". Mikogami just grinned at hearing the true intentions of the phoenix.

"I assume that you haven't talked to her yet"

"Well, I promised her mother I take care of her while she was on Yokai" the redhead confessed lowering his head. "And it's not just her. I haven't heard anything about Yukari Sendo either.

"About her, some students said she was involved in a little fight near the board in the main hallway" the headmaster said. "Actually, some of them claimed that Miss Akashiya defended her from some bullies". Hearing that Velkan glanced at him in confusion.

"Moka? But I just was with them and..." he snapped, upset at his own impatience. He turned to the door, ready to go. "I have to go. Really though, learn how to use the damn lock, my friend"

"Maybe if you find them you could convince them to join a club" the headmaster said before the phoenix left his office. "After all, I read the school newspaper every Tuesday". Velkan chuckled and nodded before closed the door once he was out. Mikogami couldn't help but grin, recalling this same situation repeat itself after all this years.

-School Cafeteria, Noon-

"Where is he?" Tsukne asked.

"I don't know" Moka said glancing around them. "Do you think we should look for him?"

"Nah. We better finish our lunch and go to the clubroom. He may be there already" Joseph replied. They came to the cafeteria when they classes were over and Velkan was still nowhere to be seen since he left them at the main hall to meet the headmaster. Kurumu took a different path when they got out of the homeroom to continue the search of her Destined One. As they were eating, certain girl disguised as a witch entered and approached their table.

"There you are!" Yukari said looking all excited about the vampire. "May I sit with you?". Although the question was meant to Moka was the blond who answered.

"Of course! There is always room for one more" he said gesturing her to sit. It goes without saying that she chose to be next to the pink haired girl, not being able to take her eyes off the vampire for some reason.

"Thank you very much for stepping in for me" Yukari said to Moka, who smiled at her.

"It was nothing. I couldn't stand them picking on you just for the way you dress" Moka replied. "In fact, I love your disguise. You look cute on that". Those comments only made the little witch more determined to say what she came to say in the first place.

"Cute? Me? Hehe. No, you are the cute and beautiful one... and I... umm" she seemed to be a bit uneasy about something but when Tsukune was about to ask about it, Yukari dropped a bomb. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?!. The reactions to the question were diverse, to say the least and if Velkan had been present he would said even funny. Tsukune spilled his drink, taken completely by surprise while Joseph froze in his place, about to put in his mouth a piece of steak.

"Did I get that right? I thought I heard that Yukari asked Moka to be her..." he began but when he saw the expressions of the others he knew that he wasn't wrong. "Oh. Ok. That's. Not weird at all, right?" he said sarcastically.

"W-well, I..." Moka didn't knew what to say. It was obvious that she wanted to say 'No' but she didn't knew how to say it without hurting the feelings of the witch. "I am a girl, and I can be your friend"

'Really? Is that the best thing you can say right now?" was the thought that everyone but Yukari had in mind. The little girl was excited since apparently had misinterpreted the vampire's words.

"Yay! I'm glad you said yes!" she said as she hugged Moka, who didn't really knew what to do in this situations. Since Tsukune was still in a state of shock, it was Joseph's duty to save his friends.

"Well, look at the time" he said getting everyone's attention. "We should be heading to the clubroom or Gin is gonna kill us" he said as he helped the human to get up and glance to Moka, who nodded and followed his lead.

"Yeah, you're right" she replied as she free herself from the witch' grip. "We don't want to make him mad, right?". As they left the cafeteria, none of them noticed Yukari's smirk.

-Main Hall, A few moments later-

Unfortunately for them, Yukari had managed to follow the group and at some point between the cafeteria and the main hall she had put herself behind Moka and now she'd been groping the vampire's breast as they walked much to Tsukune's annoyance.

"Wow! They are big and perfect!" the little witch said. "I hope mine could be like this when I get older". Tsukune had enough and seemed to wake up from his shock by hearing this.

"What are you doing?!" he finally said.

