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Costume Issues - Chapter 1

"Drat," Bella muttered as she exited the car. "My cape is stuck in the door." It was the Friday before Halloween, and she and Jessica had just arrived at Tyler's Halloween bash.

She opened the door, but it was too late. The silky red fabric was ripped, a corner had caught on the edge of the door, and a long hole appeared where the material had been pulled.

"Cheap, tacky…why am I wearing this?" she asked herself as she tried to smooth it out.

Jessica bounded up. "You look so cute." She beamed. "Oh, wait – what happened here?" she asked, looking at the torn corner Bella was holding.

"Stepped on it," she mumbled.

"Well, at least it wasn't rented," Jessica said.

No, it wasn't rented. It was Jessica's. She had made the outfit in Home Ec for extra credit. In order to get the credit, the costume had to be worn. To a party. With a photo as proof.

Which meant that Bella was modeling it as Jessica had decided to wear something else. Something a bit racier than her mother would have preferred. She looked like a Victoria Secret model in her lingerie-based outfit. What was she supposed to be, anyway?

"Sorry," Bella replied. "It was an accident…"

"Forget it," Jessica replied. "I made it, I can mend it. Just hide the tear when it's photo time. Let's go in."

They climbed up the stairs to Tyler's house, Jessica bounding and Bella walking more cautiously. The heels Jessica had lent her were only one inch, but she wasn't used to wearing anything but Converse.

When they got to the door and rang the bell, a "Boo" came from behind them. They turned to see a Scream ghost, with the trademark knife in one hand, a drink in the other.

Jessica squealed. "Mike! You surprised me."

The Scream ghost pulled off his mask, revealing a grinning Mike Newton. "How'd you know it was me?' he asked.

"Careful study of your…physique," Jessica replied.

Physique? Bella thought. He was wearing a long black robe with a hood. Whatever…

"I got you ladies all set here," Mike said, putting down the knife and picking up a second red plastic cup. He gave one to Jessica, who immediately passed it to Bella. Mike got a funny look on his face before handing the second drink to Jessica.

Bella took a gulp from her drink and choked.

"What's in here?" she gasped.

"That's the punch, Tyler's specialty. It's all good," Mike replied. "Love the Red Riding Hood outfit," he added, leering at Bella's legs.

Bella looked down at the fishnet tights under a short flouncy skirt. "Yeah, right. So not me," she muttered.

"I think you look great," Jessica said.

Bella took another sip, wincing as the fiery black fluid went down her throat, then another. "Sorry, can't finish this," she said.

But Mike wasn't paying attention. He had put an arm above Jessica's shoulder, pinning her to the wall. Jessica was leaning under his arm, smiling up at him adoringly. Bella took that as a cue to go inside.

Yuck. He's been working on her forever. She teases but he never gets anywhere. Now I'll probably need a ride home, preferably from someone sober. Wonder if Angela's here?

Once she was in the doorway, she put her drink down on the console table under a mirror in the entrance hallway and went to look for a Coke.

Inside, the main hallway that opened into the living room was dark, and the music was loud enough to have a physical presence. People stood around, talking, drinking and laughing. Surprisingly, she could tell who some of the masked costumed party-goers were. Eric was obvious and so were some of her other classmates. She admired the costumes, picking out the usual witches, spooks, and occasional Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Several Donald Trumps, actually. One with a particularly poor fitting wig gave her a wolf whistle. She gritted her teeth and gave him a finger wave.

There were also several really tall, built kids with dark skin and black hair. Must be from the Rez.

"Hey," a familiar voice said right next to her, startling her.

She turned quickly and nearly fell. A strong arm caught her. "Jake," she said with relief. She looked at his costume. "Lone Ranger?"

"Yeah, well, it only required a white shirt and mask," he answered. "I was kind of saving the shirt for Prom, but whatever."

"You look good," she replied. He did, too. He was enormous, and his biceps were bulging under the long white sleeves of his shirt. "Hey, when's the last time I saw you?" she replied. "You know, steroids aren't a good thing…"

"Just filling out," Jacob replied. "If you saw me more often, the change wouldn't be as obvious.

He had a red plastic cup in his hand. Uh-oh, if that was the punch, he wouldn't be her ride home.

"So what's that?" she asked, motioning to his drink. "Any good?"

"Yeah, it's heavy firewater." He laughed, draining it. "I'll get a refill and grab you one as well."

