"NO!" exploded Marcel before he scooped Davina at vamp speed and sped away, leaving Klaus, Elijah and Nikita stood in Davina's room with Evie sat curled on a chair behind where Elijah stood.

"Davina is dead in the next 24 hours regardless of circumstances. Now you may have to choose between putting your would-be-son down so we can complete the harvest or watching New Orleans die." Nikita said bluntly before leaving the room.

Elijah sat down in a chair, and ran a hand over his face as Klaus began pacing again his jaw clenching. As though on auto-pilot, Evie gravitated towards the seated original and stood leaning against the wall behind the arm chair. She was still slightly shaking from her sudden outburst when she smelt the blood of the waiter, but she had shoved it to the back of her magically crippled brain in order to focus on the drama she had landed in.

"Davina has helped us, more than she should have, are we seriously going to sit here and give up on the one way that could possibly save her?" Rebekah suddenly exclaimed.

"And what would you suggest dear sister?" quipped Klaus, glowering "We just hand her over to the witches, after, of course we put Marcel out of commission, and watch as our most powerful asset of witchery is slaughtered!?" he continued, growing darker on every sentence.

"But Nikita insists that she can come back, if the harvest is successful" queried Elijah, and Klaus snorted with mirthless laughter.

"Yes because that witch is the pure epitome of honesty, when she isn't going around SNAPPING PEOPLES SPINES!"

After Klaus's last outburst, tense silence descended on the room again. Until a soft voice broke the silence with a simple yet heart-rendering sentence.

"We can't save her can we?"

And not even Klaus had a snide answer for Evie's question.

The rain was hurling down on the cemetery and Evie was glad that, even though she stood under the edge of Rebekah's umbrella, the heavy rain was slightly blurring the tortured expression on Marcel's face as Davina approached Sophie Deveraux. As Sophie began to speak, Evie felt a presence move beside her and looked up at Elijah.

"Don't look." he murmured without looking at her.

Confused, she looked back towards the dais. But she was only confused for a moment as Sophie raised her arm, the shimmer of a wicked blade obvious even through the down pour. As the blade glinted, she didn't need telling twice. She didn't need to see what came next. Without hesitating she turned away from the scene, and even surprised herself, when Elijah pulled her into his side and she didn't even flinch, as she buried her face into his coat.

"El-Elijah?" came a quiet voice from the corridor outside his room. Elijah turned, walking back into his bedroom from the balcony where he had been stood for the last hour, looking out over New Orleans. Evie's soft voice came again

"Elijah? R-Rebekah sa-said you're I-in here?"

He wanted to answer. To tell her to come in. But he couldn't. He didn't have it in him at that moment. So instead he turned, with a sad sigh and walked back out onto the rain soaked balcony.

"What's the matter little Link? Is my dear brother brooding alone again?" Evie snapped round at vamp speed when she heard Klaus's voice from behind her. The hybrid was lounging against the bannister, his perpetual smirk on his face and a half empty bottle of bourbon in his hand.

"He didn't answer" she murmured making to go back towards her room. At once she found Klaus in her way and took a big step back from the drunk original.

"Maybe he's wandering what I am." he said conversationally.

"What?" Evie sighed, deciding to play along, as it was clearly what Klaus wanted and she was terrified of angering him further. Klaus took another swig from the bottle before saying in a much darker tone

"Perhaps he's wandering if you had anything to do with the Harvests power being hijacked. What do you think brother?" he now spoke over her head and Evie turned to see that Elijah had appeared clearly having heard them talking.

"No Niklaus, I do not think she did."

"Nooo, of course you don't." said Klaus drawing out the first word in exaggerated sarcasm "because it doesn't seem suspicious at all that mere days after her arrival a significant amount of power is stolen from an ancient ritual. Didn't your little witch friend say that it would have taken an extraordinary amount of power to create a creature like little Evie here? Who's to say it wasn't the same power that stole from the Harvest?" sneered Klaus and Elijah simply watched his sibling.

"I have considered that possibility Niklaus. Yet I fail to see how accusing Evelyn is of any help since she did not create herself." he sighed, tired of his brothers paranoid ramblings.

"Or so she claims. I for one am not yet convinced." Klaus said, now looking back at Evie, who squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze, caught between the two brothers. "What say you sister?" called Klaus not bothering to turn around as he heard Rebekah approaching.

"I say that the best way to deal with grief is to buy your way out of it, so I am going shopping." She said her voice calm and clear, despite the upset she had shown at the cemetery. The three watched her as she started down the stairs but stopped and turned to look up at Evie.

"Well are you coming or not?"

Evie looked surprised and said "wai- what me?" and Rebekah rolled her piercing eyes.

"yes of course you. Unless you want to be wearing Mama wolfs clothes for the rest of the time you're here." Rebekah said as though it was obvious but with the smallest ghost of a smile. Evie looked over her shoulder at Elijah, who nodded, his expression clearly saying

"I told you so."