"Don't bother us!" Yukari snapped, tired by having the two boys around her precious Moka. "I did some research on you two for being near my Moka; Tsukune Aono and Joseph Hawk, both of your grades combined are lower than mine. And as for your physical skills Joseph is, surprisingly I must say, the top 25 of the track team according to Mr. Katsubo. But you Tsukune, your skills are below the average! It's almost like you were a human" she finished disgusted. "Do you have anything to say in your defense?" Yukari asked, hoping that the boys would see how pathetic they were and, ashamed for that, would leave Moka all to herself.

"Wow, really? I did knew that I was among the top 25 of the track team" Joseph said, both surprised to be among the best runners of campus and as a way to avoid the conversation of Tsukune being human.

"I know, congratulations" Tsukune replied, relieved by that comment. The little witch didn't knew how to respond to that, and that infuriated her. In a moment of rage for not taking her seriously, she pulled what seemed like a wand and used her magic on some maintenance supplies, such as brooms, mops and buckets, and began beating the two boys with them.

"That will teach you!" Yukari said to them and turned to see the shocked vampire. "Let's go Moka"

As the two girls left the area, all the bewitched supplies lost their magic and fell to the ground as normal brooms and mops, leaving Tsukune and Joseph unconscious on the floor. The small crowd formed around them was starting to dissipate as normal life continued on Yokai Academy and as it did a much smaller crowd was passing by that same corridor, although this one consisted on boys only. In it's center was Kurumu, a bit distracted by all the boys who kept swearing their love to her, and when she turned to see the hallway she gasped.

"Guys?" she said to herself, trying to recognize the two boys on the floor. When she did she addressed to her small public. "Excuse me, would you be so kind and check on those boys?"

"Why? Are you interested in those guys?!" one of them snapped. Kurumu did what she did best.

"Of course not darling, I'm just worried about them. Why don't you help me get them to the nurse office?" she asked with the cutest face she could put and that turned their jealousy into admiration.

"She is so caring for others!"

"I love you more now!"

'I know you do' the succubus mused. Tsukune and Joseph were carried by two boys each and went ahead towards the nurse office, followed closely by Kurumu and the rest of the boys. In the cafeteria, a phoenix was looking for his friends without success.

"Where are you guys?" he muttered for himself.

-Nurse's Office, Evening-

Tsukune opened his eyes after a while and found that Joseph and Kurumu were there. The succubus dismissed her fanboys little after they arrived to the nurse office and decided to stay with them until they wake up. The wendigo was first and although she was a bit afraid in the beginning, Joseph prove to be the same as always, being sarcastic and lightening the mood with his witty comments.

"You took your time man" the blond said to the human.

"How long was I slept?" he asked, worried for missed a few classes.

"About half hour" Kurumu replied. "What happened to you guys? When I looked both of you were unconscious on the floor. And where is Moka?"

"She's with that little brat" Joseph snapped. Kurumu heard the two boys explain what happened at the cafeteria, about Yukari asking Moka to be her girlfriend, about them trying to escape the little witch awkward situation and about her assault with the brooms and mops at the main hall. When they finished talking, the succubus was trying really hard to suppress a laugh, without success.

"Why are you laughing?! This is serious!" Tsukune yelled.

"I'm sorry" she said after she recovered. "I'm sorry, but this is so funny!"

"And how is that us being hit is funny?" Joseph asked in a upset tone.

"Because the one that beat you was a little girl! Hahaha!". Unnoticed by everyone, outside of the nurse office was a witch laughing at the same time that Kurumu. Yukari lost Moka a few moments ago and found out where was Tsukune's room and decided to play a prank on him. In order to do that she had a set full of tools back in her room, and had chose a voodoo doll to gain control over the human's body.

"This will be even funnier" she whispered. As she grabed a hand of the doll and make it hit itself, inside Tsukune began to hit himself.

"What the heck man?" the blond said surprised.

"Those mops hit you on the head really hard, didn't it?" Kurumu replied, getting a little worried.

"It's not me!" Tsukune yelled as he kept hitting himself. "I can't control myself!". That comment made Joseph flinch as he remembered being unable to move at will when Kurumu charmed him on the second day in this place. He forgave the succubus for that but the feeling of being controlled by someone else was a bit overwhelming to him. Before he could get to say anything else, outside the room Yukari was snickering as she had come with another idea. Back inside, Tsukune's hand went from hitting his head to a more... pervy actions.

