Title: Under Construction

Pen name: Tufano79

Pairing/Characters: Bella/Edward/Garrett

Rating: MA

Warnings: M/M/F Threesome, Lots and lots and lots and lots of sex (with some plot) and angst at the end.

Disclaimer: As always, none of this is mine. I just like to play in the playground that Stephenie Meyers created and making the characters do pervy, naughty things.

Beta: Christina Downs

Pre-readers: N/A

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Bella Swan, a divorced adoption attorney, is relishing her time with her two hot and attentive boyfriends, Edward Masen and Garrett Keyes. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever considered being with two men, let alone two men who adored her as much as they do. Their relationship is perfection. With all new relationships, they are trying to navigate the ins and outs of being together. Their little bubble of sexual exploration is threatened when Bella is sent to New York City for a high profile adoption proceeding.

With a heavy heart, Bella flies out to New York to meet her new clients, close friends of Aro Volturi, her former boss. Carmen and Eleazar D'Amato are finalizing the adoption of a child that they fostered for almost a year and a half, but dealing with them is easy. Running into her ex-husband is not. He manages to appear everywhere once he found out that Bella was in New York. His new marriage has crumbled and his estranged wife has taken their child, hiding him away from James. His job is hanging by a thread and he now blames Bella for everything.

On a whim, Edward and Garrett fly out to New York to surprise Bella. She loses herself with them, but they had an audience. But, who and to what end?

Under Construction

"Everything is set up for Tuesday, Mrs. Baxter," Bella said on her phone. "We'll meet at the courthouse at ten and by lunchtime, Cole will be officially your son." She listened as Mrs. Baxter prattled about complications that were not even a possibility. "Mrs. Baxter, relax. Cole's birth mother signed over her parental rights when she was arrested and we waited the appropriate amount of time to find the birth father. I had my best private detectives looking. He's gone. Or doesn't want to be found. Trust me. Please?"

She hung up after Mrs. Baxter, finally took a breath and stopped fussing. Bella took off her glasses, rubbing her eyes. She was exhausted and cranky, wanting nothing more than to go home and cuddle with her men.

But, they had other ideas.

A date.

This week had gone on for far too long. Is it too late to cancel? She prayed that they would be amenable to canceling their plans.

Bella packed up her belongings and left her office at Volturi and Volturi Law Offices. She put her briefcase in the backseat, driving to her gorgeous home on Mercer Island. She saw Edward's black truck in the driveway. She smiled, pulling into the garage. Edward always knew how to make a busy week better. A warm kiss, a tight embrace and some sensual love making. God, that sounds ideal. Carrying her bag into the house, she saw Edward sitting at the kitchen island, working on his laptop, creating a design for another client in her neighborhood for a kitchen, living room and powder room renovation.

"I love coming home and seeing you here," she said, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"I love being here," Edward replied, kissing her hand and saving his work. He closed the laptop, turning to face her. "Thank you for giving me a key."

"You never gave back the key I gave you when you were working here, Edward," she teased, stepping between his legs and kissing his lips. "How are the Copes? All done?"

"Pssh, no. She changed her mind about the backsplash. Again. I have all of this tile that I ordered for her, that I can't use. I'm about ready to put my head in the oven," he grumbled, scrubbing his hands over his face and tugging on his hair.

"Don't do that. I'd be very, very sad," Bella pouted, her lips moving down his jaw and suckling behind his ear. "Can't you or Garrett use your charm to convince her to use the tile she picked?"

"The only one I want to charm is you, Ms. Swan," Edward purred, his hands finding her ass and squeezing it tightly. He smiled crookedly. "Garrett's on his way and we're taking you out to dinner." Bella made a face. "What's wrong?"

"I'd really rather get out of these clothes and just stay here," she pouted, gesturing to her charcoal grey pantsuit. "This week was just … ugh! A ton of little things that made my head ache."

"How about a compromise?" Edward suggested, kissing her sexy little button nose. "We go out for a casual dinner and then we can come back here to watch a movie. I'm certain you don't want to cook for our horny asses."

"I don't mind cooking. I find it cathartic," Bella giggled, hugging him tightly. He squeezed her, loving the feel of her sexy body pressed against him. "But, having a relaxed dinner sounds perfect. Let me change, okay?" Edward nodded, kissing her once more and watching her saunter out of the kitchen.

