by ArtikGato

Disclaimer: I'll put this simply. I own nothing. At least, nothing related to this story.

Author's Notes: The episodes 'Go Home to your Own Time, Kagome' and the one right after it that I can't remember the name to inspired me to write this story (sort of). I began to wonder how Kagome would have reacted if somehow Inuyasha told her that she could never go back and admitted his feelings for her. And…voila!! Note that, while I don't exactly hate Kikyou, I don't really like her all that much either. And I'm also a fan of Kagome X Inuyasha and, to a lesser extent, Miroku X Sango. ^___^

This fic is rated PG-13 because of some cuss words. But, hey, if you've been watching Inuyasha or reading the manga, then you should have heard most of these. And, as far as I know, it is spelled 'Naruku' in the English version. Feel free to correct me, but flame me and I will only use the flames to toast marshmallows. I hope I didn't warp too many people's minds with the above paragraph. ^^'

"SIT BOY!!!" Kagome shouted angrily.

            "ARGH!!" Inuyasha yelped as he was pulled to the ground by his prayer beads. Cursing the things to the seven depths of hell and shouting a string of colorful curse words that were definitely not fit for the ears of a child, he rose from his position on the ground. Kagome was glaring at him.

            "I'm going HOME!! If you even TRY to stop me, I swear I'll say it again!" she warned him, and proceeded to throw her backpack into the well behind her.

            "Fine, wench! Do as you like!" he said, and turned around to walk away in a huff. She glared at his back.

            "DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO CALL ME A WENCH? SIT BOY!!!" she practically screamed. The half-demon yelped and hit the ground again. She stuck her tongue out at him and turned around to jump into the well. Inuyasha rose, rubbing his face in pain, just in time to see a dark shape jump out of the nearby bushes and lunge toward her.

            "Oh no you don't!!!" he exclaimed, and pushed her out of the way, catching the creature by it's neck.

            "What did you do THAT for?!?" she exclaimed, and prepared to say 'sit', when she saw him holding up a small demon by the neck. The demon struggled in his grasp, gasping for air. Inuyasha glared at the demon. Kagome recognized the demon quickly.                   

            "That's Naruku's minion! But if he's here, that means..." Kagome thought.

            "Where is Naruku?" Inuyasha asked, clearly annoyed. Kagome suddenly gasped in fear and answered the question for him.

            "Be-behind you!!" she exclaimed. Inuyasha turned around just in time to miss Naruku's attack. He threw the minion at him, and unsheathed the Tetsusaiga. The half-demon began a furious assault with the weapon against Naruku.

            "Kagome! Go through the well! You'll be safe in your own time!" Inuyasha yelled, dodging a strike from Naruku and slashing at the demon.

            "But..." she protested.

           "Just GO!!" he yelled. Naruku hit him hard in the stomach while he was distracted. She gasped.

            "Inuyasha!" she exclaimed in horror. He fell to his knees holding his stomach in pain. Naruku smirked, and jumped away from him. He began to dash toward Inuyasha, intent on delivering a death blow to the half-youkai.

            "Inuyasha, sit boy!" Kagome exclaimed. Inuyasha was thrown to the ground by the prayer beads, narrowly missing Naruku's attack. Naruku sailed over Inuyasha and hit the ground. He jumped up and glared at Kagome.

            "You'll PAY for that!!" he exclaimed, and stalked toward her. She 'eep'ed and jumped backward toward the well.

            "Kagome!!" Inuyasha exclaimed. She stepped backward and hit the well. She was too terrified to move.

            "Jump in the well!!" he yelled at her, trying to regain his footing, while holding his stomach in pain. She stood motionless in fear.

            "JUMP IN THE DAMN WELL YOU IMBECILE!!!" Inuyasha yelled. Naruku smirked, and stopped in front of her. She gulped, and he suddenly pushed her backwards.

            "Wha-?" she asked, before falling into the well in total shock.