"We should call the nurse here and-" Kurumu began but then she flinched and blushed when she felt a hand holding her prominent chest. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!" she cried out loud.

"I-I can't c-control my h-hand!" Tsukune said trying hide his own blush since he was practically groping the succubus' boobs. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Aren't you going to do something?!" Kurumu snapped at Joseph, unable to get Tsukune out of her since he was on top of her on the hospital bed. Joseph tried to lighten the mood and began to laugh.

"You were right! This is funny!" he said at the sight of Tsukune groping the succubus.

"WHAT?!" both of them yelled at him.

"I'm kidding!" he replied and tried to get his human friend off Kurumu. "You know what would be funny though?"

"Ugh, do I really want to know?" the succubus snapped knowing that he would say another joke out of the situation.

"It would be funny if Moka come through that door and see you two like this". That comment made both Tsukune and Kurumu's eyes widen for neither of them wanted to give the vampire the wrong idea and tried even harder than before to get the human off the succubus. But after the wendigo's comment the door opened and Moka entered to the room, having lost Yukari a while ago.

"I think I lost her" she said and then opened her eyes. She gasped at the scene before her.

"Moka! It's not what you're thinking!" Kurumu said quickly.

"W-what are you doing Tsukune?" the vampire said, her heart broken. "Do you like Kurumu more than me?". Inner Moka took a mental note to kill Tsukune later for make the other self cry again, but before Moka could run away in tears Joseph save everyone's day once more.

"Don't worry Moka, he is still crazy for you" the blond said casually,making both the human and the vampire blush at the same time. "Tsukune is under some kind of magic and I'm sure that Kurumu had nothing to do with it, right?"

"Of course! I didn't do anything!" the succubus said as an idea came to her mind. "But I think I can do something about this". After a while they managed to get rid of whatever got Tsukune by letting Kurumu charm the human into letting her go and by the time she undid her magic Tsukune was normal again.

"That was a close one. Thank you" he said with a smile.

"Now all that's left is to find out what happened to you" Moka said, her mood recovered after all was done.

"I think I have an idea of who did it" Joseph said in a dull way pointing at the window, a big distinctive witch hat was outside the glass. That when they heard a small laugh.

-Outside benches, Evening-

There were very few students outside since at that time most students were either at their clubrooms or at their dorms so the group took Yukari and went to a bench outside the main building and discuss the recent events with her. Tsukune was especially upset with her for the incident involving his hands on Kurumu's breast.

"It's not her fault!" Moka said trying to defend Yukari, who hide behind her.

"Why aren't you telling her that this is wrong?" the human replied. "If she keeps doing pranks on everyone she'll not have any friends. Guys help me a little here" he said glancing at the others.

"You know I got your back and all but..." Joseph began and chuckled a bit and whispered to the succubus. "But it was fun watching you hitting yourself"

"We wouldn't like to take sides here" Kurumu finished and smiled at Joseph. "And it was kinda funny hear that you got beat by a bunch of brooms" making the wendigo facepalm. Before Tsukune could even say 'traitors' Yukari spoke up.

"I don't care! I don't need anyone's friendship if they're stupid" she said, proud in her words. "Besides, I've been alone all my life". That comment made them stop their talk and look at her, surprised to hear that. Even Tsukune was starting to feel bad for her, but as soon as that happened a golden washtub materialized from the thin air and fell upon the human's head making the little witch laugh out loud.

"I didn't though you'd fell for that one!" she said and ran away from there.

"That brat!" Tsukune said when he recovered and was about to run after her when Moka spoke.

"You shouldn't be that hard on her" she said. "I'm gonna get her and talk to her". As the vampire went Tsukune sat in the bench.

"What's her problem?"

"I don't know, but I can't blame her considering her situation" Kurumu said trying to understand Yukari's feelings.

"What do you mean?" Tsukune said.

"You don't know?" the blue haired girl asked.

"Care to explain a little more?" Joseph said.

