Iris had never been more motivated then tonight. Meeting part of Oak Tree Town inspired her so much that her fingers just moved on their own. Her story just unfolded, beautifully imprinting on the page. The words looked up at her as she wrote them. They felt so grateful to her for writing them and they wanted her to do more. They wanted her to write it all out for fear that she may explode if she didn't.

She didn't hesitate to listen to the words calling.

She wrote well into the night and into the morning. When Mistel woke up, she was still writing, unable to stop. Mistel didn't bother her for the rest of the day, deciding to clean up downstairs while she wrote. At lunch time, he tapped her shoulder and invited her to join him for lunch. Iris gave him a pout, looking down at the words she had written. She wasn't sure where she was at the point in the story but she didn't want to stop.

Her brother insisted, though.

After putting her book away, she followed him through the town and to the restaurant on the other side. Those who hadn't met them greeted them with open arms and promises to come by with food for them later. It was strange to Mistel to find how warm everyone in town was. In the city, just as much as they didn't interact with their neighbors, their neighbors did the same. To be so welcomed when not even twenty four hours of joining it was strange; they welcomed it, though.

"I really like this town, Mistel."

Mistel took her hand and squeezed it. "I'm glad you do. You seem to have already made yourself home here, hm?"

"I have. They just offer so much inspiration and I can't stop," Iris answered. Even the far off look had returned to her eyes. That was a good sign. Now, her agent and editor wouldn't have to always contact her in hopes that she had something new for them. Iris would write a new book and they would enjoy it. Mistel looked forward to the day where their jaws would drop from what amazing story they had just read.

"I hope you keep going then."

At the restaurant, they met another one of the residents, a man named Raeger who gave them a delicious meal. He refused to charge them just this one time to welcome them into the town. After their lunch, they disappeared back to their home so that they could continue their work. There wasn't much that he had left to clean. All he had left to do was to dust one more section downstairs. After that, he would be able to unpack his antiques and display them.

But when Mistel looked at the various boxes of antiques, he couldn't imagine where he would put them all. Upstairs would only hold half of their collected treasures. It was only logical that he store and display them downstairs so that anyone could admire them.

The idea popped into his head before he opened the first box.

They already had so many antiques in their possession and they didn't need this many. Why not sell them? This was a nice spot to set one up and perhaps someone here would appreciate antiques as much as he did.

What better time then now to show his independence?

Mistel quickly made sure that Iris wouldn't be aware that he was going to be gone. It wouldn't be hard. She was writing away in her notebook. If Mistel looked a little bit closer, he was sure that he would see smoke rising from the pen and paper.

Confident that she would remain that way for the next few hours, Mistel left the house quietly. He made his way to the carpentry shop and talked to Gunther about his idea. At first, the carpenter was hesitant to take on such a task due to the money required for it. Mistel assured him that it wouldn't be a problem and that he would be able to pay him for his job. It took some time to haggle and to explain what he would like to have done, but he they found some terms they agreed on.

They shook hands to make it official and Mistel hurried off home. Just as he entered the home, his sister descended from the stairs.

"Now where did you run of to?" she asked, smiling.

How could he not tell his sister his genius idea? He ushered his sister up the stairs and sat her down. He explained his idea and saw her confused expression. Mistel was surprised by this look. She even looked hurt that he would sell the antiques that they had collected. A moment passed and she smiled again at him.

"If this is what you want to do, Mistel," Iris started, reaching for his hand, "then I support you on this. I know you'll be wonderful at this. Why, I can see it now. Various antique collectors coming from all around the world to see the antiques you have. You won't stop doing so, will you?"

"I could never dream of stopping, Iris," Mistel retorted, turning his nose up into the air. "To stop collecting antiques is like you no longer writing; it simply does not work."

She chuckled and rest her head against his. "I'm glad to hear this."

This would be their life now. So much had happened to them from the time they had left Margery and Henry's home. They moved from place to place, using it as a chance to get far away from the previous guardians.

Iris was once again motivated to write. She would continue to write all sorts of stories and send them to her agent and editor to publish.

Mistel would continue to collect antiques and sell them to anyone who showed interest in them. Perhaps one day the town would become active enough for him to gain more business.

Perhaps one day, they would move away from Oak Tree Town. It was in their blood; they would pack up and move to another place to see how it would fit them. As perfect as the town was for them, sometimes one could never resist the urge to travel. But since these two siblings lived in the now, Iris and Mistel would enjoy their time in their new residence.

Who knows? Perhaps someone would convince them to make it a forever home.

Author's Notes: Well, this is it! It's the end. I've worked solidly on this for months. I have been stressed out with the deadline and curious about whether I had the characters personalities correct. I have so many people to thank on and off the site. You've all just been amazing and I thank you so much for the support you've given me. Thank you, everyone!