Edward and Garrett had been in this relationship with Bella for a couple of months. It was never awkward, a lot of fun and fucking sexy. While they were all together, Edward and Bella shared an intimacy that Garrett was not privy to. Edward knew that Bella felt badly about not being as connected to Garrett, but she said she cared for them just the same. Edward was more like Bella's friend, boyfriend and lover and Garrett was just along for the ride, providing comic relief and dirty talk. Or as he put it when they first got together, an extra cock.

As Bella was changing, Garrett came into the house, dressed in a pair of dark jeans and white button-down. "I hope you're hungry," he sang. "I've got reservations at Pink Door."

"Change of plans, G," Edward said. He briefly told Garrett about how exhausted Bella looked and her request to just relax. Garrett pouted, looking a little boy who had just lost his balloon. "Do you know how many hours she works in a week? This was the first time that she's been home before eight this week."

"And you know this how?" Garrett snickered, waggling his brows.

"I kind of stayed here after working on the Cope renovation," Edward mumbled. "It was closer than the apartment!"

Garrett rolled his eyes, but wasn't surprised.

Bella walked into the kitchen, wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a loose tunic. Her hair was twisted up into a messy bun. She held a pair of flats in her hands and her ever-present Blackberry in the other. "Pretty girl, what's this I hear that you had a bad week?"

"Garrett," she smiled, running to him and throwing herself into his arms. She kissed him sweetly, wrapping her legs around his waist. "You look very sexy, baby."

"I was hoping to my favorite girl out on a date," he pouted, squeezing her ass. "But, Mr. Homebody said that you had a rough week."

"Well, blame me! Ms. Homebody. Not Edward. And my week was just long and tedious. Perhaps we can all go out tomorrow? Do the fancy dinner date thing?" she suggested. "I just want to gorge myself on some comfort food and snuggle with my two favorite men in the family room after."

"That sounds perfect," Garrett grinned, pressing his lips back to hers while he put her down on her feet. "Let me call the restaurant and change our reservations." A few moments later, after Garrett had changed the reservations, they got into Garrett's Jeep, driving to a nearby pizza parlor. They spent a couple of hours talking, laughing and decompressing. Bella loved having the opportunity to talk to both of them. Edward listened intently, sharing some insightful thoughts and being a sounding board. Garrett was more of a fixer, which made sense because of his job. He also added brevity and humor, making Bella see the lighter side and not stress out. With both of them in her life, she was reenergized with her job and just overwhelmingly happy.

Plus, regular hot sex helped, too.

Not every moment in their relationship was like their first experience that lasted three days. Instead, it was something that they all enjoyed. Every so often, Edward or Garrett had an individual date with alone time with Bella, but overall, they loved being together, as a trio. Navigating this unique situation was interesting, invigorating and erotic.

When they got back from the pizza parlor, they settled in the family room and began watching a movie that Edward suggested. Bella, so drained from the week, crashed against Garrett's shoulder, with her feet in Edward's lap. "She seems exhausted," Garrett said, brushing an errant curl from her face. "How many hours did she put in?"

"We usually left at the same time, around seven-thirty in the morning, if I stayed the night," Edward replied, his face flaming. "On Wednesday, she came home around ten. But, the average was around eight or nine. She's working on an adoption and the adoptive parents are needy. I don't know much else since she's a stickler for attorney/client privilege."

"We should spoil her this weekend," Garrett said, running his finger down her pale, pink cheek. "Just let her relax and really cater to her." Garrett felt more for Bella than he ever did for his ex-girlfriends. Part of it was due to the intense weekend that brought the three of them together. The other part was her sadness. He didn't know why she had this lingering sadness in her eyes, but he was determined to make it go away. So, he changed for her. He was loving her and not just using her body for a quick and dirty fuck.

"I like that. Tomorrow, we feed her breakfast in bed, some quiet time in the hot tub, some pampering and then we go out to Pink Door," Edward said, his fingers massaging her tiny, dainty feet.

"If she's up to it, some release some sexual tension," Garrett smirked, waggling his brows. Edward smiled in return, wanting to see her lose herself in both of them. "Come on. Let's get our sleeping beauty upstairs. You want me to get her?"

"Nope," Edward replied, gently lifting Bella off the couch and carrying her up to the bedroom. She barely stirred as they both removed her clothes, dressing her in one of their button-downs that hung in her closet. They tucked her in, curling around Bella. She woke up briefly, kissing both of them before snuggling with her nose buried in Edward's neck and threading her fingers with Garrett.

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