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Happily Ever Partnered

While a certain white-haired girl was busy trying to break into the headmaster's office with her partner (either just dragging the catatonic cape-wearer along or using her to smash open the door), other groups had different ways to cope with this unforeseen event.

In the room of Team JNPR, two of the inhabitants were sitting on the bed, blushing so much that the transition between hair and face was seamless for the female one of the two. The boy meanwhile tried his best to match her colour-wise, occasionally stuttering words that might have been words under different circumstances.

The other half of the team occupied the same spot on another bed. They only used up the space of one person because the other girl had wrapped her arms tightly around her partner and was eagerly jumping up and down on the bed like a child that had been told every day was Christmas from now on. The boy in her arms had passed out, but whether this was from shock or the constant shaking caused by the jumping, no one could say. Here too barely understandable words were being uttered, but instead of being stuttered, these words almost didn't qualify for the plural, for they were strung together by the high speed of the speaker, making them one constant stream of articulation that ignored such minor things as the speaker's need for air.

If one listened closely it sounded something like this: "OhmygoshRennycanyoubelievethisweremarriedthisisthebestdayeverweregonnabetogetherforeverandyoucanmakemepancakeseverydayandwearetogethertogethernowandwillneverbeaparteveragainthisisthebestthingeverwhatdoyouthinkshouldwebuildahouseiwantapuppyandakittyandthreechildrenandtheywillbejustlikeusand"

Even Doctor Oobleck of Beacon Academy would ask the person speaking like this to slow down.

And if one had the power to take a look into the mind of the fainted young man, his thoughts could be summed up like this:

"I'm never going to have a single peaceful day or night ever again."

He was probably right.

Returning to the other side of the room...

Jaune Arc had finally regained his usual wit and managed to formulate a proper sentence.

"We're married."

Unfortunately, his wit had never been something to write home about. Thankfully his more than talented partner was there to help him out!

"We're married."

Unfortunately, Pyrrha had less than stellar social skills, and faced with such an unexpected situation, her wit was likewise impaired.

In despair, Jaune clutched his head. "My family is going to kill me, I ran away from home and got married not even a month later! Wait, no, they won't kill me for that, that's exactly what my parents did. They're gonna kill me for not inviting them! And my mom will ask if a grandchild is already on the way!"

The last sentence triggered a rather vivid mental image in Pyrrha's head. This image promptly got up and got in the driver's seat of Pyrrha's mind, making her speak up. Pyrrha grabbed Jaune's shoulders with both hands and looked him deeply into the eyes-

"Jaune, relax. I know this was sudden, but we're partners. We'll get through this and make it work, one way or the other. I am here for you."

It was an inspiring thing to say, something that expressed the bond between the two partners and the unwavering support Pyrrha was prepared to give to Jaune. It was the perfect thing to say to calm the situation.

"… Pyrrha, your nose is bleeding... and why are you smiling like that?"

… or it would have been, had the vivid image in Pyrrha's head not taken full control of her actions.

Pyrrha's smile only widened.

"Oh, Jaune, relax, everything is fine. Ah, Nora?"

Their orange-haired teammate interrupted her bouncing and looked at the two. "Yes?"

"Be a dear and find a quiet place for you and Ren for, let's say, a few hours? And lock the door on the way out, okay?"

Nora saluted, Ren now tucked away under one arm, still unconscious.

"Roger that! Have fun you two~"

And with that, she was gone, the door closing with a sound that somehow reminded Jaune of an iron prison door despite being made of wood. The sound of the turning keys only added to the sense of finality. Very carefully he turned to his partner.

"W-why did you send them away?" he asked hesitatingly.

Despite an angelic smile being the answer, Jaune did not feel reassured.

"Well Jaune, seeing how we ARE married, I think it's only wise for us to learn more about the married life, wouldn't you agree?"

Jaune wasn't really sure, but he couldn't fault Pyrrha's logic. "... yes?"

Pyrrha continued, "Then we should start with the most important step: consumating the marriage."

Her partner blinked. "Consu-what now?"

The angelic smile never left Pyrrha's face. "Sex, Jaune. We should have sex."

