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A Different Future

Chapter 1 – Just a Normal School Day

The credits began to run on the screen. The teacher turned the lights on, causing many a student to get their heads up from their desks and stretch. And yawn rather loudly.

"So as you can see, class, that's the way the historic battle between the Androids and Krillin, the outlaw, happened."

His sentence was cut short as his victims were saved by the bell.

"For tomorrow, I want an essay from each of you about one way the Androids contributed to modern life. And Miss Hurst, please, 18's sense of fashion does NOT count!"

Laughter and noise filled the school's halls as the hundreds of students began their way home. One, though, wasn't as eager to escape hell's extension on Earth.

Trunks Briefs dragged his feet lazily, his gaze downcast. The movie he had just been forced to watch kept running through his head.

'But why would she lie to me? It doesn't make sense!'

She. His mother.

"Hey, Trunks!"

Looking up from his about-to-derail train of thoughts, Trunks met with his friends, and together, they started home.

"That movie was so awesome!"

"Did you see 18? She totally abused the guy!"

"I loved it when 17 laughed at him, he's sooooo cute!"

This was common conversation among the students of Orange High School.

"I can't believe they let him get away, though. I wouldn't have. What do you think, Trunks?"

When no answer came, the group of kids stopped; Trunks continued walking.

"Hey, Trunks? Man, what's up with him?"

The tallest boy in the group smirked. He had messy brown, curly hair. Girls didn't like it. They preferred Trunks's silky lavender locks. Boring brown eyes compared with Trunks's baby blue. A hard life compared with the Briefs family fortune. Trunks's somewhat absurd family history was all the boy had on the almost perfect teen. And in the world they grew up in, Trunks's case gave the boy A LOT on him.

"What's the matter? Mommy dear told you another story again?"

Trunks stopped and turned to look at the boy, his father's glare on his face. That was perhaps the only thing Trunks knew off that he had inherited from his father.

"What did you say?"

Immediately, the group of kids separated, leaving a clear path between Trunks and the other boy. The boy crossed his arms and kept his smirk.

"You heard me, mamma's boy. We all know about your mother."

Slowly walking towards him, Trunks dropped the school bag, his glare a constant reply to the boy's annoying smile.

"What do you mean by that?"

Brown eyes glowed with arrogance and mockery. The peasant has finally gotten under the Prince's skin!

"You know… about her… eh heh heh… friends."

Trunks could've burned a hole through the boy just by glaring at him.

"What about them?"

A girl gasped. Some of the boys in the small group took a step forward, in case the two would start anything. One step. They dared no more.

"Come on, everyone know about it. Bulma Briefs- aide to traitors. Some even say…"

Their eyes locked.

"A traitor herself."

That was it.

The girls all gasped. The boys tried to separate the two; but Trunks caught his target by the throat, and the boy's feet tried desperately to touch a spot on the ground, which was a foot down.

"Say that again."

Coughs and attempted breathes were all that came. Everyone knew challenging Trunks about his mother's loyalty was a bad idea. No wonder the boy failed school, the hadn't a bit of common sense.


Trunks yelled. The boy coughed again.

"Traitor! Your mother! A … *cough* Traitor!"

Letting go, the boy fell to the floor with a thud. Whispers broke through the crowd, which now contained more than Trunks's friends. Luckily for him, though, no teacher was present.

"Say that, or anything else on my mother, even mention her name, it'll be the last thing you'll ever say."

Picking up his discarded bag, Trunks started walking away. But once the boy managed to breathe again, he spoke, even though his friends tried to stop him.

"So it's true! *cough* Otherwise why get so upset about it?!"

One of the girls gasped. She could've sworn Trunks's eyes flashed green for a moment.

"Takes one to know one, that's all I have to say."

Trunks said through clenched teeth, not daring to look back. He knew that if he did, he'd hurt the boy. And he really didn't want to do it with the principle present. She he walked home, not giving the scenario behind him a second glance.

"I'm home!"

Slipping his slippers on, Trunks tried to run upstairs to his room as quickly as he could. His mother, anticipating the move, blocked his path.

"Well, hello there, young 'un! You're kinda late, aren't you?"

Bulma said with a smile while pushing a renegade lock of blue behind her ear. Trunks gulped.

"Well, I took a detour for a friend. Sorry. Won't happen again, mom."

She laughed.

"Honey, I'm not mad at you, I just wanted to know what happened. It's ok that you have friends, you know. Why, at your age, I took… detours for my friends too, you know."

The boy gritted his teeth. The detour his mom was talking about was to other worlds in order to revive her dead friends. Friends who happened to be against the law.

"Mom, I have homework that's due tomorrow, so can I please go upstairs to get them done?"

"Sure, honey. Oh, but don't get too much into it."

A purple eyebrow was raised.

"We're expecting a visitor in an hour, ok?"

"Sure thing, mom."

Bulma retreated into her lab, humming a tune. Her son's eyes followed her worriedly.

'A visitor… mom, I hope you're not getting into trouble… again.'

Most of the hour went by, Trunks trying desperately to do his homework. He kept thinking of who might be coming by. With a sigh of defeat, Trunks turned on the radio and laid on his bed. Music went on for a while before it was stopped suddenly.

"We interrupt this program to bring you this news bulletin."

Trunks would've switched a channel, had he not have known it was the same as in every other channel. The Androids liked to brag.

'Not that they don't have a right…'

Trunks thought, the result of 14 years of living under the Androids' reign. And studying in their schools.

"A battle has accord today between the Androids and the rebels."

The boy suddenly became interested.

"Among the rebels, several unknown warriors. The main attackers were the alien Piccolo, the traitor, Tien, and the powerful Vegeta."

Blue eyes were covered with mixed emotions.

'There goes my dad, again.'

He thought gloomily.

"The Androids were victorious…"

'As always…'

"Yet the main intruders escaped."

'Again, as always.'

"We'll keep you updated as more information will be released. We now continue our schedule.

The music returned, yet Trunks paid it no attention. He was too busy thinking of his father.

'The powerful Vegeta…'

His mother told him about his father's strength. Trunks often wondered whether or not he had some of that strength in him.

'Then again, if I had, why not recruit me? Or at least try to, anyway…'

He couldn't even allow himself to think of treason. It went against everything he was taught. Plus, what'd happen to his mother?

'Maybe that's why. He thinks I'll definitely turn him down.'

Not that the boy was sure he'd have said yes, but it was nice to have been asked.

"Trunks! Our guest is here!"

Glancing at a picture that was taken when he was a baby, Trunks looked at the only picture of his father in his room. His mother insisted on keeping it, traitor or not.

'Can't even ask…'


"Coming, mom!"

The traitor's son would have to think of reasons to praise the Androids for school later.