Shortly after returning home Coulson and Steve sat down to talk. Their house was small and barely large enough to hold the both of them. Their farm land was also slowly decreasing in size, Coulson had begun to sell some of the land to help pay for all the damage done to the town market over the years.

Coulson was moving around the small room, opening up shelfs and grabbing tiny objects. Steve sat at the wooden table, head down and sulking. Coulson cleared his throat and Steve looked up.

"I think your old enough now for me to tell you the truth about your birth." Coulson reached out and opened his hand to reveal a small pendent forged in gold with a lighting bold carved into the side. "I found this on you as a child. Do you know what this?" Coulson questioned softly, sliding the pendent into Steve out stretched hand.

"It's Thor's symbol isn't it? The god Thor?" Steve rolled the pendent around in his hands carefully. "What does this mean?" Steve looked up into Coulson's eyes.

"You were sent to the earth by the gods, which I'm presuming was an accident because I can't understand why anyone would want to get rid of such a great boy as you." Coulson said, eyes burning with pride for his foster son. Steve smiled smally and ducked his heads to hide his pink cheeks. "But I know you're going to want answers so before you ask, yes. Yes, you can go visit the temple of Thor."

Steve stood up, clutching the pendent tightly. "Thank you so much Coulson! You may not be my father but you are special to me." Steve nodded and tugged Coulson into a loose hug. "I'll return after my journey, I promise." Steve pulled back and grinned excitedly.

Coulson helped Steve prepare a pack and set him off with another hug. Steve walked down a beaten dirt path, thinking about the possibilities. Confusion and awe took turns ruling his brain. He had quite some time to walk so he lets his mind wonder.

Steve climbed mountains and thought if his parents were living on Mt. Olympus, the house of the gods, and if they had purposely left him. As he waded through the shallow river he wondered what his life could have been like if he was raised with the gods. Steve thought about his current life on the earth as he pushed through the torn filled forests. Rain started to tumble to the ground as Steve sat huddled under a large tree, thinking of the things Coulson had taught him. And by the time he had reached the temple he had decided he was proud of his lifestyle and guardian, potentially being a god himself didn't change that fact.

He looked up at the towering marble building and steeled himself before stepping into the dark entry way. At the end of the hall way was an enormous statute of the thunder god Thor. Steve wasn't even the size of one of the statutes toe. He stared open mouthed in awe. The rain hissed louder outside, lighting cracking near the entrance causing Steve to jump and jerk his head to the doorway. A booming laugh roared around the long hall way, making Steve jerk again before whipping around. He craned his neck and head upward to see the now moving face of Thor's statute. He gaped as the statute blinked and grinned down at him. A giant marble hand swooped down and snatched Steve off the ground with ease. Steve screamed and scrambled to get away from the large stone fingers curling toward him when a cheerful booming voice shook the temple.

"Steve my boy, calm yourself! Tis I, Thor, your godfather." The hand moved upaward so Steve was now right in front of the statutes face, which was beaming in delight. Steve swallowed and straitened himself.

"Um. Hello Thor. You uh. You're a god and I'm a mortal. Wait no. I'm sorry but what…What am I exactly?" Steve stumbled over his words with haste and glanced up into the statutes eyes. "I need to know who I am."

Thor chuckled and nodded his huge stone head. "Yes I am a god. And so are you. Technically not anymore but you were once." His smile dropped and he looked sad, resigned before smirking again. "Yet here you are! Brave soul you were created to be."

"I…was once a god? You made me?" Thor nodded before Steve continued. "How am I not a god anymore? Do…do you not want me?" Steve asked worriedly and shy, ducking his head down.

"No my dear soldier. Someone stole you from me not three days after I had created you. I had held a glorious ceremony for your birth." Thor gently tapped Steve's chin up with a large stone fingertip. "You are very special to all gods Steve."

Steve looked up into Thor's statutes face. He squinted before tucking his legs under himself and sitting in Thor's palm. "Tell me. Please. I want to know as much as I can."

Thor sighed but started speaking in a monotone voice he hadn't used moments ago. "I created you to protect the mortal here on earth…"

(Flashing Back)