Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon's heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. »…« anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Third POV

Isabella – Kisenth - could never remember a time where she was at peace. She couldn't remember a time when there was no war, greed of bloodshed or that her kin's blood didn't stain the ground. She was the last of her clan, the dragon-shifters of the Far East. Isabella knew that her kin-dragons were not like her or her clan, they were vicious and greedy twisted by the will of Morgoth while her clan just wanted peace.

It was because of the kin-dragons that her clan was massacred, the other species of the world thinking they were like the others and slain them. She could not begrudge them in that hate and could not blame them on the slaughter, not matter how much it hurt.

No, the blame was on her Kin-dragons and the evil that twisted them. So Isabella swore, swore an oath to Eru to protect Arda with all that she could. She shifted between forms, Elves, Men, Dwarrow, hobbits, others and of course her dragon skin.

She battled against the darkness through the first and second ages, earning her deed, she was known as Kisenth Protector of the Weak. Though soon, she became legend amongst many cultures, her deeds now fables of the old world except with the elves, the immortal species of Arda and of course the Orc's.

A twisted smirk lifted upon her lips as she thought of the fear the Orc's gave off when her name was mentioned, when they smelt her scent in the air. All know that dragons are the mighty of species below the Valar, no matter how tame one might be. After all she had killed thousands of the darkened species in the first and second ages, dragons, wyvern, wargs and orcs.

But when the third age came she grew tired of wars, of fighting and pain. She longed for peace that she could no longer remember and longed for love she had always dreamt of. So Kisenth left the realm of Arda, to a realm where hardly any magic lay, hardly any wars and where no one knew her name.

So Kisenth chose a name to suit her appearance in the new world, Isabella.

In that realm of Earth, she had found kindness, friendship and love. She had found a family who loved her, who took care of her when needed and she had found love… that was what she had thought.

She had foolishly believed that the vampire could love her, could accept her and her words. But he didn't believe her, didn't see her as anything more than a pet, a distraction from the eternal life he had. He didn't love her – they didn't love her and it nearly destroyed her.

"May Mandos judge you poorly." She muttered, shaking her head free of the pain and thoughts of the family that once was.

When all that had happened she no longer desired to stay in their realm and chose to return to Arda once more, making her home in the west near The Shire and Bree. She had of course chosen to make her home in The Old Forest, a place not even rangers dared to venture forth into.

Though maybe, she should have really just gone back to the Far East, for her life was surly about to change.


Gandalf halted the company outside the entry way that lead deeper into the Old Forest, a frown pulling at his brows. He knew they needed the being that lived deep in the woods but he did not know if they would help or not.

It had been far too long that he had sense their presence and never in all his years would he have sensed it here on the edge of the Shire and Bree.

"Gandalf? Why have we stopped?" Bilbo asked confused, trying to keep the fear out of his voice as he stared warily down the darkened path.

"We have one more person to add to our company, one that I now realise that might help even the odds more." He explained cautious, eyeing the hobbit and the others.

Thorin glowered at the wizard. "And who may this person be Wizard? Another Halfling or will it be man?"

"Neither here nor there, but I assure you… they will be needed on this quest, without them there is chance of death." He urged.

"We best do as he says Thorin; we should never go against a wizard's instance." Balin supplied his friend and king.

Dwalin snorted. "It couldn't be worse than the burglar."

"Fine, lead the way Wizard but this better not be a ruse or delay." Thorin growled out, causing the wizard to give him a disapproving glance before urging his horse towards the pathway.

"Gandalf! We cannot go in there!" Bilbo spluttered. "The Old Forest is cursed!"

The others traded looks with each other as they stared at the fretting Halfling. Cursed? How could a forest be cursed?

"What do you mean by cursed?" Ori asked timidly, eyeing the forest circumspectly.

"Are you leading us into a cursed forest?" Kíli called worried from his brother's side.

"What is the meaning of this wizard?" Dori yelled outraged.

"Bilbo, why is the old forest cursed?" Bofur asked causing all to fall silent and turn to look at the spluttering Halfling.

"There's a creature that lives in the depths of the forest land, one that not even the elves will go near. The animals are wary and our own don't even dare to look at the forest, those that go in, don't come out." He explained causing Gandalf to snort.

"I can assure you that we will be safe, no harm will come to us in this forest Bilbo." Gandalf called over his shoulder as he pushed his horse forwards, but a sense of unease and insecurity bubbled in the pit of his stomach as he glanced at the shadows.

"How do you know that whatever is haunting these woods won't attack us?" Dwalin demanded loudly as they all followed the wizard warily, each Dwarrow with a weapon in their hand and ready for any sign of attack.

"I don't." Gandalf replied wearily.


