Title: Lonely_No_More Author: Static-disturbed Summary: Angel Donnelly has never fit in. He's always been a loner and never had many friends. Buffy Summers moves to Sunnydale and takes an interest in him but is forbidden to speak to him by her new friends Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall. Will be B/A!!! Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Authors Notes: This is rated Pg-13 for language basically and violence and deals with subjects such as child abuse.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. It was a warm spring afternoon, the sun was shining, birds were chirping and Angel Donnelly was miserable. William had given up trying to understand his best friend a long time ago. Angel was a good guy but when he was in a bad mood there wasn't any pulling him out of it. So when Angel was angry they spent the whole day like this. William would make pointless jokes and Angel would stare at him as if he was the dumbest person alive. He really didn't mind anymore. Neither of them had many friends. Okay so William had more friends then Angel but both of them had long ago been deemed the 'freaks' of the school.

The boys had met when they were six. Angel's mom had been running a daycare out of their house at the time to bring in extra money. William's parents had been working a lot and Mrs. Donnelly hadn't charged much. The two had immediately hit it off and became best friends quickly. William was a little more outgoing then Angel but Angel was defiantly smarter. At least when it came to books. Angel's mom had died when they were eight shutting down the daycare. Mr. Donnelly was not able to care for three children (Angel and his brother and sister) being as he was un-employed and had sent them to live with their grandmother on the other side of town. Two days later he disappeared and they had lived with their grand mom since. As time progressed the boys became what everyone labeled as 'punk'. It had never been their plan but it had happened and they accepted who they were. They stood out drastically in the southern California high school. While most boys were tanned and muscled Angel and William were pale and more on the lean scrawny side. They didn't play sports and spent their time at the video arcades and at night they were in the mosh pits at the concerts of underground bands. But they liked who they were...at least most of the time. Angel walked along quietly staring foreword. William sighed and followed him.

Buffy eyes darted around the crowded hallway. Looking for anyone who looked friendly enough to tell her where the main office was. She spotted a group of kids standing by some lockers. They looked nice. The girls were decked out in cheerleading uniforms while the boys looked like your typical jocks. Varsity jackets... jeans a little too small for them. She ran her tongue over her teeth and reached down to straighten her skirt. Her hand ran though her hair as she walked over to them. "Hi" Cordelia Chase looked casually over her shoulder and found the source of the voice. The person daring enough to interrupt her conversation with Parker Abraham's, and found it was the new girl everyone had been talking about. She was small, blonde, green eyes fairly nice clothes. Word around town was she had burned down the gym at her old school and had been kicked out. "Hello" "I'm Buffy Summers. I'm new here and I was just wondering if any of you could tell me how to get to the main office" "Well Buffy I'm Cordelia Chase.... head cheerleader. This is my best friend Harmony and that's her boyfriend Scott. This is Parker..." she smiled flirtingly at the newly single quarterback and then turned her attention back to Buffy. "Oh hi. So do you know where the office is?" Buffy asked again "Of course I do. I've only gone to this school my whole life. Come on I'll show you... oh no! Here comes the freak patrol," she whispered. Buffy's eyes followed her pointing finger to see what she was looking at. She watched two boys enter the building and stop and look around. One wore a red t-shirt with the words 'Screw You' written across the front and baggy jeans. He had bleached blonde hair and extremely blue eyes. He said something that made himself laugh but had no affect on the sick look on his friends face. The other boy was slightly taller with short brown hair only long enough to be spiked. He wore baggy black slacks with a pocket chain hanging on the side and a black t-shirt advertising some band she had never heard of. His skater shoes peaked out from under his too large pants and his dark brown eyes surveyed his surroundings quickly as if something was about to jump out him. Apparently he was right in thinking so because not two minutes after the boys stepped inside another group of football players were around them taunting them and shoving the bleached one down. "Where you been all summer boys? In your coffins?" one of the jocks leered. Buffy rolled her eyes at his stupid joke. God what kind of jerks were these guys? 'The kind of person you were' a voice in her head yelled. She shook it off and watched the scene which has erupted in the hallway "Oh come on you think vampires really sleep in coffins?" the blonde one asked getting to his feet. The jock looked stumped at the question; giving the blonde boy just enough time to knee him in the groin. The other boy with the dark hair laughed and the two of them took off running in the other direction before the fallen jock could recover. Buffy watched them go and bit her lip. Something told her that was not the last she would see of either of the two.