"It's because she's a witch" Kurumu explained. "Witches and warlocks are considered as 'border beings' because they are not entirely humans but at the same time they aren't considered monsters either. And because of that, here in the monster realm they've been discriminated. And... well, you know about the Witch Trials in the human world, right?"

"Yeah, they were pretty savages on those" the blond replied. Tsukune remained silent; he never thought witches could exist and if the people that the inquisition killed were real witches and wizards, he began to realize how Yukari was feeling. Loneliness was a terrible thing and he felt that at some point in human schools because he never got many friends in there, but here in a school full of monsters, he made interesting friendships to say the least. A wendigo, a succubus, a vampire and even if he didn't knew, the last phoenix. Now he knew that all those pranks were meant to get attention from others and was determined to make friends with her too. Suddenly he stood and ran after Moka and Yukari, leaving the others behind.

"Wow, where are you going?" Joseph said when they caught up with him.

"You are in a rush, uh?" Kurumu said, running at his side.

"I need to talk with Yukari"

"Well, you're not going to find her like this. I know a faster way" the succubus said as she spread her bat-like wings and went behind him.

"What are you- Ahh!" he yelled when he felt that his feet weren't touching the ground and a pair of hands grabbing his chest. They were flying near the tree line when he noticed a blurred figure by their side.

"That's cheating, you know?" Joseph said, who was using his wendigo's enhanced agility to jump from tree to tree. At this rate, Tsukune thought, it was only matter of time before they find the girls. Back in the main building, Velkan was talking to a few students trying to determine the whereabouts of the little witch or the others.

"Are you sure?" the phoenix asked.

"Yeah! I'm telling you, I was walking by the nurse's office corridor and Kurumu's fans were carrying two boys like the ones you described" a girl said.

"Now that I think about it, I just saw Moka running towards the forest" the boy next to the girl said.

"Really?! Where exactly was she going?! How long was that ago?!" Velkan asked quickly, beginning to get worried. 'I get the feeling that this is not going to end well for some reason'. The boy smirked and then made the biggest mistake of his school life. He tried to blackmail a phoenix.

"You know, I could tell you..." the boy began, and the phoenix knew where this was going since he had done the same thing hundreds of times before. "But I'll need a few favors from you like-" he said before being interrupted by a rather serious and threatening aspect of Velkan. The boy actually was thinking more in the lines of the redhead to make his homework for a week, or for him to carry the boy's bag for a moth, or a blackmail that any high school kid would do. On normal circumstances, Velkan would give the boy a few blackmailing lessons, but this time he was in a rush.

"Listen kid, I'm not in the mood for games. Either you tell me what you know or..." he replied as he shoved the boy to the lockers behind them and ignited the ashed in his other hand, making the students near them turn in awe in their direction.

"W-what are you?!" the girl said.

"Alright! Alright! I saw Moka running to the forest by the dorms"

"When?!" Velkan said.

"A-About 10 minutes ago! Please don't hurt me!" the boy begged. The phoenix let him go and dismissed his ashes, then he helped the boy to stand up and shook his hand.

"See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" the phoenix said and left the place, leaving a number of students wondering with a bunch of questions regarding what just happen. 'Just where on earth are you guys?'

-School Forest, Evening-

Moka was on her way towards a swamp area of the forest near the academy. It was curious though, how the school was surrounded by many kinds of terrains and environments such as the cliffs near the bus station, a few meadows in the outsides of the forest, which covered most of the sight at the academy and then there were about ten to twelve small swamps inside the forest. She saw Yukari go to this area and soon she reached her.

"Yukari! Why did you ran away like-"

"And the savior is here too! This just got better" a voice in front of the girls spoke. When Moka turned to see the three boys that were bullying the witch early that day. Only that they were in their monster form, revealing themselves as lizardmen. "Are you going to save her like before?" the leader said.

"Stay behind me. I'll try to hold them as long as I can" the vampire said. 'What are you talking about?! You know you had no chance against them unless the human get the Rosario off' her Inner self spoke in her mind.

'I know, but he's not here and I need to do what I can to defend her'

'Why are you doing this for her? She's not worth our lives' Inner snapped.

