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"I'm almost sure that if Orome created me to be a proper lady then I would have succeeded in doing it by then." Victoria retorted while letting her hands fall onto her hips as she gave Rialan yet another exasperated expression. The elf could only bring long slender fingers to his tensed forehead, muttering inaudible elvish under his breath. That was most definitely true. For the past weeks the weapon smith had been attempting to conjure upon a task that was in both their opinion, impossible. Teaching Sauron had to ballroom dance would no doubt be subtle compared to the monstrosity of a student. Not that she was a monstrosity, but she was rather one when trying to dance.

"I am trying my utmost best to teach you, my friend. Have faith in me." Rialan replied, crossing his long legs elegantly to massage his toes from under his elven boots. The pure healer arched a knowing eyebrow as she sat beside him, watching with a grimace as he removed the boot to see swollen flesh. Five dark pink toes wiggled back at them, the imprints of Victoria's own boots almost branded against the sore skin. All afternoon the elf had been taking her through the ways of elven dancing. Dances of grace and elegance, a flurry of vast movement that required speed and agility. Something that Victoria only received when a sword was put in the palm of her hand. Now Rialan's toes had been subjected to pure torture during that cold afternoon.

Victoria continued watching her friend rubbing his foot with a forced smile on her features. The feast was in a week, and she had only begun to master the skills that were needed at refined events such as this. How was a person supposed to continue training for an approaching war when you had an elf breathing down your neck about being proper and polished? She didn't even want to go to the blasted event, no less. Turning away, she let her large green eyes be captured by the light of the many torches. She did not like being cooped up and imprisoned underground like a hobbit bearing away from winters chill. Oh how her sword called to her even now!

Meanwhile Rialan watched his friend as well. He could see the storm of fatigue clouded in her eyes as she gazed into nothingness. She was like a flower yearning for the light of the sun, a plant bending toward its restorative. This was obviously not much fun for her. Of course, this was a girl who took absolute joy in chopping up orcs like vegetables. Unique and unworldly indeed. Now as he sat there, tending to the pain in his feet, he could not help but at least have a ginger feeling of knowing. Somehow he knew she would get through this ball. But yet, a shadow lingered in his mind at the thought of her. Something was going to happen to her at the feast. Something that seemed to whisper deep into the vast spaces of his brain, telling him to be prepared. Whatever it was, he would be ready.

"It appears that you have exhausted our weapon smith, my lady..." A voice said from the shadows. Both Victoria and Rialan's heads whipped around to see the source of the voice. Anglor, a healer of Eryn Lasgallen, stepped out from the cover of shadow. The torches gave his virile features an angelic glow. A sheepish grin broke out onto Victoria's face as she took the sight of him in. Tall and masculine, the elf was a most satisfying vision. But she could not help but silently compare him to the prince. Ah yes, the prince. Ever since the little conflictions that took place that night in Lomen, the two had decided to put that little 'problem' that took place in the library behind them. Friends once more, Victoria could not help but be a little more cautious of her well being around him. Not that he would hurt a single hair on her head, but rather taint her pride, her dignity and most importantly, her barriers. Anglor was an elf she could not feel threatened with. Though he was a tad more flirtatious then some elves, his open personality was what made her offer him a hand of friendship.

"Quel' re, Anglor!" Victoria greeted, giving him a mock salute. He grinned and did the same. Something of an inside joke had developed. Anglor and Rialan got up to greet one another by placing a hand on eachother's shoulders and a brief nod of their head. A quick but most meaningful greeting, indeed. Silently, she watched as they did this. They moved with grace, slow but quick at the same time. It was almost painful to comprehend how they did the things they did with such elegance. Even when playing a good joke and sticking her foot out to trip one of them, they would fall with the utmost grace of a swan. It was quite mad!

"You are teaching the lady how to dance, are you not?" Anglor questioned, waving a hand in the pure healers direction. She gave a loud snort when he called her lady. He might as well have been saying "You are teaching that Rhinoceros how to do ballet are you not?"

