Part One: Torn from Me
Written by Colonel Karl L Schubaltz

Author's Notes: This is a Leon x Karl ficcie, Jungen und Mädchen (German for boys and girls). This fic takes place during the Death Stinger battles with Hiltz.... this is also what happened to Leon and his König Wolf, The Black Mount... or Sebastian as he likes to call it... through the eyes of Karl, who watches helplessly as Leon destroys the Death Stinger... at a VERY high cost. It's an AU, people!!!

"We must defend the capital!" I heard Hermann's voice shout over to me, from the safety of my Great Zabre. It felt like a brief glimpse into a bleak and yet bloody future ahead of us. "Schubaltz! Cover my flank!"

"Roger that." I replied, hands on the controls of the Grat Zabre, then I took off my hat and pushed it into full throttle.

"Don't be a hero, Aethelwulf. Even Hiltz can destroy you and your Super König Wolf." Hermann shouted from the shadows as a black König Wolf avoided a volley of gunfire from the Death Stinger's numberous weapons. I had to smile at his persistancy, he was never one to give up despite the odds.

"Eat shit and die, Hermann." The voice on the other end of the comlinks sounded more humored than angry... angry that Hiltz is ripping his new home right out from under him.

"You're not angry that Hiltz is destroying everything??" Hermann pointed out, his face twisted in anger at Leon's sudden lack of compassion.

"His dynasty of blood has to end somewhere... the gods won't allow it. I won't allow it. And that makes me a dangerous man. If something ain't so, Hermann... SOMETHING AIN'T GONNA BE SO!" The König Wolf ran for the Death Stinger, I cried out to the pilot to stop.

"Don't be a Marcus, Leon!"

The König Wolf stopped short of attacking the Death Stinger, it turned to look at me. I can see Leon's eyes through the eyes of the Wolf and for what I saw... I knew that he had something on his mind.

"Honestly, I want the capital to burn." Leon confessed, causing a stir inside Hermann and a little in myself. But I knew this was the will of Leon and I learned to accept his anti-Republican sentiment. "But don't you see?? Hiltz can't kill me, even with that gun of his. My König Wolf will be ripped out from around me... my skin burned to cinder. But you of people need to realize... I am the man who cast The Lord Ultimate and survived... in a nutshell, this Death Stinger don't hold a candle to the awesome destructive power of The Lord Ultimate. And if that's what it's going to take to defeat Hiltz.... then so be it."

"But, Leon...!!!" I cried out, I swore his tone was turning bitter fast. I wanted to ask...

"Don't sound so surprised, Karl." Leon snarled at me... of all people, he was showing anger toward me. "You also need to realize when I casted the spell, I was still so very young. But that was over 10,000 years ago and I'm not so young and so weak anymore. Frankily, Karl, your lack of faith in me offends me. I thought YOU of all people knew what I'm all about. I guess my heart's been misplaced." The König Wolf turned to face Hiltz, it started walking toward the Death Stinger. "...desert the capital, Hermann. I'll finish this from here."

"LEON!!!!" I cried out, running over toward the König Wolf. I was blinded by the tears, I reached for the König Wolf.

"...stay away, Karl." Leon's low, sad tone caused me to stop in my tracks. "...you're just like everyone else." The König Wolf kept walking, Hermann's Shield Liger Mk-II snapped me out of my shattering dream.

"Schubaltz!! We got to abandon the capital!!"

"We can't leave Leon behind!!!"


"...." I can't.

//Frankily, Karl, your lack of faith in me offends me. I thought YOU of all people knew what I'm all about. I guess my heart's been misplaced.//

"Leon, don't leave me!" I willingly let the words slip as I was being dragged off by the Shield Liger Mk-II. "LEON!!!!"

Hermann and I bore witness to the Death Stinger and the König Wolf being consumed in a rain of black energy. Hermann stopped, we turned toward the scene. From the comlinks, we heard Leon chanting a spell and ignoring Hiltz's cruel taunting. From under the Death Stinger and the König Wolf, a very elaborate patchwork of runes and patterns encircled them. The shield and patchwork of runes glowed with the fires of Hell, I began to realize the spell that Leon was casting.

"Leon!!! NO!!! DON'T DO IT!!!"

"He's going to do it! He's going to cast The Lord Ultimate!" Hermann shouted from behind me, he was equally as shocked as I was. "But he's right inside the runes! He'll get blasted by the spell also!"

...was this Leon's will? Is he going to sacrifice himself to destroy Hiltz? I tore those thoughts from my head but when the rotation and revolvment of the rune circles went faster and more chaotic, I knew... this is it. As the circles of runes generated a black energy sphere, inside we saw the Death Stinger and the König Wolf being crushed by the sheer, awesome forces inside.

"Leon.... don't go."

//...stay away, Karl. You're just like everyone else.//


The blast is what knocked me down... the blast of energy... the Great Zabre and the Shield Liger Mk-II were incinerated... we both fell to the floor with a thud. I looked up tearfully to see that there was nothing left of the Death Stinger and of the König Wolf.

Leon... Leonardo Nygel Aethelwulf... the man who laughed in Raven's face repeatedly. The man who wasn't afraid of Prozen, the man who bodyslammed the Death Saurer.. the man who taught me to be human.... the man who could never die.... destroyed by his own spell. In the middle of the crater I saw a marble object, smoking from the damage. As I slowly approached, I realized who the statue is. It was Leon, his handsome face twisted in a look of agony and the torment of sheer loneliness. As my hands caressed the cold marble, I lost control of my emotions, I collapsed against the statue, crying out for Leon.

"I do love you, Leon!! I did have faith in you!! I still do!!! But now I can't tell you how special a man you are to me because you finally got your wish for death!!! Gods, Leon!!!" I wept uncontrollably against the statue, I held on despite Hermann's efforts to peel me away. "Come back to me, Leon!!! COME BACK!!!!!"

I wept until all went black...

I woke up in the hospital, flowers by my bedside and no one else. My hands were in restraints, and I was in a hospital gown. Tears flooded my eyes, I saw two ugly scars on each wrist, sewn up... I must have... tried to take my own life.

"Let me out!!! LET ME OUT!!! I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!"

Dead.... dead silence.

Meanwhile... in the remains of New Helic City...

The sun shone on the marble statue that encased Leon, showing to the world around him that he had wept blood. He had been doing so since Hermann drugged a hysterical Karl. Unwilling to move, the god in the statue continued to sit there... until he heard very heavy footsteps behind him, indicating that he was in the presence of a Zoid. A growling was heard and from behind... three tri-formed titanium buster claws knabbed the statue and the Zoid rushed off before the Republic or the Imperials spotted it...