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Keiyou sat up quickly, clapping a hand to his forehead. "W-where am I?" He glanced around, noticing the shovel. Leaning on the metal end, the boy got to his feet. "SAAAANGO!" he whined. "CALL MOM! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" No answering call came from above. "That coward!" Keiyou growled angrily, grabbing the shovel and pounding it into the side of the well. He climbed up on it, and repeated the process, getting out of the well in an extremely long amount of time. "Whew.." Keiyou breathed, swinging his legs over the side, only to be put into a state of shock. "WHERE IS THIS PLACE?!"

"Mommy! Mommy!" Sango screamed, running inside and out of breath. Mrs. Higurashi looked shocked. "Sango, what happened?" she asked softly as her daughter ran up. "Its...(pant) Keiyou! He...fell in the well!" Sango sobbed, pointing towards the screen door. "And he never came out!" Mrs. Higurashi looked thoughtful for a moment, then took Sango's hand. "Let's go see then."

Something moved in the trees. Keiyou sprang up, unusually edgy. Apparently he had fallen into some sort of new world. He was surrounded by a thick field of flowers, gradually changing into forestland the farther away it was from the Bone Eater's well. "Well.." Keiyou mumbled, plopping down on the well's side again. "Aren't we lucky today?" A flash of red out in the field caught his eye. "Eyeep!"

"Inuyasha, wait up!" Kagome yelped, trying to follow him while treading over the numerous amount of thorn bushes in the meadow. Inuyasha stopped in front of her, smirking. "Can't even catch up now, can you?" Suddenly his ears twitched at a noise unknown the Kagome. "There's someone by the well.."

Keiyou cast a nervous glance around. What was going on? A girl's voice drifted from the meadow, over a small hill that blocked the area from view. "...wait up!" he heard. "Maybe I'll be able to ask for directions." he thought. Another flash. Keiyou gulped, then..."AAAAAIIIIIEEEEYAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Inuyasha sniffed the boy who's shirt he had a tight grip on. The boy was screaming his head off, sounding remarkably like Kagome, and also seemed to be like her in more ways than one. "Oy, Kagome!" he called, plunking the boy back down on the well again. "Come over here, its just a stupid human boy!"

Kagome picked her way over another thornbush, then heard Inuyasha. "A boy? I'll be right over!" she yelled back, a little helplessly as she kicked at the bush. "Take that!" The well scene came into view as Kagome beat away at the shrubbery. She ran over, rubbing at a cut on her arm. The boy wasn't anywhere to be seen, but alas for poor Keiyou, the shovel's tip was sticking out of the back of the well. Kagome laughed and walked over. "Don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you." she remarked with a smile, holding out one hand.

Keiyou smiled weakly and grabbed it, causing a low growl to rumble from the person who had picked him up. Now standing, there was more of a chance to take a look at the offender.