            "Huh?" Inuyasha asked, dumbfounded.

            "Why did he push her into the well?!" he thought. Then, he saw the reason why. He saw something that instantly made him forget his pain and jump to his feet. With one sweeping motion, Naruku had...completely destroyed the top of the well.

            "Kagome!!!" Inuyasha yelled. Naruku turned around, looking proud of himself. Inuyasha glared at him.

            "You bastard," he said, icily. Naruku just smirked.

            "Now, now, you might upset me if you keep talking like that," Naruku taunted him.

            "That is IT!!!" Inuyasha yelled, and lunged at Naruku, Tetsusaiga screaming through the air. Naruku barely dodged the slash, and didn't see what was coming from the other direction. He suddenly felt as if a huge wind was dragging him away. Inuyasha jumped back away from him and stabbed the Tetsusaiga into the ground, preventing him from being blown away. Miroku, with Sango and Shippo standing behind him, held his hand out and had opened his Wind Tunnel. Naruku growled in anger, but retreated, releasing a flock of deadly insects in his wake. Miroku quickly stopped his Wind Tunnel and he, Sango and Shippo got to work destroying the insects. Inuyasha, oblivious to them, staggered over to the now-destroyed well, holding his stomach in pain.

            "Crap," he said.

            "Kagome can't come back to this time with the well destroyed! Now we'll never see her again!!"  he thought. Miroku, Sango and Shippo walked up in silence.

            "What happened?" Sango finally asked.

            "Naruku pushed Kagome into the well and then destroyed it. She can't come back to this era any more," he informed them. They gasped in shock.

            "Kagome no!" Shippo exclaimed and jumped onto the pile of wood, frantically pulling wood away from it.

            "It's no use, Shippo. Even if we rebuild the well, the future has been changed, and Kagome can't come back any more," Inuyasha told him. Shippo sniffled.

            "You mean...not ever??" Sango questioned. Inuyasha glared at her.

            "Isn't that what I've been saying for the past few minutes?!" he exclaimed.

            "Calm down! Now, come on, there HAS to be a way to get her back," Miroku suggested. Shippo sniffled again and jumped down from the pile of wood that was formerly the Bone-Eater's Well. Inuyasha stood up, holding his stomach.

            "Are you all right?" Sango asked.

            "I'll be fine," he said, and proceeded to stalk off into the woods. The trio looked after him, and then shrugged, and decided to ask Kaede what to do.

            Kagome slowly opened her eyes. She was at the bottom of the well. She looked up, and, instead of he sunny sky of the Feudal Era, she found herself looking at the roof of the well house back in her own time. She blinked in confusion, and then began to recall what had happened.

            "Inuyasha and I had an argument, and then I decided to come home. Naruku attacked, and...he pushed me into the well?! That doesn't make sense," Kagome thought. She sighed.

            "Oh well. I guess that, since I'm here, I might as well stay here for a while," she said out loud, and started to climb up the side of the well. The head of her cat, Buyo, peeked over the edge of the well suddenly, and, startled, she accidentally let go and fell to the bottom with a startled cry. She sat up, and groaned.

            "Great now I'm back in the Feudal Era..." she said, and looked up. To her astonishment, she saw Buyo and the roof of her well house.

            "Shouldn't I be in Feudal Japan?" Kagome wondered. She started climbing again and, when she reached the top, she jumped back down. She looked up again and started, seeing Buyo and the roof yet again.

           "What's going on? Why can't I get back?" she asked. She stood up and started climbing again.

            "Oh well. I guess I'll try tomorrow," she said, nervousness and worry in her voice.

            "Great, just great. Now I'll never see Kagome again. Perfect. Bakayarou Naruku. He just HAD to destroy the well so that she can't get back. Now we'll NEVER find the rest of the Shards," Inuyasha thought, and punched a tree in frustration. The tree snapped in half, but he kept walking, unfazed.

            "Damn that Naruku! When I get my hands on him I'll tear him apart!!" he angrily thought. Then he thought back to the argument.

