Hey Readers! I know it, I have promised a new Hobbit Fanfiction and…well it's not really what Imagined it would turn out to be, but this is the first chapter.

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Chapter 1. A Dragon's words.

Bilbo panted while he were running away from the dragon, he had been on his own for a small amount of time now.

He know he had the dragon after him, since he split up with Thorin and the others down in the minds. Smaug was mad, he know that by now after he had help getting water on the dragon's body.

It rumbled around him on the ground, as he looked back, seeing the wall crack and Smaug came through it. He heard the loud roar, which echoed through the big hall.

He tried to run faster, but a huge banner fabric from the wall Smaug broke, fell upon him and cursed him to fall on the ground. It almost knocked out his breath, as he tried to get out from it, feeling how Smaug had walked across the room.

"You think you can deceive me, Barrel-Rider?!" Smaug's angry and high voice echoed through the place.

The hobbit had slowly peaked from underneath the fabric, looking up at the giant dragon a few meters ahead for him.

"You have come from Lake-Town. This is some sordid scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading lakemen. "Smaug said, as he looked from the little hobbit and a bit away.

It all started to make sense for the dragon, they were working together to slay him, get him away from the mountain.

"Those sniveling cowards with their long bows and black arrows!" The dragon said, as he turned his head toward a few windows, his growl echoed through the hallway, as he smirked slightly.

"Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit." He said with a growl, as he turned away to head out from the big hall.

"Oh, no…" Bilbo mumbled, as he manage to get out from the huge banner fabric. He was worried, if Smaug went out and went to Lake-Town, there would be death everywhere.

"This isn't their fault!" The hobbit cried out, as he tried to run after the dragon, his heart were beating fast against his chest. "Wait!" He called out, when the dragon didn't listen to him. "You cannot go to Lake-Town!" he shouted out, as he stopped while he saw the dragon did as well.

His panting breath made no echo, as he saw the dragon turned while he spoke.

"You care about them, do you not?" Smaug asked, as he let his head and neck slide its way through the air and toward the hobbit. "Good. Then you can watch them die!" Smaug growled, as he went to turn his head again.

"No wait!" Bilbo called out, his hand had tried to grab onto the dragon, but it were too big for him to get a hold on.

Even so, he got the dragon's attention, since Smaug were turning his head toward him.

"I…"Bilbo said, while he cleared his throat. "It's my fault…" He said, while he backed away from the dragon's head. It only went closer to him, as the dragon walked near him.

Smaug were almost like a snake, the way he curled around his victim to trap it, to not let it escape.

"Your fault, Barrel-Rider?" Smaug asked, his giant head went down to look proper on the little creature.

"Yes." Bilbo replied, as he tried to stay calm as possible.

"How come it be your fault, Barrel-Rider? If I may ask?" Smaug asked, while he let his left claws get near the hobbit, he pinned him against a pillar.

Hearing the Halfling whimpered by the pressure laid upon his chest, it was almost lovely.

"Y-You may indeed, O'Smaug, the tyrannical." Bilbo stuttered slightly, as he glance up upon the flaming golden eyes. Fear were running through his every vein, he couldn't control it more.

"Well?" Smaug asked, the tip of his tail had lightly wrapped around Bilbo's leg, making extra sure that the little Halfling wouldn't be able to escape his mercy by now.

"I-If I didn't accept, to be a part of Thorin's Company on this quest, I won't believe they would have c-come nearby the mountain, oh great…dragon King." Bilbo spoke, as he looked down when he felt a claw against his chest, almost tearing his lovely jacket a bit.

"Do you remember what I spoke before, Barrel-Rider? You are still denying it, aren't you?" Smaug asked him.

While Bilbo closed his eyes, he heard a weird noise. The claw against his chest slowly vanished, but soon replaced by a tight hand, which hold him firmly against the pillar.

"I guessed his foul purpose some time ago." The voice, it suddenly changed into a bit… Softer yet sinister voice, which Bilbo could tell were Smaug's voice indeed.

"But it matters not."

The Halfling had slowly opened his eyes again, the feeling of a smaller tail being around his leg and ran farther upward was getting…awkward for him.

His eyes went wide, as he looked what were in front at him. I-It almost looked human, but with wings and tail like a dragon, even horns on the head, but scales at a few places by the face, arm and legs.

