chapter 1: Meeting strangers

I remember it clearly….. As I fell the sun kissing me face. The warmth of a sunny day. Hearing my family's laughter. I miss those days so much… I can still remember those wonderful times. My mom…my dad…my friends and ….him. I loved him but he never saw me as more than just a friend. I always want to tell him but i thought that maybe he would reject me or probably ruin our relationship. He was different, nice, funny, cocky and annoying. I guess you could say it was love at first time. Good girl falls for bad boy, ugh. I was so happy back then but now in my final moments i think I'll finally…be…happy…

COURTNEY!' 'COURTNEY' ''WAKE UP WE'RE GONNA BE LATE! 'What, what time is it?'' I look at my clock and thought ''Crap!'' I took a quick shower and soonly started changing. I decided to wear a dress and combine it with some heels. As I was doing my makeup and hair. I started think about what was school going to be like this year. Today is the first day of my junior year in high school. I'm going to be the best in in my classes, of course and also in my clubs and sports. 'BEEP'BEEP' Ooh that must be Bridgette. I finish get ready walk down stairs said bye to my parents and left. As i was walking to her car and got in. she said ''ready for junior year?'' ''Of course!'' I replied. 'i know right am so ready to already graduate!'' I laughed. Bridgette is my best friends, I known her since we were little kids. She like my sister if you could say that. ''Hey why don't we stop by and gets some coffee before we go to school?'' ''Sure''

We decided to stop at Starbucks since it was the close by our school. We told the cashier our order and waited. As we were waited for our coffee. A couple of guys enter the cafe. The first one had blonde hair with a hat. he was wearing a collar button up half way shirt and shorts. By the look of bridge it seem like she was drooling just by looking at him. The guy next to him seemed like a pervert. He had jet black hair and was wear a black-leather jacket with a white t-shirt and some black pants. He also had piercings and it looked like he a had tattoo too. He was the sort of person I definitely didn't want to hang out with. He's probably a fuckboy who likes messing with girls a lot just to have fun! He seem to catch me looking at him and smirked. I quickly looking somewhere else! As I turn to look to see if he wasn't looking, we made eye contact. His eyes were like the sky or the ocean. He's skin was a pale color and I notice that the other guy was also a little light also close to his? Maybe they're brothers or something…. "Courtney and Bridgette?'' ''ooh yes thats us!, come on bridge.'' As we got our drink I felt as if they were starting at us deeply. As we made our way to the door I was checking my phone while bridgette was holding our drinks. While I was walking I bumped into something ''I'm so sorry.'' ''No, its okay here let me help you stand.'' ''ooh why than-'' It was him! The guy with black hair. ''Omg!, ARE YOU OKAY COURT?''. '' Hi, the name's Duncan, and who are you?'' " I'm Courtney and this is Bridgette.'' ''hello'' said bridge. Soonly the blonde guy came and said ''hey dun I-..umm those this" ''oh this is my friend Geoff, Geoff this is Courtney and her friend Bridgette.'' said Duncan. ''Nice meeting you'' replied Geoff. ''Well it was nice meeting guys and all, but we have to go." As we left the cafe and got in the car I feel as if something bad was going to happened? ''Omg they were so hot, I think that guy Duncan likes you?'' said bridge with a smirk. '' Umm yeah no, plus I don't know him. Also we don't even know how old they are or what type of guys they are; bridge. Plus I'm sure we not going to see them ever again.'' ''Well true, but you got to agree that they were hot;but whatever lets go.''