The metaphorical light-bulb in Jaune's mind finally reveived electricity. "Oh. Oh. Oooooh. That sounds... nice. But eh, I don't really have any hands-on experience. Well, technically it was hands-on, but more in a literal sen-"

"Sssh." Pyrrha placed her fingers on Jaune's lips, cutting off his ramblings.

"Relax. My mother told me all I need to know and I have always been curious about applying it. Now, let me give you a hands-free hands-on experience."

"What's that supposed to - wow!"

However, any further questions were downgraded in priority when he suddenly felt his breastplate fly away as if controlled by invisible forces. Only moments later he also noticed that the zipper of his pants had apparently gained sentience and was trying to escape south, leaving the figurative borders of his pants wide open.

Pyrrha then demonstrated that she had been a very avid student of this particular subject, which both she and Jaune quickly came to enjoy.

Jaune's mother had always told him that cheaters never prospered. At this very moment he discovered that he might actually be okay with that if not prospering meant getting laid with your very attractive partner.

But of course, not all partners had as positive experiences as half of RWBY and JNPR.

Indeed, while Pyrrha was discovering that Jaune had a talent for using a certain "spear", Cardin Winchester was running through the halls of Beacon like a man possessed. Or rather, a man trying to escape being possessed.

"Oh Cardin, stop running~~~"

That voice sent the not so welcome kind of shivers down Cardin's spine, and despite having been on the run for two hours by now, he forced himself to move just a little further, coincidentally collapsing directly in front of the door to Team JNPR's room. Thus Cardin was the first to hear a very telling symphony of throaty sounds and creaking springs coming from that room, along with a clearly female voice loudly moaning the name "Jaune~" over and over, plus additional "Oh"s and "Ah"s.

At this very moment Cardin never hated and envied a man more than Jaune Arc.

Deciding that if he had to suffer from exhaustion and being pursued, he at least didn't want to add mental torture to the ever growing list of his troubles. Therefore Cardin dragged himself a little further and finally came to rest next to another door, taking a deep breath.

His mind momentarily at ease, Cardin began to ponder the situation. "But seriously, those two were putting the bed through a lot, the sound hadn't gotten any quieter at a-"

"Oh, Yang~~!"

"Relax, Blake... just leave everything to me~~"

Cardin had never believed in Karma. But considering that someone was currently wanted his ass most likely literally on a silver platter, that the guy he had pegged as a pushover was having the time of his life with one of the hottest girls in school, and that two of the other hottest girls at school by all accounts had decided to embrace the bureaucratic error (and each other), thus reducing the pool of datable women even further... well, it made Cardin think.

In fact, he was close to achieving a minor bit of enlightenment, something that would help him grow as a person and see beyond the prejudices he had kept for so long.

"Found you, Cardin~~~"

Or at least he would have, had he not screamed like a little girl and run away again, his partner Russel pursuing him with a blush on his face and a ball-gag in hand.

This caused the following dialogue in another room:

"Did you hear something?"

"Probably someone else having fun. Now come on, put on this apron!"

"Won't Ren mind?"

"Don't worry about it, we'll deal with that later."

Truly, Beacon was a place of wonder.

The students parted before Weiss as if she were a prophet parting the seas. She had been unable to reach the headmaster, despite Ms Goodwitch's support. Apparently Ozpin had reinforced his office, but when the two had finally broken it open, the grey-haired hunter had been nowhere to be found.

"When I find that man I will make him rue the day he decided to keep this stupid marriage form on his computer! Why did he even have those?!"

Weiss's curse made a lot of students retreat even further.

Meanwhile, in the depths of Fort Port (No girls allowed!), Ozpin shivered as he felt his premonitions of doom intensify.

Staring at his mug, hoping that it would reveal to him the answer to how to escape this mess, Ozpin considered doing what all those involved with management or politics did at one point.

Blaming someone else.

"Maybe I should put the blame on Taiyang... after all, if it hadn't been for him sleeping with his team, we wouldn't have needed those papers..."