'Because we were like her!' Outer Moka replied, taking Inner by surprise. 'We were like her, all alone and no friends on every school we attended. We were always the 'freak' and the 'crazy girl who thinks she's a vampire'. That was until we got into this school and meet Tsukune, and Joseph, and Kurumu, and Velkan. I think we can make the difference for her. That's why...' she clenched her fist and took a few steps. '... we need to be here for her'. If Inner Moka would have been there with her physically she would have smiled at the bravery of her other self.

'And what about her... obsession with us?' she teased Outer, making her flinch remembering her little outburst from earlier.

'W-we'll think about that later'. As she finished her mental debate, the lizardman's leader spoke seeing the vampire serious about fighting them.

"Hehehe. I think we'll have some fun here guys" he said as he ran towards her, intending to grab the vampire with his claws. Moka took Yukari and jumped to the side to avoid the attack. She stood up and hit him as hard as she could and though she managed to push him back a bit it wasn't enough. The girls soon were surrounded by the bullies.

"So much for a savior" one of them mocked and grabed Yukari. Just as he was about to bite the witch a voice took everyone by surprise.

"Wait!" someone said from above them and when they turned to see they saw a boy being picked up by a girl with bat wings, much to Moka's relief.

"Tsukune! Kurumu! Thank goodness you're here" the vampire said glad to see her friends.

"Where else would we be?" the succubus asked smiling at her as she spreaded her claws. "That's what friends are for, right?". Tsukune went right towards Moka and Yukari to make sure that they were okay. While he was at it another voice spoke from beneath the lizardman.

"As I said" a blonde boy in a dark green denim vest with black claws in his hands appeared from behind a tree. "Flying is cheating Kurumu!".

"Joseph!" Moka said as the wendigo went by her side as the others.

"Oh come on! You're such a bad loser" Kurumu replied as she crossed her arms. "It was a fair race from the bench to here"

"I don't have wings and you know it!" Joseph snapped, he felt a sudden burst of monster energy but pay it no mind. "I want the rematch back"

"Fine, but that'll only prove that I'm faster than you" Kurumu replied.

"Hey!" Inner Moka spoke getting everyone's attention. Apparently, while both of them were discussing Tsukune had took the vampire's rosario off without them noticing. "If you are done talking, can we proceed?". During all this time, the three lizardman were starting to see how at disadvantage they really were.

"Boss, I think we should leave this place" one of them said.

"What, are you scared of a few freshman that-ARGHH!". He got a kick straight in his face that send him fly away.

"Bullying a little girl like that. Know your place!" Inner Moka stated. As the other two were fighting Joseph and Kurumu, Tsukune remained in the sidelines with Yukari, who was speechless; why were they here for her, after the pranks she pulled on them?.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you could use some friends, right?" the human explained. "I was alone too, you know?. Back in my old school, I think I never fit in there. But then I got here and made a lot of friends"

"But then..." Yukari began but words failed her. The silence was broken by Kurumu.

"We want you to be our friend you pipsqueak!" she said as she approached her and retracted her wings and claws.

"Leaving the fact that you beat us with brooms, you're not that bad you know" Joseph said, his hands back to normal.

"Tsukune! If you mind giving me my Rosario..." the vampire said to Tsukune with an open hand. "I'll leave the talk to the other one, child" she snapped, too proud to show any care for the girl. With a 'click', the rosario used the power that flowed naturally through Inner Moka's body and used to create the barrier that sealed her in her mind, giving the control of their body to Outer Moka once again. Her talk however, was put on hold as a redhead boy in a dark gray trench coat that Yukari never saw before approached them.

"Finally! There you are!" Velkan said in relief before noticing the three students unconscious on the ground, still in their monster forms. "I see you'd been busy. And you must be Yukari Sendo right?"

"Where've you been all day?" Joseph asked. After explaining, or rather omitting some facts to fit the story he made up on his way, Velkan and the others decided to take Yukari with them and when they reached the dorms buildings, the girls took the witch to her room.

-Newspaper Club, The next day after class-

As they waited for Gin to show up, the rest of the members of the club found a few ways to keep themselves busy; Moka and Kurumu shared a fashion magazine they found on the back of the classroom, while Joseph and Tsukune had a talk about girls.

