After two years of jewel hunting, two years of romance, despair, and peril, the group finally assembled the scattered shards of the Shikon no Tama. Naraku died at Inuyasha's revenge-thirsty claws, freeing Miroku from the imprisonment which bound at his life. The wish made by Kagome on the tainted jewel brought everyone's pain to an end. It was wished that all of them, bound together with the hatred of revenge or just plain luck, would not need those chains to be together. But sadly, as time went on, everyone went their own seperate ways. Shippou left to start a clan with the other kitsune foxes, to protect villages from youkai attacks, and they soon became very famous, with their proud leader who had always wished, from long ago, to be strong and independant. Sesshoumaru settled down in Kaede's village, lavishing all his attention on Rin and soon became her official father. Jaken, on the other hand, became her babysitter. Miroku and Sango married, and left to a village not far from Kaede's and ended up having 3 children of their own. Myouga became a storyteller far across the lands, seeing he had nothing to give the group any longer. Kouga decided that leaving Kagome alone would be best, and ended up in an engagement with Princess Tsuyu, who's husband had died recently. Kikyou was finally sent to the spirit world, able to find peace and leave this realm. All of Naraku's workers were sent away for a freeir life, away from all the torment in the world, in death at Naraku's defeat. And as for Inuyasha and Kagome, they were married in the springtime at the Bone Eater's Well. They soon had a child. There was one scene, one scene that sealed their freedom, that forever was woven into their minds.

"I love you.." Kagome whispered softly, silver eyes piercing into the warm golden gaze of her love. The air was swamped with death, the fallen forms of Naraku's minions ceasing to exist, the scene spread across a crimson stained ground. But nonetheless, the pair was in their own world, created by the days they had spent together, the day they first met. "I love you." she repeated, lifting the prayer beads from his neck and then falling into a warm embrace. "I love you too..."

They both died of old age, content with their lives and finding no reason to stay on this earth, as Kikyou had. Their line passed down generation after generation, never being lost like the past.

That's the way all good fairy tales should end.

Fast forwarding into the present day, with Keiyou Higurashi, his sister, Sango, and the rest of his family, but where is Souta? And Buyo? Sadly, Kagome's trip to the past altered the future, rendering the lives of her loved ones unexistant, as she stayed in the Feudal Era. Keiyou never believed the tales that his ancestor used to be married to a hanyou, for demons didn't exist in the present days. But somehow, on every full moon, he felt different for that case. It seemed the moon he looked upon from his bedroom window was somehow believable that the demons once looked out on that great white orb, which seemed impossible in itself. The whole world seemed impossible, and too big for such a small person like himself.

~*Our Cast*~

Keiyou Higurashi: 9 year old Keiyou Higurashi is a mystery. Nobody knows where he got his looks or personality, some people day its from one of his demon ancestors, oddly enough. Keiyou looks like your average nine year old kid. He has ebony black hair that is cut to below his ears, and his family usually insists that he combs it, which is quite a horror. Keiyou usually wears jeans and a shirt, nothing too special, but usually finds he's not very good at climbing with them. The only thing his family finds strange is the color of his eyes, a light amber color which supposedly only his youkai descendants had, and nobody else in his family. Keiyou is usually shy, but can be very stubborn and rude if he doesn't get his own way. Anything out of the ordinary can mystify him for days on end.

Sango Higurashi: Happy go lucky 8 year old Sango Higurashi is Keiyou's sister. She loves playing games and torturing her older brother, being kind and cute to anyone else but him. Deep down, Sango thinks he's nice, but of course, if she told him something like THAT, it would be disasterous. Sango looks nothing like her brother, with light chesnut hair streaked with gold that falls down to her shoulders, spring green eyes, and she usually wears a blouse that she thinks is absolutely adorable. Sango is named after a demon exterminator who was said to help her ancestors in their journeys, which she believes very much.

Tiva: Tiva the cat has as much of a relation with Sango as Kirara did HER Sango. The pair enjoys taunting Keiyou very much. She is a light yellow, with little black markings across her tail and ears, easily relating to Kirara the cat demon.

Suya Higurashi: Suya is Inuyasha and Kagome's child, who grew up to be an artist in a faraway village.