            "She probably hates me now," he thought, and then shook his head.

            "Who cares?! She's just a stupid human jewel detector!" he thought.

            "'Is that all I am to you?'" came Kagome's shout in his mind. He sighed. Then he began to wonder if that was all she was to him. He shook his head furiously again.

            "Feh. Who cares? I'm sure not going to miss her big stupid mouth and all of those 'sits'!" he exclaimed.

            "But what if you never see Kagome again?" a tiny voice in his head asked. He stopped walking.

            "Yeah, what IF I never see her again?" he asked himself.

            Morning shone over Feudal Japan, and Inuyasha stretched out on the tree limb he slept on. He jumped to the ground, and began to wonder what he was going to do.

            "Well, I certainly can't go looking for Jewel Shards without Kagome, that's like finding a needle in a haystack," he thought. He found that he was heading toward the village.

            "Oh well, might as well go check on those guys. Feh. Maybe they've found a way to bring Kagome back to me-" he froze, dead in the middle of a jump, when he thought that.

            "Whoa, whoa WOAH!! I didn't just think that, did I?" he thought. He suddenly remembered that he was falling, and bounded off of a tree into the air.

Sango, Shippo and Miroku were sitting around a fire in Kaede's hut when Inuyasha finally appeared.

            "Where were you?" Miroku asked. Inuyasha glared at him.

            "In the forest. Duh," he replied. Shippo cocked his head to the side, thinking.

            "Were ya thinking about Kagome?" the fox cub asked. Inuyasha froze, a blush on his cheeks. Then, proceeded to beat the holy crap out of poor Shippo.

            "NO I WAS NOT!!!" he bellowed. Kaede entered the hut, frowning.

            "Inuyasha, please try to keep it down, there are still people asleep in the village," she requested. He glared at her, but released the fox cub from his death grip on him and plopped down on the floor.

            "Thank you," she told him. He just scoffed. There were a few minutes of silence.

            "So...did you hear about the well?" he asked Kaede. She nodded.

            "As a matter of fact I did. A most unfortunate turn of events," Kaede replied.

            "So, you haven't figured out a way to bring Kagome back?" he demanded. She shook her head.

            "No, but I know of a way ye can send her a message," she replied.

            "Send her a message?" the others echoed. Kaede nodded sagely.

            "Like..." Miroku started.

            "Like a letter or something," Kaede informed them.

            "But she lives a really REALLY REALLY long time in the future," Sango pointed out. Inuyasha nodded, him being the only person of them who actually had been to her era.

            "Yes, I realize that. All we will need is something that exists now that still exists in her time," she said. Everyone looked at her skeptically.

            "Well, there's that big tree by the well. I think that was still there when I went to her time," Inuyasha said.

            "Perfect!" Kaede said. Everyone looked at her, dumbfounded.

            "A friend of mine can cast a spell that will allow ye to pin a letter or something else to the tree and keep it suspended in the same form it was in before until the person it is intended to reach finds it," Kaede informed them.

            "Hmmm...I wonder if they could pin me to the tree," the thought, out loud. All of the rest of the occupants of the room looked at him in surprise. 

            "What?" he asked. He narrowed his eyes. "...D-did I say that out loud?" he asked. They nodded. He paled, realizing his mistake. Shippo snickered.

            "You want to see Kagome badly enough to be pinned to a tree again?" he asked. Inuyasha glared at him, and proceeded to try to beat the holy crap out of the fox cub once again. Shippo jumped up, grinning, and transformed into Kagome.

            "Sit, boy!" Shippo said, in Kagome's voice. Inuyasha smirked, thinking that it would only work if the real Kagome said it, but then he plummeted to the ground. Shippo transformed back and fell to the ground laughing. Sango and Miroku joined him, and Kaede couldn't help but laugh. Inuyasha got up, glaring at them in a way that made them all stop laughing at once. With that, he turned and stalked out of the hut, leaving everyone else dumbfounded. After a few moments of silence, Sango turned to Kaede.

