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How We Started

Blake sighed as she walked down the hallways of Beacon. It was their third year here and things were looking up! She was no longer lusted after Sun, she found that furry little bastard cheating on her with one of the members of NDGO! They didn't even kiss yet! And that bastard was cheating on her!

Anger inducing thoughts aside, she decided that Blondes were a bad idea as potential mates. Perhaps she should go after the a member of the female population, because if assholes like Sun exist amongst the male population then she'll just go for the opposite.

Blake was too busy fuming on her recently, about three months, breakup. That she didn't notice Jaune, who couldn't see due to carrying a lot of boxes. And the two crashed into each other, sending the tower of boxes that Jaune was carrying to fall all over the place.

"Awwww! Now I have to pick all these boxes up again…" Jaune resigned himself to his fate before looking at the person who caused him to drop all the boxes in the first place.

"Hey! You alright? Did anything fall on you?" Jaune didn't see Blake's face due to her being flattened by dozens of smaller boxes. She struggled to get up but was helped by Jaune, who took off the boxes to make it easier for her to get up.

"Blake!? Oh shoot! I'm so sorry! Please don't tell Yang!" Jaune cowered behind the box he was holding in the vain hope that Blake wouldn't dial up her Partner to lay down some sick beats on his body. You know… With her fists.

"It's alright... I didn't see you either… Do you want some help?" She offered as she picked up a couple of the smaller boxes and began to stack them.

"Um… Sure? I guess…" Jaune bent down to help Blake stack up more boxes. And the two of them lifted said stack easily.

"So… Where to?" Blake asked, these were alot of assorted boxes. Some carrying random words such as "Donated" or "For Charity".

"Um… Please don't tell anyone this, but I'm carrying all these boxes to a Orphanage in Vale. After all, a lot of kids lost their parents due to the past events. I'm hoping that these could be used to atleast improve their lives a little."

Blake sympathized with Jaune. With the events that happened in the past it wouldn't be obvious that the sacrifices made, intentional and not, would be heavy. She felt responsible for the deaths of so many, even though she knew that it was all planned out. That all the deaths were necessary sacrifices, she kept telling herself. Just like in the White Fang when the violence started to get out of hand.

"I won't."

Jaune looked at her with eyes staring in question, seemingly asking her whether or not she was telling the truth.

"I promise."

Jaune nodded and went back to carrying the boxes with Blake's help. Making it to the transports in time. Though he quickly succumbed to his illness, much to the amusement of Blake. She smiled quietly in amusement at Jaune's suffering, he seemed much better this way. Not that she enjoyed watching him in pain and suffering from a possibly genetic illness.

The transport settled down slowly, allowing Jaune to quickly grab most of the packages and boxes and exit the infernal contraption post-haste. While Blake took a slower more deliberate stride out, since she carried fewer boxes and didn't suffer from Jaune's fatal flaw.

Regardless the two Third-Years headed towards the Orphanage, with Jaune leading the way. And while the trip was hampered by the weight of the boxes, for Jaune not for Blake. The Orphanage was a simple building that was built near the area where the Breach started. Blake felt a sense of nostalgia as she looked at the statue that was built in the center of the plaza.

A memorial to both the fallen and to the saviors who appeared on that fateful day. Blake examined the statue of the Hunters and Huntresses-in-training that were displayed upon it. Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and herself being the larger statues as they were locked in eternal battle with carved stone in the shape of Various Grimm. While it honored Team RWBY, who were on the scene of the battle the longest, it didn't tell of the terror of the fight itself as she remembered it being a desperate last stand against odds that were insurmountable. Without the screaming civilians that lived around the breach itself, she doubted that Team RWBY would have survived.

Jaune noticed that Blake was staring at the memorial. While his team were a late arrival to the fight, he still noticed that the maker of the statue had deemed it fit to include all the Beacon Teams that participated in the fight in a albeit smaller circle around the statues of Team RWBY. He also knew about the amount of civilian lives lost in the Breach itself, since he also participated in the dreadful clean-up. The blood, there was so much of it… and the mauled bodies and crying children… it was saddening to the Third-year student since he had experienced so much in such a short amount of time. Though this was not compared to the hundreds of hunters and huntresses that fought all over Remnant, the scenes they must've seen to have haunted them so. It was like people such as they to understand the greatest and the worst of all beings, both humans and faunus.