Bella stiffened, her hand clenching around the metal vase, crumpling it as the breeze swirled around her. The scent of Dwarrow, a hobbit and Olórin mingled with the scent of forest.

A growl escaped her lips as she crushed the vase more and stretched out her hearing. Living on the other side and in isolation has caused her to become relaxed; she should have heard them enter the forest instead of finding they were at her gate.

The door slammed open causing the ponies to neigh uneasy and rear back, while the jolt caused the Dwarrow's to grasp their weapons tighter.

"What is the meaning of this Olórin, bringing Dwarrow to my home and Durin nonetheless?" She seethed as her eyes flickered from face to face pausing heavily on Fili and Thorin before snapping to Gandalf.

"Uh..." Gandalf stammered out before clenching his eyes shut as Thorin interrupted him.

"I am Thorin son of Thráin, son of Thrór, king under the mountain." The king snapped back, refusing to flinch at her gaze.

"Ah, you look much like Durin. But I know of Thrór, king under the mountain. I take it he is no longer with us. Hmm, I am Isabella." She hummed before returning her gaze towards the wizard. "Come in and tell me why you seek me Olórin, I am curious."

Gandalf quickly dismounted and followed after Kisenth, he knew she was furious, he could see it in the aura she gave off but he knew she would listen. He cast a look towards the others and hurried them into the cabin.

"Tell me what brings you here Olórin with Dwarrow and a hobbit?" She asked once again flat, her eyes never leaving the wizard's face.

Gandalf shifted under the Dragon-Shifters gaze. "Can't an old friend stop by? I have not seen you for many of years."

Bella snorted. "I grew weary of the wars and left this realm. Now stop stalling Wizard, I have no mood for games." She rumbled the sound vibrating in the Dwarrow's chests.

While the others regarded the woman with uncertainty and suspicion, Fili couldn't help but stare in awe. The woman was stunning, beardless and all, he could not tear his eyes away from her.

"We are on a quest. A quest - to reclaim Erebor." Gandalf replied hesitant, waiting for the oncoming wrath.

Bella blinked and frowned. "... Reclaim Erebor? Are you telling me Erebor the greatest of Dwarven kingdoms fell? To what?" She asked shocked, Bella knew that she was gone for a long time but she didn't think she had missed that much.

"A Dragon." Gandalf closed his eyes in exasperation at the sudden answer from Bofur.

Bella's entire body stiffened, her eyes locked on the dwarf that spoke. She faintly observed that many of the Dwarrow's flinched and grasped their weapons tightly as she stood.

"A Dragon... A Dragon? Which Dragon, what kind of Dragon?" She hissed out through clenched teeth, trying to keep her power from rippling out.

"A fire drake." Gandalf replied hesitant before bracing himself. "Smaug descended upon Erebor and desolated Dale and the surrounding area."

The Dwarrow's watched as the woman seemed to grow in size as her face darkened in rage at the name that slipped past Gandalf's lips.

"So you've come to me then to kill the snake once and for all? Please excuse me." She hissed darkly before straightening up and storming into her room.

Smaug that bastard still remained breathing after all. Well, she would gladly rectify that, she would not let the bastard taint the earth anymore. She owed it to her brother and his mate, Smaug slaughtered their eggs and then killed them both for their treasure horde. They did not fight fully for they suffered from grief; she had hoped the snake died of his wounds.

In a fit of rage Bella grasped her vanity and threw it, watching as the wood splintered and the mirror shattered like her hope for a peaceful life.

"Are-are you alright?" Fili asked from the doorway, causing Bella to freeze in her spot willing the fire in her breast to calm before facing the flaxen-haired dwarf.

He had caught her interest the second her eyes landed on him, his hair gleaming like gold in the sunlight. Handsome she had thought as he stood out from his kin with his kind blue eyes and flaxen-hair.

"No I am not. That bastard slaughtered my brother, his mate and their unborn children for petty gold. I had hoped he died, I wished for a peaceful life as I have grown weary of war and pain. It seems neither will happen, but I can assure you Master Dwarf, that beast will die by my hands once and for all." She stated before slumping down on her bed.

Fili felt his heart clench as he caught sight of her pain filled eyes. "Fili." He blurted out, causing her to look up at him confused.

He felt his face heat up as he stammered out his introduction with a bow. "Fili, son of Dis, daughter of Thráin; heir apparent of Erebor."

"Ah another Durinson, I have never met a dwarf like you, flaxen-haired Prince. Not many would come near me in my anger, though I am curious of your colouring." Bella chuckled out.

"I take after my father, a Durin I may be but I do not look it beyond the eyes and nose." He explained softly, waiting for the usual comments. Not many Dwarrow took to his colourings nor did other races when the found out whom exactly he was. Then again, not many Dwarrow liked his father as he had found out early in life; he was a hunter from an outcast clan.