            "Kaede, could we pin someone to a tree?" she asked. Kaede shook her head.

            "No, only objects that are not alive," the old woman replied.

            Once again, Kagome tried jumping into the well. She slumped to the ground in frustration as she saw that she was not in the Feudal Era. Sota, her brother, poked his head over the edge of the well.

            "What are you doing down there, sis?" he asked. She stood up with a sigh, and started to climb back up.  

            "I'm trying to get back to the Feudal Era," she replied. She glared down at the bottom of the well as if it were a person who was blocking her from getting back.

            "If Inuyasha blocked up the well again I'm going to yell 'Sit Boy' a MILLION times at him! Argh! He's such a baka!" she thought. She dragged herself out of the well and sat on the edge.            "What if I don't see him again? Or Shippo, or Miroku? Or Sango? Or any of my friends from that era? What then?" she asked herself.

            "YOOhoo!! Sis!! I asked you a question!" Sota yelled at her. She jumped, and accidentally slipped into the well, landing on her back.

            "ARGH!! SOTA, don't DO that!!" she yelled.

            "Sorry, sis," he yelled back. She sighed again, knowing that there was probably no way to get back to the Feudal Era this time.

            "So, why do you want to go back to the Feudal Era, anyway?" Sota asked. She blinked. That was a good question.

            "Why DO I want to go back anyway? Inuyasha's always a jerk to me, and all he values me for is a shard detector. Argh! If it wasn't for Shippo and Sango..." she thought, and then raised an eyebrow, "...and Miroku, to some extent, then I would have left a LONG time ago!" she thought.

            "Big sis, are you OK?" Sota asked.

            "Yeah," she replied, and hauled herself up again.

            "Why do I want to go back to the Feudal Era?" she repeated. He nodded. "Well...I guess because my friends are there, and I want to see them," Kagome said. Sota blinked.

            "You mean you don't want to go back 'cause of Inuyasha?" he asked. The question totally took her by surprise and she fell once again into the well. Sota grimaced, and then cringed, as she began to climb back up the well at the speed of light.

            "WHAT did you ask me?" she shrieked.

            "I...um...I asked you if you wanted to go back because of Inuyasha?" he said, gulping.

            "And my answer is definitely NO!! He's an arrogant pig-headed baka!!" she exclaimed, trying to conceal the blush on her cheeks.

            "She probably thinks I'm an arrogant pig-headed baka right now," Inuyasha thought, as he watched Miroku, who was more proficient with writing than the rest of the group, write out a letter to Kagome. They were going to try Kaede's plan.

            "That old hag's plan had better work, or--" his thoughts were cut off by Miroku, who asked him what he wanted to put in the letter.

            "Huh?" he asked.

            "What do you want to say to Kagome in the letter?" Miroku asked. He blinked.

            "What DO I want to say...maybe I should apologize..." he thought. The rest of the group looked at him expectantly.

            "Put that I"m sorry for always arguing with her," he said. Miroku nodded, and Shippo and Sango looked shocked.

            "He just  APOLOGIZED?" they thought, in disbelief.

            "What about you, Shippo?" Miroku asked. Shippo thought for a moment, then smiled.

            "Tell her that I love her and I miss her and I wish she would come back!" Shippo exclaimed, hyperly.

            "All right," Miroku replied, and proceeded to add what Shippo had just said. Inuyasha contemplated what Shippo had said.

            "Perhaps I should tell her that I lo---WHOA WHOA WHOA!! I DID NOT JUST THINK THAT!!" Inuyasha mentally screamed.

            "But you did. And it's the truth, too. Just accept it," a little voice in the back of his head said. He blinked, and then fumed.

            "That is NOT the truth! That is so far from the truth that I couldn't--" Inuyasha thought, but the inner voice cut him off.

