Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ~ "Upheaval"
by Dash O'Pepper

Author's Notes: This work is set around the timeline for the TV series (1980). As with most series, technology may be a bit more advanced than that time period in our own universe.
Based on the pilot episode "Eleven Days to Zero" (#1.01) written by Irwin Allen. This is my attempt to fill in what I feel were missing scenes within that episode. Where necessary, some original dialogue has been included, and a few liberties were taken with canon, which I hope won't detract from the reader's enjoyment.


To: United States Geological Survey National Earthquake Center
From: Dr. Claude Selby; Dr. Fred Wilson — USC–Berkley
Date: 11 April 1964
Re: Prince William Sound, Alaska

Gentlemen, in reviewing data collected during routine seismic examination of Pacific Ridge/San Andreas fault for 26 March 1964, isoseismic changes in the area reflected severe tectonic pressure build-up along Pacific coast region.

Extrapolating data from these variations along the outer ridge (height of .35 cm at study zone), and using current available technologies, including sonar, Doppler and satellite mapping via Telstar, it becomes apparent that these geological upheavals may have had a direct impact on the Prince William Sound, Alaska earthquake and tsunami.

Recommendation to committee to provide for further study in the plotting of all geographic fault lines with primary research facilities located along the Pacific and Atlantic coastal ridges, specifically using Doppler and satellite, under the auspices of the USGSNEC and International Council of Scientific Unions, for all member countries of ICSU.

If the Earth is "telegraphing" geo-upheaval as clearly as we believe it is, we may have had as much as a two-day warning of the devastation at PWS. With further study, and advancements in technology, we feel strongly that within the next decade we could achieve as much as a seven-day notice of all isoseismic disturbances.

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