Title: Dragon Heart
Pairing: Fili/Bella
Summary: Not all dragons were bad, not all were simply just dragons either and those who held a dragon's heart was a blessed indeed.

BTW I should mention Italics are the Elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin.

Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom.

}}…{{ anything starting with that is Dovahzul – Dragon Language or regular bold in usual sentences.

))…(( anything between them is the black speech.
]]…[[ Will be hobbitish or green speech, language of hobbits.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Author Note: Yeah, this is so going to be a short chapter my loves!

Third POV

When Bella was well enough to walk the company found herself wandering the halls, her eyes glazed in thought. Sometimes it was others who followed her; curious to know about her, sometimes it was one of the Company… but always it was Fíli who was with her. He after all was unable to let her out of his sight and many understood and respected him for it, for they all would do the same as the Prince if their One would rise from the dead, the sigil of Mahal in her hair.

They respected him for being there for her; they would have respected him less if he wasn't.

No one knew what was going through her head as she trailed through the halls with a sad smile, her fingers trailing the carvings along the wall and a faraway look in her eyes… until one night when they all were up still talking in the couple's sitting room as Bella had retired for the evening.

"Durin." The name had all the company snapping their heads up only to blink as they turned towards the dwarf she was greeting as Durin, blinking more when it was Thorin. "Virfín."

Fíli blinked and frowned at his wife. "Virfín?"

No one liked how her brows pulled in confusion. "It no... You are not Virfín, no matter the colourings… Fíli?"

Thorin stood as he saw his nephews hurt face at being called another name. "Isabella, you called for me?"

Brown eyes full of confusion and pain settled to the haze once more and Thorin made note to apologise to his nephew for causing his One to dismiss him, but they needed to get down to why Isabella was sleepwalking and if he had to – Mahal forgive him – pretend to Durin then so be it.

"My name is not Isabella." The words were sharp and to some it came as a surprise. Thorin looked towards Fíli for aid, as the voice he had heard softly now and then, remained quiet on the matter.

"Kisenth," Fíli called, the name pouring softly from his lips with reverence.

"Why do you say my name in such a way Virfín? Where is Loivissa?" She asked and then stumbled back and away with a look of horror upon her face and then clarity was once again in her eyes. "Fíli? Thorin? H–how did I get in the sitting room? What happened… no… no this room did not exist when Erebor was…"

"Isabe… Kisenth… Who is Virfín and why did you mistake Fíli for him?" Thorin asked slowly as he kneeled down before her, ignoring the others behind him at the sounds that escaped their mouths, be it shock or protest that he was kneeling before her.

Bella frowned at Thorin. "I thought you knew Durin's brothers."

"Lass are you telling me that… that Virfín was one of the Seven Fathers? To what line?" Balin asked slowly while looking at Ori who was eagerly ready to write down the tale that she was about to tell or write any information on the seven fathers. They of course remembered Durin as it is his blood that rules and outweighs many clans and he being the eldest but the names of the others had fallen to memory and then forgotten.

"Virfín was the father of the Firebeards." She explained slowly, the frown still upon her face as her eyes scanned their bewildered features. "Are you telling me you do not know the names of the Seven Fathers beyond Durin?"

"They faded from memory lass, forgotten with time and the history of the names washed away by sea." Balin explained when he saw no other volunteering to explain. "We only remembered Durin because the Sigin-tarâg were the largest clans and Durin was reborn twice."

Bella frowned and then stood once more, "okay then follow me… don't… don't interrupt because this will be painful for me and if I… it hurts to see ghosts walk the halls and know I will never see them again until I leave the living. I've been dreaming of Erebor since it was being rebuilt since I woke in my tomb, the thrum of life in the mountain is once again what it used to be since I returned the ashes of stone back to its core."

"Then you don't need to show us lass." Dwalin replied gruffly, concern written all over his face.

Kisenth just simply shook her head. "No, you need to do this and if I willingly allow the memories to come maybe I can lay the ghosts to rest. Thorin, you'll need to be by my side for this and be Durin. I will probably speak with you as we wander and I need you to do your best to reply to it… in Khuzdul."

Fíli didn't like this one bit but knew it was necessary so he took up his spot behind his wife with Kíli at his side and his mother on the other. The others silently took their places behind them as they followed Kisenth out into a familiar spot before pausing, it took seconds a mere blink of an eye to see the haze settle over Kisenth once more and her form to shift.

"There you are Kisenth." Thorin spoke, his eyes glancing to his kin. "I have been waiting."

The laugh was light and full of mirth. "Lies Uzbadê."

Thorin came to a complete halt, his brows going high at that. "Your king?"

"I apologise Bâhaê, I forget."(My friend) Bella replied with a wide fond smile. "But one day you will accept that I have sworn my alliance to you Durin, you have earned it and if I were to give my fealty to anyone beside my Lady it would be you."

"Why?" Thorin blurted out before the others could.

Kisenth frowned and looked down at her friend. "Are you well Durin? But if you should must know it is because I watched my Lady's husband create you, watched as he chipped away your very being with the tenderest of care and love. You were the first and the one he cherished above others, a mirror image of him. You remind me of my Lady's Chosen."

This took the others by surprise and Thorin nodded, he would deal with that information later. "Can you take me to the Hall of my Brothers? My memory isn't as good as it used to be."

