Okay, I have been getting into the Legend fandom lately (with the Krays and everything) and I fell in love with the ship (a canon one for once!) of Mad Teddy and Ronnie Kray.

As Teddy is played by Taron Egerton, who also played Eggsy in Kingsman, I did some gif sets on a crossover between the two (found here: tagged/legend-2015). I then made the decision to write up this crossover.

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Both Harry Hart (aka Arthur) and Eggsy (aka Galahad) glanced at Merlin after this utterance. Harry rolled his eye (one being covered by an eyepatch), "I trust there was a good reason for that?"

Merlin sighed, still staring at his computer. "Eggsy, do you have any brothers that you're aware of?"

Eggsy clearly tensed up at the question and glanced away from the pair of them, "Why ya asking?"

Harry frowned, "Eggsy…you need to answer the question."

Merlin nodded in agreement, "Or we'll need to know about your whereabouts last night."

Glancing between the two older gentlemen, Eggsy sighed. "Alright…I do 'ave a younger bruver. A younger twin if ya wan' to be more specific, but I ain't spoken or even seen 'im in years! 'e ran away when we were sixteen."

Harry shook his head, "I don't remember seeing anyone else at your house when you were five?"

"Eddy 'ated people. 'e was in the corner probably…or in 'is room. Mum was always groundin' 'im."

Harry frowned, "You've never mentioned anything about having a younger twin, not once! Why?"

"It's like I told ya. We ain't spoken in years and even when 'e was livin' wif us, e' wasn't the most talkative of bastards!"

"You said that he left, ran away?"

"Yeah…I fink 'e jus' got fed up wif everyfing. 'e said goodbye to me and Mum before takin' off. 'e always 'ad a soft spot for Mum…never let anyfing 'appen to 'er."

"I assume the situation with your stepdad got worse when he left."

Eggsy nodded, "Yeah…it were always bad but when Eddy left…Dean did whatever 'e wanted."

Merlin stared at him in silence for a few seconds, searching for something….Merlin seemed to believe him though because the man nodded. "In that case….I know where your brother ended up all those years ago. One of our agents, who went undercover in Esmerelda's bar, spotted something unusual…or rather someone."

He tilted the screen towards Harry and Eggsy to reveal a fuzzy picture. The lighting was bad, but two things were plain to the eye. Eggsy's exact double was sitting next to the man known as Ronnie Kray, and he was practically on his lap.

Eggsy groaned, "Oh Eddy…tell me ya didn't."

Harry glanced between the screen and Eggsy, "So this is your brother then?"

Eggsy nodded, "Yeah…I mean, I knew 'e was 'angin' around wif someone very powerful when we were teens…and in a way, I knew it were the Krays."

"The Krays are very powerful men…" began Harry, "…and your brother looks like he's very close to Ronald Kray."

"Yeah, well 'e always was attracted ta powerful people….the more powerful the betta. And when 'e was the one wif the power, 'e got off even more!"

"He could help us."

Eggsy chuckled and shook his head, "No way. My brother would never betray anyone like that. 'e might 'ave been a sociopaf…but 'e was always loyal…no matta what."

"Even to dangerous people such as the Krays?"

"From the looks of the photo…yeah. Eddy looks like 'e's really close wif the Krays. 'e wouldn't betray dem."

Harry nodded in understanding before sighing, "Maybe we should have a word with him…just in case."

Eggsy groaned and stood up, "If we do….I'll 'ave to speak to 'im. But first, I reckon ya should speak to our Mum. She knows what Eddy is really like…she'll tell ya why we should jus' leave Eddy alone!"

Merlin and Harry glanced at each other before Merlin nodded wearily, "Alright Eggsy…but you know that your brother could be a great help to us."

Eggsy smirked, "Not when ya 'ear about what 'e was like as a kid."


Once Eggsy had reached Kingsman Agent status, he had received a house and then proceeded to move his Mum and Daisy into the large building. Almost as soon as they arrived, Michelle pulled Eggsy into a hug and led the group into the kitchen where Daisy was playing a couple of Barbie dolls.

"Sit down! I'll brew up…" ushered Michelle as Eggsy lifted his half-sister up of the ground and twirled her around, making the little girl giggle. After everything was brewed up and everyone was sitting down, Eggsy placed a gentle hand on his Mum's hand.

"Mum…dey wanna know abou' Eddy."

Michelle's cheerful face fell, "Eddy..but w-why? He ain't in any trouble is 'e?"

Harry sighed, "We don't know. We've spotted him in one of the clubs owned by the Krays…he seems to be very close to the younger Kray, Ronnie."

Michelle covered her mouth with her hand and shook her head, tears welling in her eyes. "I knew it…I mean, before 'e left, 'e would give me some money every week…hundreds! That's 'ow we were able to pay for the apartment. I didn't wanna ask, but…in a way, I knew 'e must be workin' for someone powerful. But the Krays? Are ya sure?"

Merlin nodded, "The footage was definite…unless Eggsy here is moonlighting as one of Ronnie's lads, then it is definitely young Edward."

Michelle nodded tearily, "Okay…what d'ya wanna know?"

Harry leaned forwards, "We think that Edward might be able to help us with our investigation into the Krays and-"he paused when he saw Michelle shaking her head.

"No…" she gasped, "…not if what you're tellin' me is true. Eddy was-is loyal."

Harry sighed, "Eggsy asked us to ask you what Edward was like…when he was growing up?"

Michelle sighed before getting up and taking Daisy to another room. Once the toddler was safely in her room, Michelle came back and sat back down. Noticing Harry and Merlin's curious looks, she shook her head. "I don't want 'er to 'ear this…where d'ya want me to start?"

"From the beginning…if you don't mind."

Michelle nodded, "Okay, if you're sure."