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Week 9: Warm and Cozy


"I'm back!" Kano quickly entered his home, wincing as the door slammed shut by the strong gust of wind. This winter was way too cold for Kano's liking, and he swore some unknown evil deity tried to keep him away from Kido. For some unfortunate reason, his boss called early in the morning for work in this brewing up blizzard, where everyone battled their way from one place to the next because all main transport was shut down. He was forced to cancel everything with his wife as he got to work late, had an earful from the boss as he quickly tried to finish all his work and make his way home. Of course, the snow piled up so much to the point he had to give up on his car and walk all the way home, getting blown and shoved by everything in his way. And finally, his phone had to die because he forgot to charge it last night, making contacting with Kido impossible all day.

"Tsubomi?" Kano peeked into the dining to see if she was still there, frowning as he saw the untouched meal she prepared on the table. He searched around the house until she found her in the living room, all curled up on the couch as she snored softly in her sleep. One of her hands hugged her swollen belly protectively, the other clutching her phone close. Kano couldn't help it but sigh at the sight, feeling sorry for leaving her alone all day when they had so much planned.

"C'mon, Tsubomi, you'll catch a cold," Kano knelt down and took her phone before he scooped her up in his arms, carrying her princess style before quietly making his way back to their room. The greenette groaned in her sleep, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck as she cuddled him. Smiling a little at her cuteness, he went in and gently pried her arms away to let her rest on their bed.

Once she was tucked under the blankets, he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead before he stood back up. "I'll be back soon," he was about to turn around when…

"No!" Kano was stopped dead in his track when he felt a hand grabbed his wrist. Spinning back around quickly, he saw Kido glaring at him with groggy eyes, a small pout on her lips as she snuggled under the warmth of the blankets. "Stay."

"But Tsubomi…"

"You left me alone all day and now you're here. Stay!" she whined as she tried to pull him closer. It was a feeble effort, but ever since Kido got pregnant, she got extra moody and it was very hard to cheer her up afterwards.

Sighing in defeat, he snuck into bed with her. "Alright alright. Happy now?"

There was a small huff. "Better."

When he got closer to her, Kano placed a hand on her belly. "Sorry I left you all alone on this special day."

There was silence between them, and gradually, Kido cuddled closer to him. "We missed you." As if to emphasise that, Kano felt a kick against his hand. "She woouldn't stop kicking after you left."

"Oh?" Kano looked down to where his hand was. "Did baby miss daddy?"

There was no more kicking anymore, even as they waited. "I guess so. She's behaving now."

"Ha!" He sunk under the blankets to nuzzle his nose against her belly. "Sorry for making you sad, sweetie." He gave it a kiss too before a light karate chop was delivered to his head. "Ow." He slinked back up to the surface to see Kido pouting at him again. "Aw, c'mon Tsubomi. I'm sorry too."

"Hmph!" she tried to turn away, taking their baby away and all but Kano kept her still. "Let go. You're freezing."

"No way," he snuggled up to her. "I'm finally home with you on your special day, and it's time for me to finally spend time with you." She was still sulking. "Aww, c'mon Tsubomi, you know I tried to get back as soon as I can."

"But you never called!" she yelled at him. "You promised you'd be back for dinner at least and would call me if something came up! But I just kept waiting alone while hoping you would come home soon!" she started to cry as"…And maybe nothing happened because the weather got worse outside…"

"Shhhh," Kano gently embraced her, patting her head to soothe her emotions. "I know. I'm an idiot. I left you all alone without any news of what I was doing. But I'm here now, aren't I? And I want to at least have our snuggle times together on your birthday."

Kido gave a sniffle. "Stupid."

"I am…" he pulled back to give her a small peck on the lips. "But you still love me as much as I love you."

She bopped his nose. "I know…and I am…"

Smiling, he hugged her under the blankets, one arm around her, another placing his hand on her belly. "Happy Birthday, Tsubomi."

There was a small laugh. "Thank you, Shuuya. I love you."

"Love you too…" And they shared more kisses, sharing all their love to make up for the lost time.


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