"Hmm." Kisenth's eyes were slitted as she stared at Thorin and he honestly felt like she was about to attack before a smirk tugged at her lips. "Fine, I will lead you to the Hall, but if you are only asking this to stare at my wings again and step on my tail, I'll throw you into the river."

"I promise not to this time." Thorin replied, stilling the endearment he wished to call her with a snap of his jaw. He knew deep down that Durin would call her something but he did not know and he would not risk her wrath.

Kisenth hummed and slowly made her way down the hall, her fingers trailing the grooves and ridges of the walls. They followed her deep into the heart of the mountain and were surprised to come to a stop in the Throne room. No one uttered a word as she took a sharp turn before coming to a stop at a spot in the middle of the hall, Thorin cast Dís, Balin and Dwalin a look as they watched Isabella press her hands on separate stones and pushed.

It was always wondered why the stones here were different compared to the rest of the hall, a darker shade that always seemed to be a scattered arch but really was a door.

The company gasped as Isabella breathed out, her flames catching the old oil bowls and letting the fire light up the room. They eyed the statues around them in awe but their eyes locked on the one in the centre, Thorin stared back at them from stone.

But it was not Thorin, it was Durin. They could see some differences but not much.

It was Bilbo who could not tear his eyes away from the smaller statue next to the taller; he could see the familiar features of his kin. He blinked and then nudged Thorin with wide eyes, pointing to the figure.

"I remember when you first carved these halls with your brothers upon your awakening." She stopped then and cast a look down at him, sadness etched deeply in her features. Thorin held back his surprise as she pressed her forehead to his in comfort before. "I am sorry Shuktusulûkh for the loss of Lavinia; I know my Lady will protect her in her Gardens while she waits for you to return to stone."

"I did…" Thorin hissed, his throat tight while stepping back closer to his own One. He shot a look to Fíli telling him with his eyes to bring his wife back into the time they lived in now.

"Kisenth?" Fíli whispered, taking his wife's hand in his own. "Uslukhuêkurdu."

His call seemed to work, her head shaking sharply and eyes clearing. It took only a beat of silence for Kisenth to shake the memories free and turn her attentions to the statues before her. "Oh... I had forgotten that they had made a statue for Lavinia."

"She's a hobbit… do you know what family?" Bilbo breathed out in awe, his eyes tearing away from the statue to Kisenth.

"No I'm sorry Bilbo, I cannot recall." Kisenth replied ashamed. "The names of your clans have changed much since the wandering years."

"Mahal, we never knew who Durin's wife was. We knew she was not dwarf because our stories tell he was the only one awoken alone." Balin exclaimed causing Kisenth to laugh.

"Your king was not alone when he woke. I had come to care for the Nadanu'aban while Mahal carved him." she explained fondly, her eyes far away. "He knew I was not his, he knew I was a friend the instant his eyes laid upon me."

"We will need to show the kingdom this room." Thorin announced abruptly, his eyes taking in all the Seven Fathers. "They all need to know."

"I can see why you called Fíli Virfín." Kíli announced amused as he stared at the firebeard clan. Bella chuckled as she made her way to her brothers side and smiled fondly.

Fíli cocked his head to the side and squinted, his hand still curled around his wife's. "I can see the similarity."

"Virfín had hair spun of gold or as close as one could get. He was a wild Dwarrow with the love for hunting and his kin. Of course he was envied as more and more Dwarrow were born and though their hair was golden they could not achieve the beauty of Virfín." Bella explained with a laugh. "Of course Virfín hated the colour, he was a humble Dwarrow who cared not for gold or pretty gems but meats and leathers, a safe home above his head. I have to remind myself sometimes that you are not him."

"Did you…?" Fíli trailed off, he really did not want to know the answer.

Kisenth shook her head. "Virfín was madly in love with Sólka, she was his One and they woke together. But he and I were friends, we went on many hunts together but my duty took me away for many years and my loyalty was to Durin."

"If this was the case why were you so angry when you saw us at your gate?" Dwalin asked with a raised brow, it was a question that had bothered him for some time now.

"Tell me Dwalin if you had thirteen Dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard show up at your door unannounced when all you wanted was to be left in peace would you be happy?" She asked sharply. "I saw Thorin and I saw Durin, when Durin has been reborn there is always, always something dangerous to be done."

A wave of exhaustion settled over her, causing her to stumble slightly into Kíli's form.

"She needs to be back in bed, she's still exhausted. Hopefully now that she has laid this memory to rest she can sleep." Fíli stated while leading his wife from the chambers, his brother on the other side supporting her.

"Come Namad, let's get some sleep. Fíli and I are with you." Kíli whispered softly to his sister while sharing a look with his brother. Worry easing slightly in both their hearts.

Author Note: Well this is it, the end. I will post all the outtakes or well chunks of story I had written but never finished that was originally going to go in the story but either A) It didn't fit in the story or B) I went a completely different direction.

Shuktusulûkh – Kin of Dragons
Uslukhuêkurdu – Dragon of my heart or My dragon of heart

EDIT: I re read this and decided to actually finish the chapter. So this is based… before Bella flies to Mordor but after the breakfast where she tells the others about how her kind had babies.