So, to be clear, this is Nico's perspective of events happening at the same time as the ones described in the Percy Outline last chapter. Content warnings are: more of the same.


Beginning the Quest:

-Percy leaves Camp Half-Blood, and Nico sees him off (next to Thalia's pine-he doesn't know that it's where Percy watched Annabeth go, not enough to dread it, but...the parallels between the goodbyes are there, just similar enough to be discordant, this one slightly sadder and far more awkward)

-Meets with Hades, is assigned to find the culprit who escaped death with the help of Asclepius

-Decides to start his search at Camp Jupiter with Hazel, to see if she's felt the disturbance, or heard anything about it, (and he's suspicious that it might have been Leo, remembering a strange feeling to his death)

-Travels to Camp Jupiter with Jason, (who summons Tempest-which means Nico has to call Mrs O'Leary, not to show off or anything, but he isn't going to be one-upped by a son of Jupiter, that's all)

Camp Jupiter:

-Hazel is dodging his questions, (which must mean he's on the right track-it's Leo), and Frank too, when he tracks him down. Reyna can't tell him anything. Nico doesn't want to ask Jason-he was with Leo at the end, and if he saw something, there's no way he's going to say it

-Gets Iris-message from Percy—he answers, and Percy looks tired, but okay. Okay...and it's such a relief, to see his eyes a little less shadowed, and to just talk, about nothing in particular—tiny jokes and distractions from everything he's worried about

Visiting Asclepius:

-Travels there through the Underworld, and there is...unrest

-Finds out the true nature of the physician's cure: It heals the body, but for it to work, to truly retain the soul, an opposite payment must be made to Death. And if not...the link remains. Not enough to kill or truly curse, but the person will be shadowed. Never quite themselves. And if it lasts long enough, the Doors will follow them...the Doors of Death, which are already weak, barely tethered. It's a chance for things to rise again, should they catch him and use him...and there are a lot of disgruntled monsters

-Tricks out of him that it was Jason, Piper, and Leo who found the cure


-Goes back to Camp Jupiter, and Hazel

"You have to tell me, Hazel. It's dangerous. Bigger than one person, and if I don't know if it's Leo..."
"Yeah, he took the physician's cure with him. But I don't know how he would've used it, Nico, and I don't know where he would've gone..."

-Traveling to the Underworld to talk to the spirits—none of them seem to know, but they all agree that his spirit was never in Elysium, or the Isles of the Blessed, and while it's hard to tell in the Fields of Asphodel, there's no sign of a spirit with the same mechanical feel his had; Monsters attack him—it's his father's domain, and they shouldn't be, but they are…

-Percy's suicide call, Nico travels to meet him, hold him and talk him out of it

-Entire day with him in the mortal world

-Iris-messaging Hazel

"Anything you can think of. Anywhere he might've been...where he would've gone, if he came back."
"Jason and Piper knew him better...they'd know, if anyone...And the Oracle hasn't said anything..."

-Iris-messages Jason and Piper, Calypso story is told—

"Well, how do you get to Ogygia?"
"You don't."
"How did he get there?"


-Tries to shadow-travel to Boreas...reasoning that Khione can send him to Ogygia, that maybe Leo's gone back there, and even if she won't send him then she may know where Leo is, as his enemy

-Doesn't even make it halfway before he has to give up, even riding Mrs. O'Leary, at the risk of dissolving

-Makes camp for the night—attacked by Lastrygonians

-Makes it to Boreas' palace

-Dragged to Khione before he can seek an audience with him, and she is weak, but so is he, and she almost kills him, before he tells her he's hunting Leo Valdez

"I cannot send you to no longer exists, not without the goddess who was bound to it. Not now that Valdez has freed her. I do not sense Leo Valdez...I cannot sense anything, much, now...I am close to fading, boy, and he is the opposite of my domain...I would not waste the extra energy it would take on finding him."

-Dead end...all he has at this point is hunting Leo Valdez on foot, and he really doesn't want to do that

Another entire normal day with Percy:

-Movies, Hot Topic, school

-Percy starts to help him—and every time, Nico falls in love with him a little bit more.

-They hug, and it's incredible

-As hard as Nico was trying not to notice, or care, it was amazing and electric...and every day they spend together, it gets a little bit easier to be around him, to hope that it's worthwhile to try and to be friends with hope for something more—maybe it's just because Annabeth is gone, but at the same time, everything between them feels so much more real, too...