But where there is despair, Hope will always rise to meet it in stride. A few months after the Breach a Orphanage was built, with the sole inhabitants being a old man and the many orphans left behind by the Breach. Of course, many of these orphans were quickly claimed by their uncles, aunts, and/or grandparents but there were still few children that weren't claimed by anyone. With the Faunus Children being a majority among the orphans and humans being the minority. And yet with all of the racism outside of the walls of the Orphanage, each of the children treat each other equally regardless of their human or faunus heritage completely innocent to the cruelty and unfairness that lies outside of those doors.

It has been two years since that tragic event that split their families apart, but now these children have found a new family amongst themselves and work hard to make sure that they all stay together. But today was a special day, Jaune made this trip last year and he was determined to do it again this year. Because a Arc keeps his word! Right?

Jaune grunted as he hefted the many boxes once more, these weren't donations he was carrying but rather a special gift for the children in the Orphanage. The kind of gift that these children won't be able to have without their family.

Yes, Jaune was delivering Dustmas Gifts to the Orphans in the Orphanage. While there was a possibility that there could be more orphans living in Vale, the Breach Orphanage was the only one he knew of. He wanted to do the same to all the orphans that lived in Vale, but he was only a single man with a simple sword and shield. While his word was strong, it wasn't enough to do so for everyone. And the thought of him not being able to do so hurt his pride as a Hunter, even though he was still in training, to a higher degree than it should've.

"Jaune? You okay there?"

Blake looked at her companion with questioning eyes, he was acting a bit strange. Some unshed tears glittered in Jaune's eyes, and the look of pain and disappointment echoed through those deep blue seas. Blake shook her head, when did she even start considering Jaune as a more-than-just-a-friend? She thought about it and giggled to herself. It was like someone was writing a bad story where it was always love at first sight, rather than a developing story line that detailed many things.

Blake just considered Jaune to be of a higher standing, moving him from "Friend" to "Close Friend". A feat that would no doubt make the boy smile.

Meanwhile, Jaune Arc nearly tripped, almost ensuring that all the "Donation" boxes would be destroyed in the resulting fall.



Scratch that… At least the boxes were okay. Even if they had to use the Blonde's body as a shield from the cruel unforgiving ground. Blake walked over, placed her boxes on the ground. And poked Jaune on the face.

"You should be glad that I am here to help you. I mean, you could've destroyed most of these boxes before even getting to your destination." She said with a smirk.

"Y-yeah… Thanks…" Muttered Jaune as he wiggled out his way from underneath the pile of boxes.

It would take the two a few minutes to re-collect the boxes and distribute it more evenly, with Blake carrying just a bit more than Jaune. Though he really couldn't complain since she had the better balance between the two of them.

The two continued to walk through the open square. Towards the large building that stood prominently against the various shops and restaurants that littered the square area. From the first glance the Orphanage appeared to be the amalgamation of what used to be two buildings that contained various shops, making the Orphanage appear run-down and misplaced when compared to the pristine and commonplace shops and restaurants next-door. But that was the Orphanage's quirk, it looked ugly and horrendous on the outside but on the inside…

It was a paradise for those who didn't have a family anymore. A sagely looking man appeared at one of the windows, looking rather pleased with the appearance of Jaune and Blake. The man disappeared from view for a few seconds before opening the large double doors that lead into the Orphanage.

Blake was surprised at the sight that greeted her. While the outside would suggest the same on the inside, it did nothing to detract the comfy and warm atmosphere that the building seemed to provide.

Hundreds of different pillows were littered all over the place, while different levels seemed to be connected via slides, chutes, ladders and stairs, and the sound of laughing children echoed throughout the massive building. And from these different levels appeared the heads of the Orphans. Their eyes filled with mirth and merriment as they all sped down the many levels and ran up to the Hunter and Huntress.

"YAY! GIFTS! WOWZA! WOOOO! COOOL! THANKS!" Shouted the dozens of children that now surrounded Blake and Jaune. It wasn't until the Sagely Old Man gave a polite cough did the children finally quiet down.

"Now, Children. Remember what you must say to these two kind souls." The Sage's voice while quiet seemed to echo throughout the building without a problem.

The many Orphans looked at one another before smiling and shouting as one,

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" Before helping the Beacon Duo with the boxes.

With the Orphans' help Jaune and Blake helped arrange the contents of the boxes, which were wrapped and labelled presents….

Ohhh…. I see… Today is Dustmas Eve… and Tomorrow is Dustmas… I forgot all about that…

Blake suddenly realized as she placed the last present underneath a rather impressive Dustmas Tree.