"Y-You are…"

"Humanoid Dragon, does it surprise you, Barrel-Rider?" Smaug asked, his head leaned closer into the hobbits.

Bilbo whimpered slightly, he closed his eyes again. The hot breath from the humanoid dragon were on his neck, he shivered lightly, and as he felt a sharp teeth run down at his neck.

"Oakenshield's quest will fail, you know it, Barrel-Rider." The humanoid dragon breath upon Bilbo's neck, as he leaned back, he grabbed onto Bilbo's neck and forced him back against the pillar a bit harder.

Bilbo whimpered, his hand got onto Smaug's arm and tried to make him lose the grip on his neck.

"You have been used, thief in the shadows. Like I said before, you were only ever a means to an end." The humanoid dragon spoke, as he let his grab get loose again. Seeing the fear run through the hobbit's eyes were priceless for him, it pleased him, because it means people would still fear him, even into this form.

"The coward Oakenshield, has weighed the value of your life and found it worth nothing." Smaug hissed the last word, while he looked into the brown eyes of the burglar.

"N-No, no you are lying." Bilbo managed to say, his bravery slowly showed out again, as their eyes connected for a short moment.

"Then what did he promise you?" Smaug demanded the answer this time, he wanted to know what that filthy coward to Oakenshield had promised this creature.

"A share of the treasure?" Smaug asked him, as he let a laugh escape his throat. "As if it was his to give? I will not part with a single coin. Not. One. Piece of it." He growled.

"H-He promised me nothing! He promised me an adventure! Something I always wanted to do! Please! Let go of me!" Bilbo pleading the humanoid dragon, he couldn't take it more. He might be a brave hobbit, but right now he were frightening for his life being in danger.

The Halfling could hear how the humanoid dragon were growling, maybe he believed this was a lie? It were neither, he had wanted to be on an adventure since he were child.

The halfling could see the sharp teeths that Smaug showed by growling easily at him, he gulped, not able to think about what could happen to him. He had tried to get his hand in his pocket, tried to get his ring so he could disappear and hopefully escape the claws of Smaug.

Smaug leaned closer to Bilbo's ear, his breath hitting his neck. "I bet on, that your little mission is to bring The Arkenstone to Oakenshield, am I right, Barrel-Rider?"

Bilbo didn't answer, he stood silence against the pillar, feeling the dragon's hold loosen up a little. "If you show, Oakenshield the precious Arkenstone. Do you really think, that he would treasure you as one of his own? As a friend perhaps? I think not, Oakenshield will be blinded by the gold-sickness. He will throw you out from a cliff, letting you die among the mountains rocks. He will let you die, simple as squeezing a little fly."

The words pierced through Bilbo's heart, thinking the scenario through his head. He could imagine how Thorin would hold him up, hanging out from a cliff and just….letting go of him.

"Lies…." he whispered, his body trembled slightly.

"Within your little head, you know it's true. The Dwarven heir want's nothing more, than the Arkenstone so he can conquer the mountain. Perhaps he haven't told the truth? Or did it ever cross his gold-sick mind to ever speak of the Mountain's true story?" Smaug asked, his voice had gone low, as he leaned back again from the halfling.

Bilbo frowned, hearing about what Smaug said about the true story of the mountain. What did he mean? When Bilbo opened his mouth to ask, a chain were cast over Smaug's head and got around his neck, he was pulled back, which only made him angry, but another chain came over and got a hold on him. The Dwarves has taken Smaug down in his human form, he was on the floor, wiggling himself to try and get free from the chains.

"Good job, Burglar!" Thorin said, as one of the others tied a gag around Smaug's mouth, as they tied his wings, tail and body together so he was immobilized.

Bilbo let a breath escape him, but the look from the flaming yellowish eyes from Smaug, made his stomach arch a little.

"Bring that lizard to the dungeon, the deepest cell you can find." Thorin ordered, he had looked at Smaug, almost like he were the true beast within the mountain.

"Your death will bring joy to Lake Town and my own people, slug." Thorin promised, as he watched the humanoid Dragon being pulled away.

Was the fight over by this? Did Thorin win and easily could kill the Dragon after a while? Bilbo wasn't certain, but something in his mind told, that he needed to know what Smaug meant.

What else did the Lonely Mountain consume of a secret? More importantly, did Thorin not tell him the whole truth? Or was he acknowledged about it himself?

So, that was the first chapter, what do you guys think? Is this a story I shall continue on?