It started out as a normal day for Akiko.

She ate a quick breakfast and left her humble abode on a small marine island somewhere in the grandline to head off to work. She, working as a marine messenger and carrier girl, set off to deliver the messages that were considered too private to be delivered via den den mushi due to the threat of tapped lines but too urgent to be delivered through mail. Her job was to simply fly the messages to whichever commanding officers they were meant for.
She had been working this job for 2 of her 23 years of life and got it as a result of an unfortunate accident with a devil fruit. Due to said unfortunate accident, Akiko was forever stuck with the power of the pikushi pikushi no mi (ピクシー ピクシー の実), or the pixie pixie fruit.
Honestly, Akiko couldn't think of anything lamer than this sorry excuse for a devil fruit. Upon eating it, Akiko shrunk nearly 3 sizes and lost a foot and a half off of her height. She could suddenly sprout wings and sprinkle sparkley pixie dust everywhere. She even glowed. As a tomboyish girl, Akiko was definitely not amused. The only upside to her newfound powers was the ability to fly. The regenerative healing factor was also pretty cool, but she wasn't getting cut in half anytime soon so that was useless to her. But flying very quickly became everything to her. There was nothing like the feeling of wind beneath her wings and in her hair. So, she pulled a few strings and got herself a nice paying job doing what she loved to do.

This job is what got her in the unfortunate accident she found herself in on this day. She was given some important documents to cart off to one of the Vice Admirals at Marineford.

"Be careful out there, Aki-chan. I hear there might be trouble headed that way. With Fire Fist Ace's execution going on, there's no way Whitebeard is letting him go without some type of fight." The petty officer who gave her her assigned messages was going on about some big shot pirate turned prisoner on death row as he handed her an eternal log pose for Marineford.

"Eh, that's nice and all, Henji-san, but I have to go deliver this.."

"But Aki-chan! I really think-!"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it Henji-san. Watch out for Fire Face and Whitebird. Gotcha. Okay bye!"

"That idiot." Petty officer Henji sighed.

Akiko had always had a bad habit of not paying much attention to detail. Later on she would come to regret this habit of hers.

On her way to Marineford with the important documents in hand, Akiko made sure she was going in the right direction, and, once assured, she gave herself this chance to close her eyes and focus on the feeling of flying.

Down below and further away, the Battle of Marineford waged on at full force.

No one knew of the shocking twists of fate that were now set in motion.