"Already had one," she said, her face screwing up at the memory. "Taste had me yakking. It's too strong. See if they have any Coke."

"Sure," he replied as he disappeared into the crowd.

"Just Coke, Jake," she said.

"All right," he yelled back.

She looked around for a place to sit and get out of these shoes. She knew she had to keep them on until the photo of the costume at the party, but pulling them off just for a moment would be OK. Should she wait for Jessica or ask Jake to take a photo when he got back?

She felt a little woozy. And that was from one drink which she hadn't finished. She really was a lightweight in the booze department. Still, with Charlie as sheriff, she didn't want to get caught and have to undergo not only his breathalyzer and but also his lecture.

She walked back out to the front porch, hoping to get Jessica to take a photo of her with Mike. No sign of Jessica or Mike, but Jess's car was still there. Mike's Chevy Suburban was gone though. Going to need that ride home for sure.

When she went back inside, she could see Jake coming with the drinks and decided she wasn't ready to deal with him. She ducked into a corner, feeling a little guilty for abandoning him. But really, he was younger than she was and wore his crush for her on his sleeve.

As she turned, she ran into what felt like a brick wall but smelled like smoke from a bonfire. "Whoops, sorry," she said to the wall. "Hey, it's OK," said a familiar voice. "Jake, she's over here."

Seth. When had he gotten so big? He was Harry Clearwater's kid, and she was sure he hadn't looked that big at the bonfire she had attended with Jake on First Beach last May.

A witch with a lot of visible bust grabbed Bella's arm, whirling her around and nearly causing her to lose her balance. "Hey, the costume looks good, but let's rearrange these laces, OK?" Lauren's voice, and Lauren's fingers in her…cleavage?"

"I can do that," Bella replied.

"I got Kleenex," Lauren said. "It's all just props."

"Not my thing," Bella said. She had been tempted to add some Kleenex to the costume, though, as she got dressed in the bathroom.

The music boomed so loud it felt like the floor was shaking.

"Where are Tyler's parents?" she asked Lauren.

"Seattle, a couple's weekend," Lauren replied. "We got the house until Monday," she sang. An arm snaked around Lauren's waist.

"All weekend, for me and my lovely witch," Tyler's familiar husky voice stated.

That's when she saw them. Outlined against the window. They were alone, just like at school. Probably had expensive costumes, though she could only see their silhouettes. A very curvy woman, dressed in a mermaid style dress, wearing a witch's hat; a big guy, dressed in a suit; a tall guy, couldn't tell what he had on; and a short girl, with short hair sticking out from under horns. But there were only four. Where was number five?

A husky voice whispered in her ear, "May I have this dance?" sending shivers to her very being.

Jasper Hale. The dreamy Jasper Hale, the fifth Cullen kid, Rosalie Hale's brother.

Bella shivered again, nearly falling out of her one-inch heels. Jasper took her arm, helping restore her balance. She looked over at the silhouettes. Both the Cullen girls were balancing on six inch heels.

"Thanks," she said. Though it came out as a croak. "But I don't dance."

"It's easy. Just follow me." Jasper pulled her forward, closer to him as he led her to the dance floor. The area around them cleared automatically. How did that happen? It was as if the others pulled away from these beautiful kids.

"The music's kind of loud," Bella half-shouted to Jasper.

"I noticed," he said. "Want to go outside?"

She nodded. Maybe she wanted that drink after all.

"OK," she said. Then stopped. She was just so sleepy and her legs felt like Jell-O. "Can we sit down for a few minutes?"

She saw one of the silhouettes detach himself from the window and felt things were getting hazy. Her legs felt really wobbly. The heck with it, she was taking off these shoes.

"Just a sec," she mumbled, the words slurring. She bent down to take off the shoes and almost fell. She felt someone lifting her and she reached down to make sure her short skirt was in place.

"Honey," Jasper asked gently. "Did you take anything?"

"Me? No, just had one drink." Just sleepy. Still, she felt she could lie here forever.

Something smelled wonderful, all cinnamon and musk, like a hot afternoon in the sun. Must be Jasper's aftershave.

"Hey, get away from her!" She heard Jake's voice from a distance.

"Jake, you're too young for me," she slurred out, pushing hard to focus on the tall Lone Ranger who had just reappeared. Why did her throat feel so thick?

Jake looked like he had been slapped. "I hope you know what you're getting into," he mumbled, turning away and leaving a Coke on the table.


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