            "Just accept it, you damn fool!! You're never going to see her again, so just ADMIT it!! You love her!!" the voice exclaimed.  

            "No I don't!!" Inuyasha screamed inside of his head at the voice. He paused, and the voice didn't argue back. Satisfied, he turned back to the group, seeing them staring at him, confused.

            "What?" he asked.

            "Umm...what were you doing?" Sango asked. He glared at her.

            "None of your damn business!" Inuyasha shouted in reply. Miroku shrugged, and turned back to the paper. Inuyasha mentally glared at them, and leaned against a tree nearby nonchalantly.

            "Maybe that baka voice was right..." he thought.

            "So, what are we using to pin the letter to the tree?" Miroku asked, holding up the finished letter with pride.

            "Sacred arrows," Sango replied. Inuyasha yelped, and jumped away from the tree as fast as he could. Everyone looked at him, then laughed.

            "Don't worry, we won't point them at you, Inuyasha," Sango assured him. He growled at them and cursed them under his breath.

            "Hey! Kagome!! I think you should take a look at this!!" Sota exclaimed. Kagome looked up from the dishes she was busily doing, seeing Sota in the back yard. She dried her hands, and went out to the back yard.

            "What is it, Sota?" she asked. He ran up to the ancient tree in their back yard, and pointed. She gasped when she saw what he was pointing at. It was a piece of paper, parchment actually, stuck to the tree by an arrow. She looked closer at the arrow, recognizing it. She realized that it looked exactly like one of Kaede's arrows.

            "That's impossible!" she thought. She walked up, and grabbed the arrow, intent on pulling it out of the tree. It disappeared in her hand, and the parchment floated to the ground.

            "Just like when I grabbed the arrow that was in Inuyasha's heart..." she thought. She bent down, and picked up the parchment.

Dear Kagome,

            I know this will sound like it is crazy, but you must believe me. This is a letter from your friends in the past. We found a way to put a spell on this parchment so that it would stay on the tree until you found it. We hope you understand that we all miss you, and if we could find a way to get you back, we would. But, when Naruku pushed you into the well...

            "AHA!! So he DID push me!" Kagome exclaimed, startling Sota. She continued reading.

...when Naruku pushed you into the well, he destroyed it, and with the well destroyed, you can't come back to this time period. I'm sorry.

            "Oh no!" she exclaimed, biting her lip to keep from crying.

            "So I really CAN'T get back!" the thought distressed her, but she kept reading the letter.

....Since we will never see you again, we decided to write you this letter to tell you how much we all miss you. I hope you don't hate us for not being able to get you back. Anyway, Inuyasha says that he is sorry for arguing with you all those times.

She stopped reading there, in shock.

            "He apologized?" she thought. The tears in her eyes were starting to get larger, but she bit them back, deciding that crying over that baka wasn't worth it.

            "But he's not really all that much of a baka...he DID apologize...I just wish I knew how he feels...er, felt, about me..." she thought. "am I just a useless girl whose only purpose is to find the Shikon Jewel shards, or does he consider me a friend?" she thought. She decided to keep reading.

...Shippo says that he loves you and misses you and wishes you would come back.

She grinned. Shippo was like a little brother to her. She looked over at Sota, who was patiently waiting for her to finish reading and tell her what it was about.

            "There are so many similarities between Shippo and Sota..." she thought, absentmindedly. She shook her head and kept reading.

...Sango says that she misses you and says that you were her best friend. And I...er, Miroku, I want to tell you that, despite the fact that I'm constantly asking you to bear my child and getting in fights with Inuyasha because of that, I still value you as a friend. (besides, I always have Sango to--

At that point, there was a small scribble across the page, indicating that Sango had probably been reading what he wrote and bonked him on the head with her boomerang. Kagome smiled. She really missed them. They were like a second family to her in a strange way.

--erm...yeah. We all really miss you, and we hope that there is some way you can come back to us. If we never see each other again, just know that we all really miss you.

She had now started to cry.