"Why you looking so down Snape, this fat bastard is finally dead, you already killed Angelina so were good and in the clear!" Dumbledore chuckled giving Snape a pat on back.

"Never been the cheerful type!" Snape said dismissively.

"That you Haven't Cheers buddy!" Dumbledore said as he conjured up two beers and gave one to Snape and one to himself.

Once Dumbledore downed his Beer he bid Snape goodnight and left.

Snape turned and looked down into the pit where Ryan was killed in. All that was left of Ryan was a few bones, a couple chunks of flesh, and his farmer boots.

"I've got to get out of here." Snape thought to himself

"Dumbledore starting to scare me." Snape this time thought out loud. Snape liked violence like the next guy but thought Dumbledore tactics were beyond brutal and just scary.

Snape was hyperventilating and pulling at his greasy hair as he thought about he thought of the possible prospect of Angelina returning to the settlement for revenge.

All the passing residents who saw Snape pulling at his Hair and swiftly pacing back in forth stopped for a moment before shrugging it off, coming to the conclusion that he was always weird. However a couple a couple of the residents were concerned and went to Dumbledores House or apartment or whatever to tell him about Snape.

Meanwhile Dumbledore was returning for the night to his private chambers. Dumbledore was getting undressed after and delightful and eventful night, doing this as he battled by any thoughts in his head that suggested that he was too Brutal to the traitor Ryan.

"Nonsense that two timing, no good bastard had it coming, if anything I was lenient on him." Dumbledore reassured himself as he finished unbuttoning his plaid shirt revealing his muscular, toned out upper body.

"Man look at my pecks!" Dumbledore shouted to himself as he flexed his man boobs in the bathroom mirror.

"I really love my new body." Dumbledore added as he thanked himself with a handshake for his new body.

Just then somebody snuck up on Dumbledore and surprised him, which made Dumbledore scream like a female dog.

"What the fuck!" Dumbledore began but stopped as he saw as it was his sexy new lover Fleur.

"Oh hello baby." Dumbledore said seductively.

"I thought I heard my zexy hunk of a man in ze room." Fleur also said seductively as she ripped Dumbledore's belt form his pants and helped Dumbledore get fully undressed by taking of his pants and boxers.

"Take me!" Flour dramatically gasped.

"My pleasure!" Dumbledore teased as he picked Fleur up and put her on his bed. Then the two new found lovers engaged in sexual intercourse once more.

The two were really getting into it, when at the most inopportune time there was a knock on Dumbledore's door.

At first Dumbledore told Fleur to stop their moaning that maybe the person would go away. But one knock turned into multiple knocks and Dumbledore knew he had to answer them.

"Oh crap there's more than one of them." Dumbledore sighed dramatically.

"Vell just zen out of here." Fleur suggested to Dumbledore

"I'm coming!" Dumbledore snarled to the people outside.

Dumbledore quickly got and old shirt and a pair of blue jeans on muttering curse words to himself to himself while doing so.

"I should make Snape the leader here this crap's getting old!" Dumbledore sneered to himself.

"Just shut up and go zee what zere problem iz zo you can get back zere quickly!" Fleur snapped at Dumbledore.

"Woman I am just give me a minute to vent to myself." Dumbledore said as Fleur rolled her eyes.

Dumbledore then opened the door

"What!" Dumbledore almost shouted before holding back at the last second.

Sorry to disturb you Albus from what ever work you were doing." The people began

"Oh I wasn't uh uh doing anything, so what's the problem." a reddened Dumbledore chuckled nervously as he rubbed his head.

"We thought that we should let you know that your assistant Severus Snape was acting weird, he was pulling his hair, he kept stomping and doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

Dumbledore chuckled heartily. "Don't worry about him, Yeah he's creepy, lonely, bipolar, rough looking, sadistic, and smells like bait, but I assure Severus is harmless." Dumbledore said with a good-natured smile and another hearty chuckle.

"A rant is nothing new for the man." Dumbledore reassured as he ushered them away.

"Don't worry now go get some sleep." Dumbledore said as he bid them goodnight.

"Yeah the next you bastards disturb me in my love making I'll kill you like a killed." Dumbledore muttered darkly to himself.

"Wat waz zat all about baby?" Fleur questioned as Dumbledore slipped out of his clothes and went back into bed.

"Just a couple blokes who got creeped out by something that Snape was doing." Dumbledore shrugged.

"I zought everyone ignores him." Flour stated.

"Eh must me new comers here." Dumbledore shrugged once more as the two resumed there love making.