The Clairvoyant..finally dead. The man who had toyed with us so long finally brought to justice. Granted.. It was not the justice we had hoped for.. But Ward of course had his reasons for killing him. It was oddly unnerving to have this closure. This had been the man we started hunting when I first joined this team. What brought us so close together was hunting this man.. Now we had accomplished our goal.. So what did we have other than orders to keep us together? Of course the obvious answer was that Centipede did not die with the Clairvoyant.. But with no leader what hope did they have of surviving? However there did not seem to be any orders to pursue centipede.

Amongst all this uncertainty though, was a cause for celebration.. Skye had become an agent of SHIELD. I had already congratulated her, so I went to Ward, who was perched against the SHIELD SUV. I smirked as I leaned against the hood beside him. "The SO of an official SHIELD agent eh? How does it feel being so important?" He looked over at me and said "Nothing changes, There is still much she needs to learn, which I will teach her, the only difference is she is no longer a trainee, and we will go on missions together..although we already do and have, so not really a difference at all" I was about to comment further when Phil called down "David, my office, now." He sounded kind of distressed, so I jumped right to it without a goodbye to Ward, knowing he would not take offense to it.

I entered Phil's office and looked at him "What is it?" I asked him, wondering what was up. Was the earth in danger? Did they need the Avengers? He looks at me and said "Things are..strange. I just got a message from Alexander Pierce.. Orders for you. Why they did not come through Director Fury is a question I would love answered.. Yet I cannot ignore these orders. He would like you to join the hunt for Captain America..who is apparently an enemy of SHIELD now.. Which is another cause for question. Since you are one of the only people able to take the Cap on is the only reason I can think of him asking you... however he attached something else.. Agent Romanoff has gone off the grid as well, and is thought to be with Rogers." He stopped there. My eyes narrowed "If Pierce thinks I will attack my friends, he has another thing coming," Phil shakes his head at that and says "Something is fishy. I would like you to..and you may refuse as this is going against higher orders.. Go find them, join them. Help them. I do not believe The Captain would ever turn against SHIELD unless he had good reason to" I turn to walk away before looking back and saying "Nor would Natasha. I will do as you ask Coulson. Give the team my farewell... and if stories emerge of Iron Thunder turning on SHIELD.. Please explain to them.. Especially Skye." I then leave without another word.

I do not say a word to Ward as I walk past him, picking up my chest piece as I go. I place it on my chest and activate it. I then punch the button that opens the hatch to the bus. I then activate my thrusters and fly off, vearing towards DC, as that was where The Captain had been stationed.