She felt a warm hand on her shoulder, she turned her head to see Jaune giving her a warm smile and a thumbs-up. Blake could only feel enlightened by the events that lead up to this point, and also by the soon-to-be explanation from Jaune.

Jaune walked a little closer and whispered in her ear,

"You know… We have to come back tomorrow. Or else the Kids will be sad but that's what the Caretaker says. It's up to you whether you come tomorrow or not."

Blake raised an eyebrow and looked at Jaune. Her face conveyed enough emotions to tell the idiotic Knight that she was going tomorrow, which brightened his grin a bit.

One of the Orphans pulled on Blake's clothes, a small Faunus Girl with rather large mouse ears, and asked politely,

"U-um… Are you and Mr. Arc together-together?" This rather thought provoking question ushered in a blush to both Beacon Students. Blake took a quick minute to get back to normal.

"We're.. not together-together. But we are good friends." She said, the blush slowly fading from her face as the Mouse Girl seemed to deflate a bit.

"Awh… But you two look so cute together!" The little girl cried out, with most of the other Orphans agreeing with the girl. Reinvigorating the blush that quickly formed on their faces.

"Children, remember rule number six." Stated the Sage.

"Don't ship the guests together…." Repeated the crowd of children.

Blake and Jaune would spend another hour or so, helping the Old man take care of the Orphans. Doing menial but rewarding tasks such as cleaning and cooking, which brought smiles to the children as they too helped out in these tasks.

"Bye! Come back soon!" Shouted the children as they waved good-bye to the two teens.

Blake and Jaune waved back to the crowd of children as the Old Sage ushered them back inside the building. Blake had a new sense of respect for Jaune after she found out that he has been doing this kind of thing for three years, if you counted today as his third year doing so. He had explained that he didn't want the Orphans to spend a Dustmas remembering that they didn't have families so instead Jaune worked at many part-time jobs in order to save up enough money to buy all the gifts for the Orphans.

Blake thought it was a good idea, but wondered for how long though. Even if Jaune continued to do this every year without a hitch, what would happen if the Old Man happened to suddenly fall ill or even worse, gotten hurt or killed. What would happen to the Children who lived in the Orphanage? She shook her head to clear her mind out of the negative thoughts she was having.

As the two headed back to the Airships, Blake thought about the small acts that Jaune was doing. Giving Children without families gifts, even though that meant he would have little to spend on himself. The selfless acts of kindness that seemed to be the foundation of his character and his personality. Even his bumbling character seemed to ooze and radiate kindness.

Personally, Blake found that to be one of Jaune's more endearing features as a friend. She didn't think of him through a romantic sense but if she did, she would find that there is much more than what she saw.

(Next Day, The Orphanage)

As Jaune and Blake opened the doors to the Orphanage quietly, they are greeted with the smiling face of the Old Caretaker. The three of them were decked in Dustmas colors, their clothing were very festive with the Caretaker stuffing a rather large pillow into a rather large jacket, even going as far as to wear a enormous white beard and make-up. Making the thin old man, into a very portly but still very sagely looking man in all sorts of festive colors. It was like the Dustmas elves barfed all over the poor old man, though his jolly smile meant that he was totally in character.

"HO HO HOOOO! MERRYYYYY DUSTMAS!" He shouted, his usual quiet voice now full of holiday cheer and merriment. The Merry Old Man grabbed the two and hugged them tightly. Jaune and Blake's eyes went wide with the surprising strength that the old man had inside in what appeared to be a frail body.

Jaune smiled in agreement as he embraced the older man. Blake was in-between cringing and smiling, probably both. She didn't enjoy the forced hug but at least there was something to expect.

Then there was the thundering feet as the many Orphans thundered down from their rooms and hammocks into the common area where the Massive Dustmas Tree was set-up. The many gifts that Jaune and Blake had carried now arrayed in piles underneath and around the tree, even though the tree itself was molested and decorated with hundreds of lights. Jeez, that old man can work fast when he wanted to.

Blake couldn't help but smile at the sight of the many children opening the gifts that Jaune had bought for them. She wouldn't regret the decision of coming here with Jaune. It opened up her heart, the emotional kind, to push past the dark and cynical attitude that she had for a while.

(10 Minutes Later)

Blake regretted coming to the Orphanage with Jaune. Why was she happy ten minutes ago!? Why was there so much wrapping paper! You could fill a grocery store with the amount of wrapping paper and dead colored tree carcasses with the amount that was left over from the children tearing into them like wolves on a weak deer. Or her with a nice, juicy, tasty piece of fish…

Jaune looked at her apologetically as he picked up yet another mountain of paper and stuff it into the tenth recycle bin.

