The world is crumbling around me
The ceiling caving in
A jumbled mess, a chaotic pile
Is all that remains

Empty horizon
Am I the only thing left?
All I see is debris
Blown around this dreary landscape

Where am I?
Do I know anymore?
Who am I?
Did I ever know?

Perhaps it was all a dream
A splurge of the unconcious
An imagination, a daydream
It all seems so unreal

This is all I know
This barren place
So devoid of life
Emptiness is my only home

There was another place once
A vague remembrance
Whispered by the breeze
A place where I belonged

Warmth, I remember, and light
But gentle and nourishing
So unlike this heat
The searing desert sun

I remember arms that held me gently
But I have not seen another living thing
I remember a voice so kind
But my ears are deaf from this silence

Perhaps it all was a dream
My fantasy land
Those loving arms
Perhaps they were imagined

But, this I know
My daydream, my make believe
Holds happiness
When all I see is miles of pain

The wind whispers to me again
"It can be yours again, you know
You must only believe
All you must do is follow Me."

Perhaps the wind lies
Perhaps it's all a sick joke
But as long as there's a chance
It's worth it

Though all I can see is sand right now
Something in me knows
There are loving arms out there
And a warm and comforting light

So with only the wind as my guide
My only map, my heart
I set out on this journey
Knowing faith will bring me there