(Harry's pov)

It has been 14 years since Dumbledore was arrested and sent through the veil for his too numerous crimes.

It was such a big topic of the day the the courtroom was closed off to everyone but the Wizengamot and the witness assigned to that particular day.

The trial alone took up nearly the whole summer after my third year as more and more people came forward with eyewitness accounts of many things Dumbledore had done that hadn't even been mentioned during his arrest.

No one knew at the time just how much of an impact the trial would have.

It turned out that Dumbledore had been the Dark Lord Pettigrew had spoken of during his trial, and the Dumbledore used the Imperious Curse or Bellatrix Lestrange, not only turning her into the evil psycho she is known as, but to also order her take out Lord and Lady Longbottom who were supposed to raise me if Sirius was unable to.

When Pettigrew had mentioned that the Dark Lord hadn't returned that night like he said he would, it wasn't Tom Riddle, who supposedly died. It was Albus Dumbledore who had been taking me to my muggle Aunts house, setting up blood wards and other charms and wards, then doing more for his so called 'greater good'.

There was also implications of using the Imperious Curse on Molly Weasley to order her to groom Ginerva Weasley into the perfect bride for what he expected me to be. He also used it on her to order Ronald to continue attempting to befriend me. He placed the curse on Arthur Weasley as well, when he started to get suspicious of his wife's behavior.

Everyone that had been caught by his Imperious Curse were sent to a mind healer who would determine if they were redeemable or not. The only one that wasn't was Bellatrix Lestrange, who was given the Kiss. Everyone else was sent through extensive therapy and eventually released.

Eventually, there were so much evidence on many things he had done to the wizarding world that it was decided that the only possible punishment was the Veil of Death, which apparently is hidden in the Department of Mysteries.

After the trial, Tome Riddle was declared a proper citizen, no longer the Dark Lord everyone believed him to be.

Eventually things calmed down in the wizarding world. New legislations were passed making it possible for muggleborns and creatures to get decent jobs, and making more jobs. Legislation protecting muggleborn and muggle raised children.

Now when a magical child is found living in the muggle world a new Ministry office, known as the Department of Child Abuse Prevention agency (DCAP) would put up wards meant to detect physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, tied to the emotions and health of the magical child or children.

After the first hint of trouble a trained specialist will go to the house under an disillusionment charm and very other charms and watch the going ons. If enough evidence is gathered, the child(ren) are removed from the home and the parents are obliviated. In the case of Nosy neighbors everyone else is told a partial truth, that the child(ren) in question were taken away from a harmful environment.

The children are then placed in Wizarding homes to be brought up understanding the magical world.

The school's classes had been changed too. Divination is no longer taught in the school, private tutors can be hired for those who have seer abilities. Tom Riddle became the DADA Professor, and other classes such as Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Muggle studies got their curriculum upgraded. CoMC got a more reliable teacher, Herbology now includes muggle plants that were discovered to have magical abilities, muggle studies professors only qualify after spending at least 5 years living in the muggle world, and continuing to get up dated in muggle technology every 3-5 years.

I had successfully passed my required OWLs on the day before my 4th year, and by the end of my 5th year I had passed my NEWTs as well.

By then Headmaster Shape had gotten a new Potions Professor, an American by the name of Bennett. My 6th and Seventh year was spent in an apprenticeship with my godfather.

I spent 7th year working on my big project, revolving around the infertility potion that Dumbledore had dosed all of his students with. A potion that made it difficult to reproduce.

I had used many lab rats to determine the right ingredients for a potion to reverse the effects.

After 10 months of trial and error I had found the right formula to allow the mice that had been dosed with the potion to be able to reproduce as well as the mice that were not dosed.

I was credited with the creation of the Infertility Reversal potion, not to be confused with the fertility potion, which nearly guarantees pregnancy. My potion is meant to reverse the effects of the Infertility potion by giving victims the same ability to have children as non victims.

Like with the mice, the people who suffered from the potion now have the same chances of pregnancy as those who were not given the potion.

On a slightly unexpected note, it also cured those who had been naturally infertile. So couples that wanted children but we're unable to could be cured, even if the didn't have the Infertility potion.

Daphne and I got married a week after graduation. Daphne went to work for her families company, which was a major herbology center. We eventually had 5 children. 3 Boys, James Daniel Potter, Severus Micheal Slytherin, and Sirius Regulus Gryffindor. Then our two girls, Lily Rose Hufflepuff, and Aurora Renee Ravenclaw.

Hermione and Draco got married and had Scorpius, Aries, and Caelum. Blaise and Tracy got married and had one daughter, Angela.

After getting her mind healed, Ginerva Weasley dated for a while, eventually getting married to Micheal Corner and had 2 boys and a girl. Her brother got married to Lavender Brown, having twins, a boy and girl, Ash and Violet.

My wife and I watched as our children grew up in a world free of manipulating old men, a world so diffrent then the one we knew.

All in all, life was perfect after our world was freed from Albus Dumbledore, who went down in history are the worst Dark Lord of all time.