Chapter 1

The Anomaly

I sat on the S.H.I.E.L.D SUV watching Skye punch the punching bag, being instructed closely by her SO, Agent Grant Ward. I could not help but smirk and say "Give her room to punch the darn thing Ward. Skye, trying throwing your hips into the punch, it adds for a harder punch." Ward gave me a disapproving look "Last time I checked, I was Skye's SO" He then turned to Skye and said, with the smallest of smirks upon his lips "Skye, throw your hips into the punch, it adds for a harder punch" I chuckled softly, saying nothing, watching Skye throw me a wink. It had been a while since she betrayed us, and showed us time and time again who's side she was on, so I had forgiven her, as had most of the team. So I gave her a wink back. That's when Coulson leaned over the balcony "David, my office, now." I nodded and hoped up Ward and Skye a nod before heading up into the office.

"What's up Phil?" I asked, taking a seat on the other side of his desk. He gave me a small smile. "I know its been months since you joined the team, but I am glad you joined" I shrugged "I wasn't about to sit at Camp Halfblood just waiting for a mission now was I? It was either join or go back to Alagesia. Anyway, I doubt you called me up here for a chat, what do you have more me?" He nodded, and turned serious. "A suspicious anomaly has been recorded near London. David, we haven't recorded anything of the like since New Mexico, Thor. Since you are our expert on gods, you will be going in to check it out. I wish the team could go with you, but we have other orders. All I can say is, if it is Thor, tell him hi from me.. Then prepare yourself for a hit, he, nor any of the other avengers, have any idea I am alive." I nodded and stood up "will do phil, as for the hit, I'll bring him here in person for it" I then left the room.

Once I was down in the cargo hold, I raised my hand, and about 30 seconds later, my chest piece suit flew into my hand "I got a mission guys, I'll be back as soon as I can. Don't rent my room out." I told Ward and Skye.. I then opened the hatch, willed my suit to form around me and flew out.

5 hours later, I reached the spot..a little too late, I would have thought, since there was already shit going down. Some girl was being accosted by the police. I then dived, reading strange energy coming from her. I landed with a soft clink, and looked at her. "Iron Thunder?" The girl said uncertainly. I turned to her as she said "you were there at the battle for manhatten.. Plus you saved the president.. You know..Thor" I nodded slowly "I do" That's when it started to rain, but did not hit myself, the girl, and another girl with glasses. She pointed over our shoulders "look Jane.."

I turned to see Thor standing there, hammer in hand, and in the same armor he had worn in manhatten. The girl, Jane, saw him, and ran up to him, with myself on her tail. When she reached him, she slapped him hard. "Had to make sure you were real" She mumbled, and I smirked underneath my helm. She then slapped again, going on about him not coming back 2 years ago or something. He then explained about some bifrost being destroyed. She then asked about new york, and he said he had come back to stop Loki, when he finally seemed to notice me "Dav- Iron Thunder, it is a pleasure to meet you acquaintance, friend." I nodded "S.H.I.E.L.D sends its regards Thor. Especially Ph-" the police officer walked up to us 'you will have to come with us ma'am" he grabbed Jane's arm, and, with a surge of energy, was blasted back. Both Thor and I looked at Jane uncertainly. "Jane, grab on to my arm." I sensed he was about to do something, so called my sword down from the sky before I grabbed onto his other arm just as some sort of rainbow light came down and sucked us in. Thor looked over at me. "Well... I guess you can come too then" He said, obviously peeved. I shrugged, still trying to figure out what the hell was happening. There was a blinding light, and ext thing I knew, I was standing in a room, a deep voice said "Welcome to Asgard."