"Good evening everyone!" Velkan greeted them. After class, the phoenix excused himself and separated from the rest without giving much explanation... again. When they turned to see him they found Yukari smiling next to him.

"Yukari? What are you doing here?" Moka asked.

"I'm joining Newspaper Club!"

"Cool! The more the merrier" Joseph replied and apparently the others agreed with him.

"You see, yesterday I went with the chairman and he asked me to find two more members for our club" Velkan said

"Really?" Moka asked surprised in a good way. Velkan nodded.

"Apparently he likes the school newspaper and reads it every Tuesday" the phoenix assured. After the witch apologized for the pranks the day before, the leader of the club came to the classroom.

"Sorry to be late but you know me" Gin began. "A good investigator like myself is always looking for a good story"

"Yeah right, and were've you been this time?; the pool or the gym" Kurumu asked in a dull way making Gin flinch.

"Oh come on! I don't do that!" the werewolf replied. The others but Yukari glared at him in response. "... too often?"

"Anyways" Velkan interrupted. "You'd bee glad to know that we'll have two more members for the club"

"Seriously? That's great! We're gonna need the extra help for our next issue"

"Why's that?" Tsukune asked.

"Because it seems that a girl in our class froze a teacher without reason and word is that if she gets involved in one more incident, she'll get herself expelled. Our duty is to interview her and get the news before that happens" Gin explained. 'A girl? able to use ice? getting herself expelled?! You gotta be kidding me' the phoenix thought.

"Out of curiosity" Velkan said, afraid to know the answer. "Do we know the name of the girl?"

"Yeah, her name is Mizore Shirayuki" the wolf replied after checking a note he pulled out of his jacket. 'Oh crap'. Suddenly, a phone ringed.

"Sorry, that's mine" the phoenix excused and checked the number. "I got to take this one. Why don't you star without me?. He left the clubroom before anyone could say otherwise. "Any progress?" he answered his phone.

"Right! Hello to you too. Seriously, would it kill you to be polite when you answer you phone for a change?"

"Now is not a good time" he replied while making sure nobody hear him. "I'm a little busy right now. What is it?"

"Well, we could use a little backup right now" Nick said. He sounded a bit worried and that didn't help to calm the phoenix mind.

"What did you do?"

"I think we screw it"

-The Eternal Palace, That very same moment-

Some where at the limits of reality there was a dark castle. This fortress, however, wasn't meant to defend it's inhabitants from the outside; it was there to protect everything in the universe from the powers held in it's interior. Two figures walked in one of the spotless hallways of the first floor. One could tell that one of them was wearing some kind of formal suit; the other one was slightly shorter and was wearing a light armor set.

"So, you're telling me that only one is missing" the taller one said, whom voice was like that of a man in his twenties.

"That's right" the other nodded. "They'll find her soon and we could get to the next phase"

"Good" the first replied. "Oh, by the way. The higher-ups told me to remind you that this Asia Argento girl is of vital importance, and therefore she must remain alive at all costs"

"I know, I know. Geez, you're as easy to tease as that phoenix, you knew that?" the shorter one said. "I mean, for a primal force you have some attitude issues". The taller shadow shoved the other one towards the wall and held him there with the left arm as his right hand formed a long and straight sword with a golden handle, imbued in white flames. The blade was inches away from the short's neck.

"Don't you dare to compare me with that Son of Eva again!. That damn phoenix and I have nothing in common" the guy with the armor replied in disgust as he let the other go and made his sword disappear.

"Ok, ok! It seems that I touch a nerve there, uh?" the one wearing the armor said raising his hand in defense, making the other sigh trying to regain composure.

"Just get to Earth again and keep doing your job, reaper"

Now, time for a few clarifications...

1) As I mentioned before, this story will get many Supernatural references. In fact, some key facts will came out straight for the Supernatural Universe, like Eva being the "Mother of All", meaning that she's the mother of all monsters. I'll tell more of these facts as they're mentioned.

...Well, that's all I guess. I thought they were going to be another one. Oh well. Thank you all for reading, see you on the next chapter and as always have a good day/night!