A/N: this is completely inspired by PierceTheVeils FFN quote challenge, for their quote 'Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea. Until they have something to forgive.' -C. S. Lewis. As such I feel I should thank them and give them recognition for inspiring my very first fanfic. This is my fight back against how everyone overdoes how they do Chaos and make them a modern person instead of creating someone that could be original and amazing. Also, I forget things frequently so please review if you enjoy it or if you think I'm not doing the characters justice. Criticism welcome, flames expected but they will be taken with a nine course meal instead of a pinch of salt.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I'm just playing with Rick Riordan's characters as he's the one that owns them and the series. If I owned it, I probably wouldn't be posting on here and would be selling to a publisher instead... Probably.

Before time and space existed, before the Olympians, the Titans, the Giants and the Primordials, there was Chaos. Let's just put this out there, there's no way anyone other than Chaos can completely understand how complex Chaos is, but let's try to paint a mental picture and see if you can keep up. The first thing you need to do to understand Chaos is that Chaos is a living being in its own sense, less of an organism and more of a consciousness from a higher plane of existence. Secondly, Chaos is the entire universe, including all of the timelines and alternate universes that have split off of the original due to the actions of individuals inside. Now when I say that Chaos is the universe, I do mean that literally, as in the universe that the Olympians exist in is living and its name is Chaos. Thirdly, you have to understand that Chaos is the only being that can permanently alter itself, from severing timelines that are cancerous, to creating fixed points, to influencing otherwise unalterable events to create new timelines. Lastly, you have to understand that you are potentially not living inside of the being called Chaos, but could be potentially living inside of another universe, which is also conscious. Complicated huh? Don't worry, just listen to this story and relax.

Chapter One

My mind was blank as I rode the elevator for what I thought was my final climb to Mount Olympus, palace of the gods.

Annabeth was dead, our apartment in New York had been ransacked and despite Hades and the other Olympians owing me and six others massively for repeatedly pulling their asses from the fire, the Fates themselves had decreed that Annabeth would never be brought back to life as the woman I knew her as, or as a soul that swam through the Lethe as this was her third time achieving Elysium.

So here I was, going to take a final look at what I had risked my life for repeatedly over the years. Riding to what I'd decided was going to be my death as soon as I'd heard the fate of the most important person in my life, mortal or not, from the god of the Underworld.

As I stepped out, I couldn't help but look at the golden mansions and gardens with awe, before a wave of sadness swept over me at the thought that Annabeth would never see the finished product of her work on rebuilding it. Construction was still ongoing as whatever delays that affect construction in the mortal world apparently affected the immortal one as well.

Looking around for a nice secluded place to stop before taking the final plunge, I couldn't help but think back to the chain of events that had caused this. Flashes of our tiny but homely apartment flashed before my eyes, before seeing Annabeth's mutilated and ripped apart corpse scattered across the carpet, blood soaked into the couches, dust from many monsters killed created an inch thick cover for the living room, all the way to the bathroom where is lessened as you could see the window to the fire escape halfway open.

I shook my head. I wasn't going to think about that I told myself.

Finding a secluded place, I couldn't help but think about how much I had done for the gods, and how the one thing I asked for, actively sought them out to ask for myself, not for humanity or the sake of the future, was denied. I thought they were being asses. Selfish, stubborn asses, as if saving them was nothing but a token accomplishment, as if what I did could've been replicated by anyone else, as though they didn't care that they all owed me massively for my part in saving them not only once, but twice from utter destruction, not to mention all of the other ridiculous quests they had personally given me and the other seven and Nico, as though each one was so drastically important that they couldn't bear to give it to someone less than a savior of humankind.

That's why I was here. To shove it in their faces that they were ultimately the cause of all of my problems and the cause of my demise, not only for their lack of appreciation, but to really drive home that I used Olympus, their home, as the tool for my death.

I knew that I would most likely be met by either Nico or Hades themselves at the gates to the Underworld, but I had no intention of making it there. What I wanted was for my death to be complete and to jump into the Styx and let it dissolve my soul away as it had tried to before.

I, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, half-blood and savior of Olympus twice over, was going to end my life by jumping off of the six hundredth floor of the Empire State building, known as Mount Olympus to Greek and Roman immortals and half-bloods.

Finally, I looked around, almost looking for something worthwhile to stop for. Something to give my life meaning before it ended.

Seeing nothing, I walked to the edge, closed my eyes, spread my arms, and swan dived off of the palace of the gods.

You know, everybody know that air has friction, but most people don't quite realize how much. As I fell, I could feel the air around me heating up, almost burning me before something insane happened, even for me.