"Do not be ashamed of your father-colour, you should take pride in the fact. It is a gift, treasure it as such." She replied honestly.

"Th-Thank you?" Fili stammered out, sound I g more as a question than anything.

Bella simply smiled softly at the blushing Prince. "No, thank you Fili Durinson. You best go back to the others before they come find you; the young one is nearly here. I'll be out when I gather my things."

Fili frowned before opening the door to the hallway, his eyes locking onto Kili's worried ones. "So you will help us? Gandalf was not sure if you would or not."

"I will help you Hes Kulaan. Let me prepare and I will join you." She hummed, smiling softly at the confused look upon his face with the rough edged term of endearment.

When the Prince left, taking the other with him she closed the door and made her way to the bed and dropped to her knees. Bella hesitated a fraction as she grasped the wood trunk before her.

"Just do it Kisenth, it needs to be done." She muttered to herself before pulling the large flat trunk and flicked open the lid.

Her eyes watered as she took in the two long blades inside. She had made them when her brother and his mate had died on their last request. She had found them near death and ended their pain, taking their hearts as hers so no one could use their power later on and crafted two blades from their ashes and Dragon claws.

She had their two of their Dragon teeth hidden where none can find them, ones she had found that were broken off when Smaug attacked. It was dangerous of any creature found the remains of a Dragon-Shifter and so she burnt their corpses with her flames and made blades with the ashes. Ash made by Dragon fire could be forged into the strongest unbreakable weapon when combined with any metal.

These were different as it was ash of a Dragon and forged with Mithril, the last of her own horde.

Her hands drifted softly over the black carved claw hilt and grasped it firmly, jolting at the echo of her brothers' power washed over her. "I miss you Darilth. I will avenge you and Apophis, once and for all." She swore before strapping the blades to her back.

She didn't need armour as under her heavy tunic her body was layered with her scales across her chest and down her back. That was the downside of her human-like form; the dragon-scales never truly went away, just faded into dull colours and near human colour. Her wings on the other hand were imprinted into her flesh from shoulder blades to ankles, that she learned when she was a mere hatchling was better than growing them again when transforming.

It was good because nothing can pierce them but it would be hard to explain if the Dwarrow's saw her bare skin in some capacity. With a huff she grabbed a bag and filled it with what she would need and grabbed her hobbit sized cloak for the Halfling in the group.

"She said she will help, we should let her." Fili argued over the others.

"We have Gandalf to help slay the Dragon! We do not need a woman on this quest!" Glóin yelled, slamming his hand on the table. "It is bad luck to bring her; we cannot guarantee her safety."

"Aye, he has a point. Woman of any race should be protected; Mahal will strike us down if she dies!" Balin explained softly in thought.

"I assure you that would not be a problem Master Dwarf; I do not need your protection nor want it. Besides, there is more chance of you dying than I." Bella explained with hidden amusement.

All the Dwarrow's stopped mid talk and stared at the woman, more importantly the weapons on her back. Gandalf smiled sadly as he realised what the weapons were and bowed his head in respect.

"Those are some nice swords Lady Isabella, what are they made of if I may ask?" Dori asked politely as he stared at the black hilt.

The corner of Bella's lips twitched in amusement at this. "The blade is ash and Mithril and the hilt is Dragon Claw." She explained flippantly.

"Dragon... Dragon... How many have you killed?" Ori stammered out.

"Many - Master Dwarf, many. This is for you Master Hobbit; you will need it if it rains." She explained, handing the cloak to the stunned Halfling.

Bilbo jolted, his hand grasping the soft leather cloak with wool in lining. He could tell it was old and we'll worn. "Thank you Lady Isabella."

"You're welcome Master Hobbit, the coat you have on will not be enough nor will it protect you if it rains." She explained before donning her own cloak and bag.

There were no more arguments as they left her home, all eager to leave for the quest and leave the unsettling forest. The ponies neighed unsettled as she made her way towards them.

"I will be walking behind you all; animals do not like my presence." She explained when all riders were upon their mount. Each bar one eyed her unsure and wearily causing her to sigh.

"I can keep up; do not worry yourselves with me." She grumbled out before striding down the path, grumbling to Gandalf as she passed. »Dreh ni fun niin. « She warned him in her mother tongue.

Gandalf nodded at the threat. "It is not my story to tell."

Bella snorted. "That hasn't stopped you before, but this time don't say a word. They will not trust me if they knew I was a Dovah."

With that no other word was said between them or the company as they made their way out of the Old Forest and towards Bree.

Author Note: Okay, so the dragon language I took from Skyrim :P….

Hes Kulaan – My Prince
Dreh ni fun niin – Do not tell them
Dovah - Dragon