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"I am the stone wall... I cannot be broken..."

Uttering a sigh as the school bell finally rung, a young girl crammed her heavy books into her small school bag. At last, I could escape the desolate mustiness of math class, she thought to herself with a frown. The professor's rather beady eyes eyed the students as they left the classroom like drones. Looking up at the clock, she silently wished that the school day was over already. But alas! She still had to head over to science. Finally clasping the lock on her bag, she slung it over her shoulder and made for the door, hurrying as fast as she could past the professor's desk.

"Please don't see me..." She prayed quietly in her head. But the detector seemed to have beeped in the teachers head for she heard a booming voice call out her name before she could escape into the traffic jam of the hallway corridors.

"Victoria! Come to my desk at once!" A familiar voice barked.

Freezing at the door, she could hear the sniggers of her classmates as she stood in the doorway. They passed by her with grins.

"So much for escaping..." Victoria mouthed to herself and slowly turned around. Ms. Lazgo watched her with those rather infamous bug-like eyes. Her face was shaped distinctly like that of a toad and she had long thin lips. The math teacher had her fat hands on her wide hips, while her stubby little foot tapped impatiently. Heaving another sigh, Victoria walked loudly over to the desk, stomping her feet in an exasperated manner.

"Ms. Watson, the semester had hardly begun and you are already failing my class. Explain yourself and your rather short attention span." Ms. Lazgo boomed, her small voice sounding somewhat like a shrill whistle. Victoria exchanged the weight of her book bag onto her other shoulder, her glazed over eyes focused on the window. This seemed to anger the professor a great deal more. Suddenly there was a large bulky hand snapping in front of her face. Victoria turned away from the window as Ms. Lazgo continued snapping her fingers for attention.

"Stop gazing out at the window and focus Victoria! Explain yourself!" She snapped. Victoria looked at the teacher for a moment.

"Math really is not my thing..." She said with a dull, flat tone. There was a great huff, and then Ms. Lazgo let out something of a bitter sarcastic laugh.

"Not your thing? Well Ms. Watson, if you do not try harder on your next exam, then perhaps you would like to make it up in summer school?" She countered. Victoria dazed off again, staring in disgust at the amount of fire red engine lipstick that was on Ms. Lazgo's teeth as she continued to scold her. You would think that she would get some of that on her lips instead of her teeth, she thought in her head. The image of her professor applying lipstick to her teeth came freshly to her dull mind, making a rather un-lady like snort come from her nostrils. The teacher stopped in mid yell to widen her eyes and purse her toad like lips together.

"You think all this is funny, do you...?" The teacher whispered with her voice dangerously low. Victoria thought it best not to comment that she indeed thought this was all amusing. Meeting the glowering beady eyes of Ms. Lazgo, she held the gaze with her own cold eyes.

"Well Ms. Watson, perhaps a good detention shall wipe that silly smirk from your face. Tomorrow afternoon you will come to my class after dismissal. Am I clear?!" She shrilled. A great big scowl took up the proportion of her toad face as Victoria gazed almost wistfully to the door. Did she look wistful? The teacher was not too sure. The students face was plagued of all emotion, making her think to a statue. Strange girl she is, she thought to herself.

"Whatever floats your boat..." Victoria muttered before making a speedy exit to the door. Before she was captured in the rush hour of the hallway, she could hear a tainted angry shriek come from her math professor's office. Not caring that she might miss the bell, she walked slowly through the hall, students rushing past her not noticing her. This was all to fine with her. As a matter of fact, she rather it that way then anything else. Cold, almost lifeless eyes stared down at the end of the corridor where the science room was. The last thing she wanted was to sit in science amidst the spitball wars and annoying sniggers. Clutching her heavy school bag, a loud rip sung out through the air.

A great hole in the bottom of her bag seemed to have finally had its last day. A crash boomed in the hall as her school books splattered across the floor. Uttering the softest of sighs, she kneeled down in the time square of the corridor and began collecting her books. Classmates laughed as they passed by, nearly stepping over her. But this all mattered not. She cared not what they thought. They were nothing to her. Complete Nobodies... Piling her books her in her arms, the bell rung over head. She strolled leisurely through the almost deserted hall, save those few that cared not that they were late as the final bell rung.