Quests Go Wrong:

-While hunting Leo, travels to forge of Hephaestus, who refuses to believe that he means anything but harm for his son, and sets his automatons on him

"I cannot not attack you directly, boy, not with your father...but should my guards fail to realize that you are not a threat, after I leave..."

-Captured by empousaii—he isn't attracted to them, so they can't deceive him, and they're so hurt by this that they keep him alive, imprisoned, tortured, planning to kill him as soon as they can get him to fall for an illusion, even the slightest bit…

-Is almost too weak to shadow-travel...manages to escape using silver ring, (Bianca backstory-she gave it to him after she died, when Nico was still learning his powers and authority, as an easy way for him to sneak into the Isles of the Blest to see her)

-Lands in the Underworld, and is too weak to escape

Other People:

-Makes it out just in time for Percy's IM, the short, shitty one—but it gives him enough energy to get up, and drink some unicorn potion, and start limping towards Camp Jupiter—leaning on Mrs. O'Leary, because he doesn't trust himself enough with shadow-traveling to not dissolve

-Meets up with Jason as he's traveling between the camps

-Jason helps him to Camp Jupiter, and as they're going, they talk about Leo and the quest, Percy and Will

-Jason talks about Piper, a bit, after he's convinced that Nico's okay

Thanksgiving with Percy:

-Nico's been in the New Rome hospital, recuperating, and he's strong enough to shadow-travel to New York for Percy

-It's amazing. They joke and laugh and

-Nico realizes that, as attractive as he finds Percy, it's not the same way anymore.

-He's not an idol, he's not a hero, not the closest thing Nico had ever seen to Mythomagic, and the adventures he loved so much...he's a boy.

-He's an amazing boy, beautiful, and someone Nico wants to kiss, and hold, and love...but not someone that he wants to be, to lose himself in and forget everyone else for, and idolize.

-He's still the most amazing person Nico knows, but it's in a different way—because now he really does know him, more than just a crush and a half-formed idea...


-Nico attends the winter solstice meeting, and testifies as to what Asclepius told him about the danger, then to his own experience, and how hard it is to find Leo Valdez

-Goes back to Camp Half-Blood with Chiron

And that is where my outlines end.

Let's assume the best.

Percy and Nico are together at Camp Half-Blood over winter break.

Percy gets to say a genuine goodbye to Annabeth when the Hunters show up-she is happy, and hurting, just like him, but they talk. They let each other go. They help each other heal from Tartarus, one last little bit.

Percy gives Nico a skeleton mug that says "Bone giorno," and Nico is flustered over not having anything to give him in return-Percy assures him that Nico has saved his life, and that is more than enough.

Confessions are made, maybe by a campfire, maybe late at night in a cabin. There's a kiss-short and sweet, and slightly awkward. Nothing like either of their dreams, (except in all the ways that matter-the love and the comfort and the closeness). There's time together, short and sometimes awkward and exactly what both of them have been hoping for. They hold hands, sit together at breakfast, brave the campfire sings and the rumors. Jason congratulates Nico, awkwardly, and talks to Percy alone, about whether he's okay, because Jason does care, and wants to be better friends with the hero. Piper punches anyone who dares to say something rude without Nico and Percy ever having to find out.

Eventually, Percy has to go back to school, and Nico back to his quest-and maybe he follows a trail of clues, or maybe Leo lands in Camp Jupiter, or Camp Half-Blood, to apologize to all the friends he had to leave behind. Nico falters-isn't sure how to address this-and ultimately Calypso gives up her immortality. An equivalent exchange. The Doors of Death are laid to rest.

Percy and Nico are free. To keep living, and loving, and healing. Maybe they'll stay together, maybe they'll break up later down the road, but for now it is the two of them, and that's enough.

They visit Camp Jupiter together, at one point, (because Percy was friends with Hazel and Frank too). Hazel is incredibly happy for them, and Frank, and Reyna. (Reyna has possibly started dating Rachel because i like the two of them together. Or Thalia because that's great too. The point is...Harold...) There's older demigods there within New Rome who are therapists, because Camp Jupiter understands that demigods are lonely, and traumatized, and when they realize there aren't any at Camp Half-Blood, one son of Apollo agrees to move there. Both Percy and Nico visit him often.

Percy finishes high school, and doesn't go to college because he isn't sure what he wants to do yet. He goes back to Camp Half-Blood for a while, to help teach and make things better. And he and Nico are in love.

Maybe there will be quests later, maybe there won't, (I'm never going to read Trials of Apollo and Rick Riordan is never going to stop wringing money out of this series), but for now they're happy. And that's enough.