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Reggie winced as the bright hospital lights only enhanced the dull ache in his head, squinting in an attempt to lessen the pain.

"Reggie? Came a voice from his bedside table.

Weakly, he twisted his head over and tried to smile at this mother in a reassuring manner. "What 'appened?" he asked.

This time, someone else answered. "I'm afraid…" answered Harry, "….that the company who kidnapped Teddy, saw you and your twin as too much of a threat. You were struck in the back of the head, and Ronald-"


Reggie shot up, ignoring the pain in his head, "Did 'e manage to get Teddy?! 'e ran ahead before I could even think about catchin' up wif 'im!"

Harry and Violet glanced at each other, before Violet gently took a hold of her son's hand. "Ronnie….Ronnie got 'it on the 'ead too, but….t-they doctors didn't fink 'e'd make it."

"..Did 'e?"

"'e's stable for the moment, but the Doctors fink there may be damage to 'is brain. Internal swellin' and all that."

Reggie was silent for a few moments, burying his face in his hands. "And Teddy?"

This time, Harry spoke up again. "The assailants must have managed to sneak Mister Edward out of the city. There's no sign of him anywhere."


Several more days passed before Ronnie was taken out of his artificial coma. Harry had made his excuses, and told Violet and Reggie he was going back to his office.

It took a while, but eventually, Ronnie's eyes slowly blinked open. "Reggie?" he mumbled weakly.

"Took ya long enough…" chuckled Reggie, before schooling his face into something sterner, "Reggie, I'm sorry….but they got away wif Teddy. I know you said 'e won't talk, but 'ow can you be sure?"

Ronnie stared at him in confusion, before shaking his head slowly. "Who's Teddy?"


In Kingsman headquarters, Harry felt like banging his head against the desk. They had lost their best lead to discovering the true power of the Krays, with the young man escaping from Kingsman custody.

"How…" whispered Harry, half speaking to himself and half speaking to Roxanne, "….how did he escape?!"

Roxy sighed, "We believe that Ronnie kray snuck into the building and killed the two guards on the door, not that we can ever try him for that. He helped Edward Unwin leave the building, where one of our agents managed to incapacitate him with a severe blow to the head…he was later found dead at the scene, possibly killed by Edward."

"Don't we have any CCTV footage proving any of this?!"

"No Sir. Merlin reported technical difficulties some time after we apprehended Edward, and wasn't able to get them fixed until long after Edward had escaped."

"And presumingly, Edward escaped after killing our agent…..and before Eggsy arrived on the scene. But why leave Ronnie? From what I've seen and heard, the two are…very close to put it politely."

"Mr Kray is rather a large man, maybe Edward decided to 'cut his losses' as it were and save himself."

Harry shook his head and sighed, "No….we're missing something. Are you sure there's been no sign of him anywhere?"

"I'm sure Sir. He hasn't been caught on any security cameras, there's been no bank activity and no social media activity….it's as if he's vanished off the face of the Earth."

"Wonderful….keep looking, and double the number of agents on the streets. This is an opportunity that we can't let slip through our fingers."

"Yes Sir."

After Roxy left the room, Harry turned his attention to the photo on his desk. It was a photo of Eggsy and JB after another successful mission. Eggsy was laughing at whoever was behind the camera (in this case, it was Merlin), one hand stroking JB and another brushing his hair away from his eyes.

A sudden, horrible thought occurred to him, causing him to grab the photo. "No…." he whispered under his breath, "…he couldn't have."


Meanwhile, in a small building just outside the borders of London, a young man was meeting with one of his informants.

"Are you sure?" hissed the young man, grabbing an envelope full of photos, "There's no doubt at all?"

His informant shook his head and grinned, "None whatsoever….so how much are ya willin' to pay?"

There was silence for a few moments, before the young man sighed. "Sorry mate…."


A loud bang echoed throughout the small building and the informant's dead body fell to the ground. Standing up, the young man sighed, "Sorry…but I can't 'ave any loose ends in this."

With that, he strode out of the building, before having another look at the photos. Each one was an picture of an the young man's identical double, speaking and laughing with a very familiar looking woman.

"Oh Eggsy…" sighed Teddy, " and that tosser of a boyfriend really fucked up this time."