"Um… For what it counts… the Kids really enjoyed the gifts?"

Yeah… The kids can go stuff it. But Blake wasn't that mean… or was she? She could imagine herself armed with a horsewhip and proceeding to beat the stuffing out of students. Huh… now that she thought about it… That wouldn't be so bad… In fact that would match with some of the stuff she's been reading from her… better stories.

"Uh huh… They better had." She muttered as she collected another but slightly smaller mountain of papers.

Then she heard the jingling of something above her and Jaune. Causing the two teens to look up and spot a mistletoe being held over their heads, attached to a pole lifted by several grinning children.

The old man and the other children all chanting "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!"

Jaune looked at Blake as if asking for permission. Blake rolled her eyes and pecked the boy on the cheek, earning a mighty blush on his face.

"BOOOOO! ~ WHAT A COP-OUT!" Shouted the gathered children as they all giggled and laughed before running away from a slightly miffed, but also amused, Blake. The Old man wasn't found anywhere as he was too busy patting Jaune on the back.

"Perhaps young man, there may be a chance for you yet! Have hope! But don't rush it!" He said sagely.

(A Few Days Later)

Jaune knocked on the door to team RWBY's Room, and a rather suspicious Ruby stuck her head out.

"Yes? Oh! It's Jaune! What are you doing here today?" She asked in her own unique way. Zwei also popped his head out but was quickly pulled back in by a pair of pale and delicate hands.

Jaune looked back at the silver-eyed girl and said "Well… If you all aren't busy... I was hoping if your team was willing to join mine to the New Years Festival that's going on in Vale tomorrow."

Ruby guffawed and jumped back for a few seconds before opening the door and tackle hugging her secret crush.

"OUM MY GOSH! YES! YES! I WOULD- I MEAN We would love to join your team to the New Years Festival." She said with a blush on her face. Of course, Jaune didn't notice that since he was slowly losing the ability to breath. Ruby had quite the grip.

"R-Ru-By… Can-" *THUMP* And thus the Blonde punching bag was knocked out yet again by one of Ruby's K.O hugs.


Jaune's day got progressively worse as time went on in it.

(New Year's Festival, A Day Later)

"Ren… Do I really have to wear this?" Jaune asked as he once again fixed his oriental garb. It wasn't a dress Jaune reminded himself, not that he would say that in front of Ren's face.

"Yes, Jaune. This year they went for a Oriental Theme so it's better to fit in than be the two groups of students who decided to dress all goofy like." Ren now behind Jaune once more, fixing his best friend's mistake at wearing a Kimono. It wasn't as if Ren wasn't going off what he read on a online article on how to put on the darn things.

"Jaune?" Came a voice from their bathroom.

"What's up Pyrrha?" Jaune replied.

"U-Um… How do I look?" Asked Pyrrha politely as she came out.

Ah… Jaune's stuttering and blushing only increasing the amount of embarrassment between the two of them.

Nora on the other hand was busy hanging off the back of Ren.

"Hey Ren! Don't they look cute together!? I mean they totally~ look like a great couple! But then there's Ruby! Gasp! What about Yang!? And not to mention Blake! I mean Jaune would totally look great with all of them or like! One of them! Who do you think that he's going to go ask to go watch the fire works with! No wait! What happens if we all go watch the fireworks together! Even BETTER, Why don't we all go get pancakes in the shape of Fireworks! NO! EVEN BETTER! SLOTHS THAT COOK PANCAKES WHILE THEY SHOOT OFF FIREWORKS!" Poor Ren… Then again, he always had a charm to make her be quiet for a couple hours or so.


"Yessss-MPPPHHHH" Nora was cut off as Ren locked lips with his childhood friend. Awwwww yisss, They were totally together-together.

Jaune sputtered "Ren! Have some decency!"

Pyrrha couldn't help but giggle, "Oh Jaune, let them have this! They were waiting for the other to finally admit their feelings for so long!"

Jaune couldn't help but agree with that. Pyrrha was also wishing that Jaune would admit his feelings for her. But she could wait, as long as it took.

After the brief make-out session between the two childhood friends. They exited their room and knocked on team RWBY's door.

"Coming!" Came a voice from inside, followed by several bouts of yelling and screeching.

The door then slammed open followed by four bodies falling out in a pile.

Ruby quickly shoved the rest of her team off of her before standing in front of Jaune, her face also sporting a slight blush as she looked at the ground.