On a humorous side note, the term "shotgun wedding" did not exist prior to Taiyang Xiao-Long getting married. It was also not a metaphor at first. To this day Ozpin was thankful that the man was following the ruling that forbid him to come to Beacon while unmarried people were at the school.

He did not want a repeat of Taiyang's graduating year, thank you very much.

Unaware of the relationship between her current problem and the family of her partner, Weiss and a still catatonic Ruby had finally returned to their room, with the red cape wearer getting dragged along by her partner. Weiss's plan was to recharge here (both mentally and literally) before looking for Ozpin once again. She had been surprised that not too many students had plans like her. And strangely enough, there hadn't been many students on campus. They had passed a lot of rooms with ties on the doorhandles though. Weiss simply assumed they had run out of space for their dirty laundry, but maybe this was actually a code for something else...

"Thoughts for later. Now, I need some more dust first."

With that in mind Weiss opened the door to the room she shared with her other team mates and promptly saw more than she had ever wanted to see of Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao-Long. She also saw that yes, Huntresses in training were quite flexible.

And she would have to burn the sheets of everyone's bed the next day, just to be sure.

Blake and Yang, despite having been quite engrossed in their... activities, had noticed Weiss entering and had then ceased all motion.

The stare-off continued for a moment that felt much longer than it actually was.

Just as Weiss's mind had finally rebooted to the point she could say (or scream) something about this situation, she was once again interrupted when Yang resumed her earlier activities, no longer paying any mind to the heiress. Thankfully the still unresponsive Ruby was outside the door and couldn't see anything (no matter whether she would have noticed or not.)

Seeing how Yang's actions were quickly winning Blake's attention over, Weiss did the most sensible thing of the day.

She quietly closed the door, her face blank.

"Ruby, we can no longer sleep in that room. Let's ask Team JNPR if we can stay with them for at least one night."

With Ruby probably agreeing with her, Weiss turned to the door on the other side of the corridor and knocked three times. She had some whispering and rustling clothes and felt her dread rise.

The door opened and the enthusiastic voice of Jaune Arc answered. "Hey there Weiss, how's it going? Need anything?"

But not even Jaune acting as if nothing was wrong could prepare Weiss for Jaune Arc opening the door wearing nothing but an apron.

And Weiss hoped, she desperately hoped, that he was hiding a pastry bag or something similar under it. At waist-height. Pointed in her direction.

At Weiss's blank stare, Jaune had the decency to blush.

"… it was Pyrrha's idea."

This time she did scream.

Back in her office, Glynda Goodwitch, after making sure no one could see her, cleaned her right ear with her pinky.

"It's always the proper acting ones... Though I do wonder how Mrs. Rose could make her partner scream THAT loudly..."

Time passed and eventually Ruby blinked, her eyes regaining clarity.

"Wow, what happened? I think I zoned out there for a bit..."

Looking around she discovered that she was in the library, one of the more comfortable reading spots where you could spend a comfortable afternoon if you liked reading in a quiet place.

Ruby had no idea how she had gotten there. She also became aware that her arm was feeling off, as if her blood circulation wasn't working properly there.

Turning her head she discovered that the source of this feeling was her partner Weiss, who clung to her arm as if it was a lifeline.

The white-haired girl's eyes were also wide open and unblinking.

"… Weiss?"

No reaction.

"… this is gonna be a looooong day."

In the part of Beacon where the higher year students had their dorms, Coco looked at the general chaos happening at her school with her scroll, checking the student message boards and the occasional shared video.

"That's actually really unfair," Coco said as she put her scroll away, a slight pout on her lips. "Why is it always the first years that get to have all the fun? It would have been great if we had been married."

Her teammates turned their heads simultaneously to look at her, all with the same flat expression on their faces.

"Coco," Velvet eventually began. "Just think for a moment. How exactly would it change anything if we were to marry each other?"

Coco looked at Velvet, who was currently hugging her and resting her head on her chest, which was barely covered by the sheets. Yatsuhashi was serving as a body-pillow for her to lean against and Fox was busy giving her a leg massage. All of them wore the same amount of clothes, which was to say, nothing at all.

The brown-haired huntress in training regarded her harem as she pondered Velvet's words.

"You know, you actually have a point there."