"Oh that was sweet!" William yelled as the two poured into the boys' bathroom on the other side of the school. It was known as the 'smoking room' and no one came in there except them and the goth kids. Angel nodded his agreement. Out smarting a few jocks was all he needed to lift his spirits. William leaned against the wall and pulled cigarette from his pocket and lit up. Angel watched him. He didn't smoke. He thought it was stupid to waste your life away just so you can puff on a little stick and look cool. Of course some days he thought about wasting his life away anyway. "You hear about the new girl?" Will asked inhaling the smoke and blowing it out "No" Angel said simply "Member on the news how that school in L.A got the gym burned down? Word is she's the one behind all that" "Really? I thought they said they caught some guy" "They did but she was like his accomplice or whatever" "William your getting caught up in the rumor vine" he said pointing an accusing finger. "Hey I bet it's true" "Whatever.... so I think were supposed to go to class" "Jesus Angel. When are we ever on time for class?" "Never. Tell me again why that is" "We have reputations to protect. Go to be fashionably late" he said tipping his head to one side. After a brief silence the two of them burst out laughing. For a moment Angel forgot about all of his troubles.

"Ugh those losers drive me crazy. They should like have separate schools you know... one for those anti-social losers and ones for those of us who actually care about our futures" Harmony commented as her and Cordelia walked with Buffy to homeroom. Buffy herself was a little annoyed that she shared a homeroom with both girls as well as several classes. They were already starting to drive her crazy with their ditzy remarks. The sixteen-year-old girls made their way to junior homeroom and Buffy prayed for someone to cover their mouths with tape. "Well welcome to homeroom. Some of you many of you know I am Ms. Crawford and I'll be your homeroom advisor as well as some of your chemistry teacher..." all the class looked to the door as it burst open and Angel and William sauntered in. "Well if it isn't a few stragglers," the teacher commented placing her hands on her hips. "Had to make an impression on the first day Ms. Crawford" Angel commented as he and William took their normal place for every class: the back row. Buffy watched him and gulped. He was extremely handsome. She wondered how the other girls couldn't see it. She watched as his friend nudged him and pointed to her. She had no time to turn around before he was staring at her. He smiled softly and she smiled back before turning in her seat to look at the teacher. He had the most gorgeous smile. Angel watched her smile then turn away shyly. "Looks like the new girls got a crush on someone," William whispered before burying his head in his arms and falling asleep. Angel smiled and pulled out his notebook and opened to a clean page. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad.

The bronze was packed the Friday night. Music pulsated from the speakers and bodies crushed together on the dance floor. Angel watched from the corner. He wasn't much of a dancer and this music made him want to shoot himself but every once and a while he and William made an appearance. William was usually able to find some girl from another school willing to be his date and spent his time dancing and making out with her. Angel didn't mind. Will had to deal with his bad moods all the time so he figured he could stand sitting alone in the club for a few hours. Angel knew he was in bad moods a lot and he hated it. But there was nothing he could do. Some days he just woke up so angry and lonely and he had no idea how to snap him out of it. Some nights he dreamt of his mom, which always caused a bad day and other days he dreamt of his dad. He didn't like admitting it but some days he really missed him even though the man was a bastard. Angel would never forgive him for leaving like that right after their mom had died. "Hey Donnelly" a large muscled form stepped in front of him creating a shadow on the table. He looked up into the eyes of Riley Finn the biggest dick in the world. "You know I saw your sister at the movie theater last night with some guys.... looked like she was really giving them a good time. I was wondering if I could get her number" Angel got to his feet and grabbed Riley by the shirt. That had been the last straw. No one talked about his sister "My sister is 14 and guess what she could kick your stupid ass any day" he pushed Riley into the wall. The football player recovered quickly and was soon pushing Angel to the ground. Soon the boys were engaged in a full on fistfight both of them getting an equal amount of shots. The crowd began to chant 'fight! fight!' and Angel wondered where the hell William was. "Hey look a fight" William looked up from where he had been kissing the girls neck. Her name was Susie and she went to private school. He looked over the balcony where she was pointing and watched Riley sucker Angel in the jaw. "Dammit!" he yelled running for the steps. He darted across the room and was soon pulling Angel away from the jock. "Angel come on!" no matter how strong his friend was Riley would always be stronger. The boys had relied on the same fighting tactics since middle school... hit and run. They took off toward the exit and on the way out Angel noticed Buffy the new girl watching them. 'Great now she thinks I'm a chicken'

"I hate them!" Cordelia screeched. Buffy looked over at her and rolled her eyes. Theses people were so annoying but she had been sucked in. She was becoming one of them again. She just couldn't find the will power to escape the thrills of being popular. But Angel was so hot and she wouldn't admit it to anyone but she had dreamt about him two nights in a row.' "I mean poor Riley... his beautiful face might be ruined now. Just cause of that freak" "Actually... Riley picked the fight with him Cordy" she had no idea where she got the guts from but she was glad she had. "What?" the cheerleader leaned across the table her glaring eyes looking like those of some wild animal ready to pounce, "Did you just defend Angel Donnelly?" "Um...um.... no never" "I thought so" Cordelia sat back in her chair and Buffy cursed herself.