"Um… How do I look!" She asked as she did a little twirl.

Again, Jaune was dense. Pretty Frickin' Dense. And Pyrrha's death glare at the sweet, innocent, and sometimes adorable Ruby.

"Uhhhhhhhh…. Y-you look great!" Jaune finally managed to get out before getting put into a headlock by Yang.

"Awh, Look at you. Hitting on my sister huh? Just sayin' if you do anything that breaks her heart. I break yours. Okay lover-boy?" She whispered into Jaune's ear before letting him go.

"Hmph. I still don't see why we had to wear these tight, while very nice and stylish, and hard to move in cloths." Weiss stated, her ice-queen persona though slowly melted by Neptune was still there.

"Awh. Weiss so cold? Can't handle that some of us look better in these than you?" Yang teased as she crossed her arms under a pair of eye-grabbers. Much to the chagrin and embarrassment of the Heiress.

"Yang. Hush. Be nice." A cool voice stated as she gave a friendly smile to Jaune, and to the rest of his team too.

"Alright! Now that we are all gathered! Let's go!" Jaune shouted as he lead the teams to the stairwell, before falling down it.

"JAUNE!" Shouted the seven friends as they chased the falling body of their goofball of a friend.

(One Jaune Recovery and One Bullhead Ride Later)

Jaune finally stopped heaving into the nearest trashcan, NPR and the RWBY waiting patiently for their friend to cease expelling his stomach's contents into the plastic-metal bin. Pyrrha was busy rubbing Jaune's back in an attempt to dissuade his stomach from releasing more of the contents that lay inside his stomach. Her hand describing small circles on the stomach upset Knight, her Knight Pyrrha reminded herself mentally. Yeah… She still thinks she has a chance.

While Jaune's semblance of Density applied to any physical attacks done to him, it wouldn't be far to say that it was possible for it to actually affect his common sense.

Jaune felt the last rumblings of his Motion Sickness slowly fade away. He glanced up to his supportive partner and smiled at her. It was a touching moment if not for their friends coughing and giggling at the sight. Causing the Spartan to blush brightly as she quickly backed away.

He felt happiness in his chest as he gazed upon his friends, his… second family. It was a nice warm fuzzy feeling that spread throughout his stomach which was slowly rising up… Oh no… that was his- *UMPF-BLAGGHHHH*

*A/N: That poor trash-can. What has it ever done to you, Jaune?*

It took a while longer than what was expected, but since Jaune was gung-ho about this festival- and everyone else too- it would be better to wait until Jaune finally stopped dry-heaving what was left in his stomach. Probably the leftover emotions that he had felt in that small span of time. Who knows?

After recovering from his unfortunate, yet highly entertaining, curse. Jaune was handed a convenient water bottle by Pyrrha, to rinse his mouth of course.

And thus, the two teams would head to the festival.

(The New Year's Festival)

The Festival was oriental themed, with paper lanterns and silk tents propped up against bamboo and wooden frames. The terms of "Simple at heart, complex in design" seemed to be in the intent of all the stands. And boy… there were hundreds of these stands.

Company, and Weiss included (HEY!) wandered the festival. Drinking in the many coloured stalls and tents. There were thousands of people, including those who ran the stalls and tents, with many of them forming their own groups in order to better navigate the maze that was presented to them.

These stalls carried a variety of things, ranging from cooks flipping delicious looking dough fish, to games that were complex yet were simply in appearance manned by men and women who knew the ins and outs of their game. And there were many of these games, each of these tenders and game-masters shouting out to the many possible vic-patrons that would spend a lot of money for some seemingly useless trinkets that you could get just about anywhere. But hey! It's the thought that counts right?

The combined group of RWBY and JNPR walked down slowly through this maze. Stopping every now and then to check out a stall. Sometimes buying things, sometimes not. Slowly adding more and more for both Jaune and Ren to carry.

Then there was a loud a rumble as a horde of children ran past the combined groups, each looking to the other when a small wise old man was sprinting after them, his back carrying dozens if not hundreds of toys and knick-knacks that the children earned from playing from the various stalls. The Wise Old Man stopped for a moment, taking a chance to catch his breath before looking around for the horde of children. He noticed Jaune and Blake in the crowd, which wasn't very hard since most of the victi-patrons had already left the area. The two waved back, getting curious glances from both teammates and friends. Already the waves of gossip slowly rising from the wells that were the mouths and imaginations of the pair's friends.

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