"Aye, I am. I am finding it rather difficult, despite the circumstances of having almost a month's time to educate her in the ways I had hoped for." Rialan explained, heaving a deep sigh. The healer elf chuckled softly under his breath, examining Victoria. Like an observing hawk on its prey, he began to circle her. Pursing her lips in confusion, she let her eyes follow him as he moved. Why was he looking at her like that? She thought to herself quietly. She was no experiment. After a moment of pondering, a hand to his chin, a wisp of a smile formed on his lips. Stepping forward in a quick and swift move, Anglor had swept her up into a dance. Letting out a startled laugh, Victoria could only attempt to match his dancing. She mentally counted off the moves in her mind 'One, two three, one two three...'

Rialan watched in amazement as Victoria began to fall in sync with the healer. Though she lacked more of the grace and agility the elf had, that was nothing that a good few lessons couldn't mend. Her dark locks mingled with the healer's fair hair. They moved as one, in a harmonic rhythm that left a smile on the weapon smith's face. Perhaps there was hope for her somewhere. Anglor was a better dancer then he was anyway. Long years of slaving over a work bench, forging metal into wondrous weaponry, took his time away from being the most talented dancer. Even if dancing was only graceful movement. Sitting back down and curling a hand over his aching toes, he watched the serene waltzing. She was grinning, laughing every moment or another. Her green eyes were sparkling with elation and surprise. She obviously could hardly believe that she was not already on the floor with her face planted into the ground like she had done so many other times. Anglor had one hand on her waist, the other entwined with hers. He would look down at her feet every other moment, making sure she was moving correctly while giving encouraging advice.

Meanwhile Victoria could scarcely believe that she was doing the impossible. Mentally throwing up confetti and streamers, she continued to let Anglor lead her in dance. Perhaps the feast would not be a complete disaster after all. But then again, that did not mean she would not make it her business to spice up a bit of things. Fighting down the deep chuckle of "muhahaha!" back down into her throat, the only sign of her thoughts was the fleeting mischievous glimmer that flashed brightly in her green eyes. If she was being forced to attend the feast anyway, there were no rules saying that she couldn't tweak everything a bit so that it was a 'real' party. Still dancing while her thoughts went into wild imagery, she did not notice the figure that came up behind Anglor.

"May I cut in?..." A voice asked. Gasping in surprise, she gave Legolas a small grin as his eyes met with her, his body still turned in Anglor's direction. The healer elf stopped and a sparkle of something that looked akin to mischief passed as well into his eyes. Nodding at the flabbergasted expression on Victoria's face, he placed her dainty hand into the princes. Legolas gave him a curt nod before looking back down at her. Walking over to join Rialan, he could not help but chuckle throatily under his breath. So very obvious, she was very blind. The prince closed the distance between them, put an archer callused hand on her waist and held the other one. She gave a quiet, dry cough under her breath and continued to study the floor as if it held the very secrets of the world.

"I do hope that you will promise me a dance at the feast." He said softly, leading her in a slight slower dance. Her eyes continued to gaze around, purposely not meeting with his, but she gave him a nod of agreement. For someone who had the heart of stone lion, her biggest fear deemed to be looking into his eyes. How dulcet, Thranduilion thought to himself as looked down upon her. He had been watching the two healers dancing for a few minutes from his shade in the farthest corner of the room. That oh so loathed stab of jealousy had threatened to take his being over again but he willed it away. It was better to not let emotions such as that override him again. The last time had been quite dismal. Legolas was ecstatic about the idea of a feast though. The night would be that of wine and dancing. Gliding across the floor as if wings had sprouted from his back, his fingers unconsciously threaded themselves with hers. She went tense for a moment before relaxing against him. Such a content tranquility settled over his heart that he fought the urge to sigh into her hair.

It was decided... He would tell her, he would tell her soon. The feast perhaps... It was a burden that had been jumping up and down upon his shoulders. It made him feel unbalanced in a way. The release of his feelings would balance out the scale again. Coming back to reality, he looked back at Victoria. She was leaning against him, her eyes closed. This time he did sigh with serenity. Legolas then rolled his azure eyes as he caught the rather furtive look that passed between Anglor and Rialan. Were his feelings that obvious? A sinking tumble in his stomach told him yes. Stopping the dance, Legolas caught her hand in his and gave it a soft kiss that caused her eyes to widen slightly. Bending low in an elegant, dramatic bow, he finally captured her eyes with his...

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