"o-o-okay" Said Evie as she scooted round Klaus and followed Rebekah out of the compound.

When they were gone Elijah walked forwards to his brother, looked him up and down once before saying disdainfully

"You need to get a hold on yourself Niklaus. You are enough to deal with when you are sober and right now I need you at your best if we are going to regain that missing powe-"

"We? We, dear brother?" sneered Klaus staggering slightly still clutching the bottle "As I recall you were the one ab-so-lu-te-ly convinced that the harvest would be successful and now look where we are. Marcel is distraught, someone has stolen and inordinate amount of power and I've lost one of my biggest weapo-" but his sneering rant was cut off as Elijah blurred into motion, smacking the bourbon bottle out of Klaus's hand and letting it smash against the wall as he grabbed his little brother by the lapels of his jacket and slammed him round into the bannister.

"She was a child Niklaus. A CHILD! Not your weapon nor anybody else's! Davina's death is a tragedy but one that can and will be rectified, if WE work together. Now I, I will continue to aid Marcel and the witches in finding who hijacked the harvest for YOU. Rebekah and I, we will also continue to help run OUR city, whilst we also take care of the woman carrying YOUR child and find out who transformed Evelyn and made her steal YOUR white oak stake. We will do all this for YOU brother. You? You let us know when you are sober enough to give a damn." said Elijah coldly, before letting go of Klaus, straightening his jacket and then he too left the compound.

Klaus lay sprawled over an armchair in his room, a second bottle of bourbon in his hand after Elijah had smashed the first. The compound was completely empty. Marcel had informed him of his wish to take time away from the compound and he had begrudgingly agreed. Even he could see that Marcel needed to grieve. he took another long drink from the whiskey bottle and sighed.

"Nothing sadder than an all powerful hybrid drinking alone." came a sharp, sassy voice from the doorway and Klaus's eyes snapped open. Nikita stood leaning against the doorway, clearly having showered and changed from standing in the drenched cemetery. She wore a pair of soft grey short shorts, and a black tank top, with her long black hair tumbling in loose waves down her back and her perpetual smirk fixed to her face. Klaus smirked and shrugged saying coolly

"It's the fact that I AM and all powerful hybrid that drives me to drinking alone sweetheart. Now if you were planning on breaking my back again I would advise against it" and suddenly he blurred into motion and all at once he was right in front of her face.

"I can be awfully unpredictable at the best of times, imagine what i'm like after two bottles of whiskey." he murmured in her ear, towering over her, hardly any space between the two of them. To her credit Nikita didn't even flinch at how close he now was. If anything her smirk broadened and she closed the limited space between them by taking a step forwards.

"Well like you said I did snap your spine. I think I can handle unpredictable don't you?" she all but purred, looking up at the hybrid from under her lashes. As she said this, she slipped the bottle of bourbon from his hand and took a long drink herself, before handing the bottle back and licking her lips still smirking. Klaus took another swig as Nikita looked at him with something bordering on curiosity mixed with something else.

"Must get pretty lonely. Being king." she said quietly, almost to herself.

"Being king means everyone is gunning for you. Staying alone means staying alive love, nobody close enough to drive a stake in your heart." Klaus murmured the bottle of bourbon now forgotten at his side.

"So you stay alone because you're afraid."

"I'm the immortal hybrid king of new Orleans. I'm not afraid because I know I could kill them all in an instant and so do they." Klaus grinned proudly.

"If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to scare me killa?" she teased running a finger down the line of Klaus's jacket. By closing the distance between them, Nikita had stepped inside Klaus's room without noticing. She did notice however when she saw Klaus's arm move and heard the door close behind her. And suddenly she found herself pressed against the now closed door, Klaus's arms boxing her in, one either side of her head leaning against the wall.

"Now why would you think that sweetheart? Not scared are you?" he all but whispered into her ear.

"Scared of you? Nah. I've been in far worse danger before." she said openly taunting him now and Klaus chuckled darkly.

"I doubt that love. I'm the most dangerous thing around."

Leaning up on tip toes she slunk an arm round his neck and murmured right next to his, so that her breath brushed against the side of his neck.

"Prove it."

And with a growl Klaus hooked an arm round her waist and all but crashed his mouth to the witch he had against the wall. He felt her smirk against his slips and with a snarl he wrapped an arm round her waist and lifted her, Nikita automatically wrapping her legs round his waist to help secure herself. She broke the kiss for a moment, but before Klaus could growl his protest he saw her hand out as she muttered a small incantation and he heard the door lock.

"Just so we wont be disturbed." she smiled and Klaus smirked at her.

"not afraid at being locked in with the hybrid king love?" he questioned and she let out a bell like laugh, though her eyes were dark, and he could hear her pulse racing in anticipation of what was to come.

"You don't scare me Killa." she breathed and that was the last coherent sentence that was spoken in that room for a very long time.

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