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Disclaimer Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy along with Harry Potter and their rightful characters belong to their rightful creators.

He's Mine, Little Girl

Summary: Before Ginny could even to attempt to ask Harry out on a date, a blonde hair woman appears almost out of nowhere with icy, cold eyes glaring daggers at her before kissing Harry possessively. She pulls away with a single comment, "He's mine, Little Girl."

Warning: Au-Modern Day & high school, minor to no magic, crossover pairing, establish relationship, and unrequited feelings

Brown eyes watch the raven young man walk with her older brother and their friend out in the courtyard. The young teen sighs wanting to ask him out. Right next to her a silly looking blonde glance at her than the raven.

Rolling her eyes to the white, the blonde mutters, "Ginny give it up already."

"Luna I'm not giving Harry Potter up," Ginny answers still staring hungrily at the older teen. "This is my last chance before he graduates next year! I want him."

Luna shakes her head muttering under her breath while Ginny ignores her. She starts to walk towards Harry, Ron, and Hermione. She's going to do it. Ever since Seventh grade she will finally ask the boy she had a crush on the longest time.

"Hey Ron, Hermione. Hello Harry," Ginny greets her voice turning sultry on Harry's name.

Harry looking a bit distracted halfheartedly greets, "Hey Ginny."

Before Ginny could even attempt to ask Harry out on a date, a blonde woman appears with two others. The first with a large nose and orange hair waves happily obviously simple minded and happy going personality. The other gives her the shivers and feeling he be good as something of death. His pitch black hair and stormy blue eyes looks over her and the others around.

It's the blond that catches her attention. Her eyes icy cold seems almost black glares daggers at her. To her shock, she wraps her arms around Harry's waist and kisses him possessively. Harry moans in the kiss.

The blond pulls away looking at her still states coldly, "He's mine, Little Girl."

"Mandy no worries," Harry assures nuzzling pressing a kiss against her forehead. "She's just Ron's kid sister I told you about."


Harry smiles lovingly at the cold blond while looking over her shoulder to the raven. "Hey Grim, Billy."

"Harry," One call Grim answers before fluttering past them towards a shock Luna who he looks at carefully before a small smirk. "Death Girl."

Luna flushes a bit while Ron comments to Hermione. "Sheesh Harry's cousin works fast."

Hermione hums in agreement before engaging the orange hair teen in a conversation.

Ginny could only blink in confusion.

Harry gives a sheepish smile, "I have a girlfriend Ginny. This is her Mandy."

He gazes at the blond as if she's the only woman in the world while continuing, "And I know we're young and all but if she would have me as her future husband. Mandy will you marry me."

"Hn what you think," the blond growls possessively sneaking a hand more tighter around his waist and loop her fingers around the belt loop as Ginny's heart comes to a standstill and how late she was to admit her feelings to the boy.

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