Title: Things Are Looking Up

Summary: Yes sadly this is the last chapter to this story. But do not fear! I am thinking up ideas for the sequel as you read this. I'm too in love with this AU world I created now to just let it go. Next story will focus a lot more on the other characters in the story (William, Drusilla, Xander, Faith) but will still be devoutly B/A. Hey you never know I might have the first chapter posted in a few days. :) Look out for it. Not sure of the title yet though. Anyway I wanna thank everyone who gave me feedback throughout this whole story. Especially Angelfirenze, you've been rad. Hopefully you will all read my next story. Well then everyone enjoy this chapter and look out for the sequel coming to a computer near you soon. Corny I know. It's kinda fluffy I know and I pretty much hate really fluffy stuff but this story had a lot of angst so what the hell? Don't worry the next story won't be all fluffy with no plot. This is very short but don't cry. Sequel soon!!!! I promise. In the mean time go read 'The Boys Next Door' chapter2.

Buffy watched the thongs of students as they ran from the school building, a look of freedom on their faces. It was the last day of school and just about everyone was in a mad rush to get home and not waist one valuable minute of summer vacation. A path developed in the mass of people and Cordelia and her entourage made their way through. Riley was there too, with a satisfied grin on his face as he wrapped his arm around Cordelia. It only fit that the two most egotistical people had found each other. She gave it a week before Cordelia was drooling all over Parker again.

"Do you ever miss it?" Buffy looked over at Angel. The two of them were waiting for William to get out of detention. Leave it to him to get detention on the last day of school. He had decided as an end of the year prank to let two-dozen frogs go in principal Snyder's office. Buffy and Angel had found it funny. Principal Snyder not so much.

"Miss what?"

"Being one of them. Walking behind Cordelia with everyone envying you?" he elaborated. Buffy took a deep breath and smiled at her boyfriend.

"There are moments I do. I mean things are just easier when you live like that. But I would never want to become that person I was again. I mean.... you've shown me a lot Angel and you taught me a lot. And one of those things is that... I'd rather be hated for who I am then loved for who I'm not". Angel grinned.

"Good to know...that was very poetic by the way". Buffy elbowed him and kissed him at the same time. Just at that moment William came running from the double doors.

"Free at last!" he exclaimed jumping down all of the stairs and landing on the sidewalk with a thud. Angel and Buffy laughed and joined him. The three started to walk down the street. Angel wrapped his arm over Buffy's shoulders.

"So what are you're plans this summer Will?"

"I don't know...sleep.... eat.... see some shows.... sleep.... eat...hang with my girlfriend...eat...hang with my girlfriend...eat...how bout you Angel?"

"Sounds good". Buffy laughed the whole way home. Things were definitely finally looking up.

THE END (For now...remember Angel, Buffy and Will still have senior year to deal with)