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The sun had slept for quite some time, the young Elf noted as he made his way up a steep, rocky slope. The Elf bore the name Legolas. A silver-blond, he was comely, as with all Elves.
Legolas was sure he was alone, but an edgy feeling lingered around, gnawing at his stomach. A few loose stones came free and tumbled down the side. The Elf spun around at the sound. He quickly fit an arrow into his bow, hissing, "Who goes there?"
Not a sound. He continued on his path. A while later, reaching a small cliff, Legolas breathed a deep breath and gazed upon the splendor of the scene before him.
A full moon and a flock of stars lay in the vast darkness of the sky. Below was a waterfall. The water gushed down quite silently for its height. Also a calming blue color, the sight was ethereal, mysterious.
"The Aerine Falls." How many years had it been since he'd last come here? And why had he come again now?

It had been nearly midnight, by Aerine Falls...
"Legolas!" An Elf maiden came up the cliff side. She embraced him. "I apologize for my lateness."
"It's all right, Salelgéa," Came the reply. "I was watching the stars."
"Legolas, why did you call me here?" Salelgéa asked, turning her hazel eyes towards the other. "Don't tell me that—"
He turned his head slightly as to avoid them. "I'm leaving."
Salelgéa gasped. The two words had left her speechless.
"I wanted you to know, before I went, that I might not come back to the Falls for many winters. Please, Salel—"
"I understand." She slowly detached herself from the other Elf to lay down on her back and stare up into the sky.
"What do you see in the stars?"
"I don't know..." Salelgéa shook her head. "I've never seen anything like it before. I do not know of what lies ahead for you, but I know it will be perilous. Oh, Legolas, do be careful!"
"So I shall." Legolas assured her.
"And, before you go, make me a promise."
"A promise?"
"Yes. Whenever you return to the Aerine Falls, remember 'The Maiden of the Waterfall'."
"The Maid—" But Salelgéa had covered his lips in a quick kiss and run off. Legolas stretched out on the flat rock, wondering what exactly Salelgéa had meant.
Legolas jerked awake. Yes, it had been Salelgéa! Salelgéa, StarWatcher of Enderal! The promise... The Maiden of the Waterfall...
He stood up, stiffly. "The Maiden of the Waterfall...?"

O'er the hills and far away,
Waiting on a clifftop to this day,
The Maiden of the Waterfall,
Salelgéa of Endaral.

Watching for her lover,
Searching high above her,
Twenty winters and sixteen days,
Till he did come through the haze.

Blue falls, blue skies,
Tears in Salelgéa's eyes.
Silver stars, silver moon,
She hopes that he will come soon.

Blue falls, blue skies,
Tears in Salelgéa's eyes.
Golden mist-lets, golden sun,
Lo and behold, he has come!

That hadn't seemed quite right. In the song, it hadn't been Salelgéa of Endaral... It had been someone else... So why...? Legolas saw a glimmer of light flashing behind the waterfalls. The sun would rise any minute. And he turned to go.

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The End
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Princess Floréa: And you probably know what goes on afterwards. If you don't...
Kurapika-sama: Too bad.
Princess Floréa: Exactly.
Kurapika-sama: Well, it was okay, but that 'Lo and behold' line was just plain cheesy.
Princess Floréa: Nobody asked YOU. *sigh* I admit, I couldn't think of anything to replace that...
Floraleon: Salelgéa is a bit of an uncommon name, though...
Princess Floréa: All I did was turn the name 'Legolas' around and fiddle with it. *drools over fuzzy pic of Legolas/Orlando Bloom*
Floraleon: Hoo boy...
Kurapika-sama: Oh c'mon! She's only seen each movie once!
Floraleon: You're a guy, so you wouldn't get it. *waves a pic of Arwen/Liv Tyler in Kurapika-sama's face*
Kurapika-sama: *drool*
Floraleon: *drools over pic of Aragorn*
Princess Floréa: Hey, I just cleaned the carpet!!! Grr...