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Bella Swan stood at the Nurses Station on the Surgical Floor at Olympic Medical Center almost oblivious to the looks cast at her as people walked by. She was well used to those 4 years into her residency at this hospital. She vaguely wondered what the gossip was this time. She wasn't sleeping with anyone…right now anyway, she hadn't killed anyone, no drunken displays at the local bar in a while. Oh well, let the vultures circle. Unbeknownst to her, there was no gossip spreading about her. People were just taken aback when they saw her. They took one look at her slim figure, the cinnamon chocolate hair that curled down her back, her beautiful brown eyes that showed all of her emotions, her porcelain skin and her full pink lips and they were spellbound. She had the kind of interesting beauty that made people do a double take and was not obvious until they stared for a while.

She groaned when her beeper sounded off. What now? She had ten minutes left on her 24 hour shift. All she wanted to do was go home and sleep. She looked at the offending pager. The Chief? She groaned again.

Phil Dwyer. One of the many banes of her existence. He had helped ruin her childhood and he did the same with her adulthood. Yes, Bella had problems with Phil Dwyer but strived to maintain a professional attitude with him. That worked by avoiding him as much as possible. Easier now that Renee Swan had passed of a massive coronary last year. She finished her notes and strode towards his office. When she arrived she noticed her good friend Jasper Whitlock there, leaning against the wall outside of the Chief's domain.

"Hey, you look like shit." He greeted her.

"Thanks." She responded dryly, not bothering to fight the tired smile that spread across her face. He was her male Rose.

"You were paged, too?" He asked.

"Yep. I wonder what he wants."

"Don't know. Haven't killed anyone, you?"

"Not yet today, you?" She asked.


They fell into an easy silence until his secretary said that Dr. Dwyer was ready for them. They entered and had a seat waiting for him to speak.

"As you well know, Olympic Medical is one of the foremost teaching hospitals on the West Coast. And you know that Mount Sinai is one of foremost teaching hospitals on the East Coast. What you don't know is that effective next week, we will do a crossover of sorts. Two fourth year residents from here and two from there will be trading places for 3 months to have the opportunity to observe different teaching styles. I have picked you two."

Jasper and Bella shared a confused glance.

"Why you? Because you are two of my best residents. You have also picked two of the specialties that are involved…Gynecology and Neurosurgery. You leave Saturday and will be put into an apartment that the hospital uses for visiting doctors. It is a two bedroom apartment and as you already live together, I didn't figure it would be a problem to share."

"No." They said simultaneously.

"Great. Here are your information packets. I don't know who you will be working under, but whatever you do…make me proud. Any questions?"

They both shook their heads.

"Great. That is all." The Chief said dismissing them.

Jasper and Bella exited his office. Bella was grumbling underneath her breath.

"It's not that bad, is it? I am no Rose, but…"

"No. I'm okay going with you to New York. I just wonder, why couldn't he pick someone else. He just can't leave me alone."

"Think of it this way…you won't have to see him for three months."

"You have a point. Oh God, is the world ending?" Bella joked.




"Syph Boy."

"Not cool, Swan. That is hitting below the belt."

"Keep it up and I will hit you below the belt."

Jasper laughed. He felt an incredible bond with Bella. They were mirror images of one another.

"I have another two hours of my shift. I'll see ya later."

"I will be there and I will be sleeping, so if you pick up one of your skanks, keep it down, will ya?"

"I will abstain tonight, just for you."

Bella rolled her eyes.

"You slept with a nurse today didn't you?" She accused him.

"Eh, it's the other white meat."

"Go away Jasper." Bella rolled her eyes.

"Bye, Bells." He patted her head patronizingly and ducked when she swiped at him. "You are so feisty."

Jasper ran away from her wrath and Bella laughed and headed home for some much needed sleep before her day started all over again.