"Where did that book go, I am sure I saw it here only yesterday."

Said a girl to herself with deep orange eyes and short blue hairs. Yes, it was Levy searching through the shelves of books, for the book she desired.

She had come to this public library during one of her jobs recently and found that some books were new, that she had not read till now and one among these books was the book for ancient spell which she was now searching.

"Maybe someone took it, though books are taken rarely from this part of the library."

Levy said after searching the same shelf 2-3 times then shrugged and went to the nearby table to read the other books she had collected for the day. She settled herself on a chair in the silent library then put on her reading glasses and stared reading the first book.

Suddenly Levy noticed that the book of ancient spells was kept a few inches away from her reach and she immediately took hold of it.

"Yes, this is the one I was searching." She exclaimed flipping through the pages of the book. Then she realized what she had done, she had taken the book from someone sitting beside her and now was watching her. The person was a girl with blonde hairs and caramel eyes though surprised by Levy's behavior she was smiling at her.

"Sorry" Levy said and kept the book back on the table embarrassed.

"It's okay, this book is interesting no wonder you were excited about it."

"So you read it already?"

"Yes you can have it if you want it"

"Thank you" Levy said and took the book and further examined it. She saw that the other girl had got up and was leaving.

"Are you going already?" Levy asked

"Yes, I have taken a day off my part time job and need to do some works so I have to leave. Have a good day." Other girl said and waved at Levy who waved back and smiled.

After about fifteen minutes Levy also got up and started to leave .She had finished a job recently and had to do some shopping and then checkout at the guild to get on a new job of course with her teammates.

When she went out the weather was fine but a bit humid, it was still morning and birds were chirping merrily and wind was cooling and seeing the café nearby she made up her mind to have a cup of coffee first and headed towards it.

But to her surprise the café was having many people today and she had to wait for her turn to get a seat which was shared by another girl with blonde hair and caramel eyes.

"Hey aren't you the one from library?" Levy asked pleased to see her again.

"Yes, pleased to see you again." The girl answered with her friendly smile.

Levy realized that she had changed and was wearing something suitable for shopping, having a carry bag also.

"Do you leave nearby?"

Beforeshe could answer the waiter came up and asked "what would you mam"

"Hot coffee and you …" Levy stopped abruptly realizing they had not introduced themselves to each other till now.

The other girl giggled and said "cappuccino" after the waiter noted and went away. She turned to Levy and stretched her hand towards Levy;

"I am Lucy Heartfilia."

"And I am Levy McGarden" Levy took Lucy's hand and shook warmly

"For your earlier question, I do live nearby hardly a walk of five minutes"

"Lucky for you Lucy having a library nearby, with a famous café and beautiful environment" Levy said pointing outside the window.

Lucy smiled at her comment and nodded happily.

"But this is all thanks to the staff at my part time job, you see I work in the nearby restaurant, they are kind fellow and helped me having a rented house near it."

The coffee came by now they sipped and chatted all along. They were along really well as they did have liking for books, they had same favorite author, same favorite singer and common interest. They had formed a new bond among themselves and were further attached to each other.

"… Yes it is as you say but Shopping is not of my kind Lu-chan"

"No Levy-Chan I strongly believe in having latest fashion in your closest. That is what I am going to do after the coffee if you want I can help you choosing dresses."

"..Well after the coffee I was also going in for shopping and so will be glad to accompany you. But first I have to do something about these books .You see I collected a lot and they are kind of heavy."

"That's not a problem let put them at my house and after we are finished you can take them back."

"Okay" said Levy cheerfully.

After the coffee they went to Lucy's house, which was nice and neat, put the books there and started for the day.

They went to many shops selecting a few best ones from hundreds of choices. They bought dresses, foot wares, hairclips, handbags and all other necessities.

Levy was extremely happy to have Lucy with her as she seemed to be very experienced in this. There Guild was far from these areas and she often visited here for the library, this was the first time she was going through these shops and was amazed as she had never known such things were there in this part of the city.

As for Lucy this was all like home and she knew the shops and the shopkeepers well and she helped her making a choice over all the things she liked, also she was capable of making a bargain. They finished shopping in afternoon and then had lunch in the restaurant were Lucy worked and Levy too felt that they were really nice people also the food served was delicious.

After the lunch Lucy was in a very cheerful mood and suggested Levy to catch a movie in the evening which she accepted gladly and they went to the theatre.

The movie was blockbuster and at the end of the day they were totally tired.

They had a peaceful dinner and went towards Lucy's house. By the time they reached there Levy decided that she was in no condition to go to her dorm after this tiresome day and will stay there for the night. That night their newly formed bond was even stronger after they found exciting things about each other.

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