Pushing the double doors open, she heaved her now stapled book bag over her shoulder. Yet another done day of school. Victoria wished silently that she had gotten a pass to stay in the library, so that she would not have to return home. If you can call it a home, she thought to herself. The streets were mildly deserted. A passing breeze swept over her, rustling her long hair to brush across and caress her face. Dark brown hair fluttered in the air like the flag that rippled on the poll above her head. Her flat gaze explored over the streets. Her name was Victoria Watson... Well at least, that's what she thought was her name. She couldn't be too sure though since she was adopted. Of the age seventeen turning eighteen, she was too graduate school the approaching end of the year. She was not to sure what she possibly wanted to do with her life after high school nor did she really care. Emotionless green eyes glazed as she began a steady walk home.

"Just great... Now to have a perfect evening with the perfect foster mother..." She muttered with dark sarcasm as she approached her street. She lived on a rather quiet street in Queens, New York. Side stepping some playful children as they passed by on motor scooters, Victoria glared at the nearing large house. Her house, her home. Though it did not feel right, she could not help but take into notice. Stopping for but a moment to look up at the big house, she snorted. Walking up the stairs, she could catch a whiff of chicken cooking in the oven through the open backyard door. With a bang, she thrusted open the door, startling her foster mother who sat at the dinner table filing through the daily mail. Not bothering to say hello, Victoria made for the stairs to the second floor of the house.

"Hello honey. How was your day at school?" Her foster mother asked, looking up from the mail. Victoria wished not to answer but nonetheless did.

"It was just peachy..." She muttered sarcastically. That seemed good enough for her foster mother though. Making again for the stairs, Victoria thudded up the steps toward her bedroom. Opening the door, she squinted her eyes at the sunlight that spilled in through the large window of the room. Throwing her school bag into a corner where it once again split open from the bottom, she dived on top of her bed and pulled the CD player out from under it. Turning it on softly, she seized the novel from her night table and let herself be drowned in the words.

It had been almost three hours since her return home. Victoria looked up from her novel in disgust when she heard her 'parents' arguing. The curses seemed to shake the house and ring in her ears. Turning up the volume on her CD player considerably louder, she snarled as their voices still hollered from downstairs. Always fighting they did. Probably about me no less, she thought to herself. Not wanting to take anymore, she dug around in her night table until her fingers closed around a small key. Taking it out proudly, she turned off the music and marked her place in the novel. She wanted out of there. Out from the prison she was supposed to call home. And especially, out away from them.

Locking her bedroom door, she raced to the balcony door. Opening it, she slipped silently like a cat through it and closed it behind her. Stuffing the key in her pocket, she leapt into the tree right along the side of the balcony. Her foster dad had meant to cut it down so that no thieves climbed it and snuck into the house. I bet he's so drunk all the time that he must have forgotten, she thought to herself. For once she thanked his habits. This tree was her way for escaping. Cloaking herself in darkness, she climbed down the tree. However before she slithered away down the street into town, she glanced at the stars.

The faintest of all smiles found it's rather hard way onto her lips. The stars laughed and winked merrily at her as if greeting a good friend. Victoria's finger rose into the air above her head and drew out her favorite constellation. The grand, majestic Pegasus. As a little girl, she dreamed about that horse. She dreamed that maybe one day that horse would leave the stars and take her away with him into the universes away from this life. A life which she loathed. Whispering to herself, she turned away from the stars and walked along the streets. It was a late spring evening, the night cool yet pleasant. Swirling the key around her index finger, her other hand resting in her jean pockets, she made for her sanctuary.

Other then the stars, the library was the only other place she felt safe and happier in. Perhaps it was because her imagination could take flight in the words of the countless books she read. Working there on weekends, she had acquired a key. It was times like those that she took refuge in the central library after closing hours. She could lie there on a table and read for hours. A dark scowl formed on her dull face.

"You should be out making friends instead of living in your own world!" She mimicked to herself, using her mother's voice. Anger rose within her. She hated to be bossed around. A feeling like that often came, as did an independent spirit. She was on her own, and that was what she liked. A great poster hanging in the window of a shop caught her attention. It said:

~*~* "Be all you can be! Join the U.S. Army!"~*~*
Together we stand an army of one

Victoria stared at the poster, her thoughts straying. Perhaps that is what she would do after college. There she could escape not only her parents, but this life. She would be able to fight for justice and for respect. Yes, that was a grand plan. Respect and strength was something she greatly treasured in herself. An escape out into the wondrous world would mean so much to her. Staring at the poster one last time, she turned and continued her small journey to the central library.

Walking blindly down the dark deserted street, she did not see the shadows moving across the brick walls like phantoms. Victoria moved slowly, her eyes blank while her mind swarmed with thoughts. Passing by a wide alley, she uttered a muffled gasp when a cold, very large hand clamped over her mouth. Feeling another hand wrap around her like a bear from behind, she was pulled into the darkness, into the shadows...

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