This was floating around in my mind for somewhere around a week. So, because I adore this series and had yet to make a story for this lovely game (that's worth posting anyway) I decided to write it down and play the game again.

It's probably stupid of me to start another project with something like 5 others in progress, but I want to give this a shot anyway.

Tell me how you guys like it! Every little bit helps. Also, errors. It doesn't matter how small, PLEASE tell me if I make an error, or if something doesn't make any sense. PLEASE.

Keep in mind that this will take some cues from Kid Icarus, and probably some other series. Don't worry, you don't have to know anything about the series. I won't just rip something from there and expect you to know what I'm talking about. But I will make mention of it, if anything so you can look it up and better understand what I'm talking about.

With out of the way, It's Showtime! (I've always kinda wanted to say that!)

Rhythm Thief: Wings

"How did you ever convince me to join you on this ridiculous adventure?"

"I don't know."

"I think you just kind of followed with us. Something about keeping us from doing anything stupid."

"Well, I regret it now."

The three teenagers were walking down dark underground portion of the city that had been long since forgotten about. Of course, with enough research and a lot of luck, Raphael had managed to locate it. He proposed the idea of exploring it to Marie, who happily agreed. Along the way, they ran into Charlie, who strangely showed more interest in where they were going than attempting an arrest. Raphael hoped it was because she was just giving up, but he had a feeling that wasn't true.

And so currently, they were wandering down a dark corridor with only a flashlight to act as their guide.

Marie shivered. "It's cold down here."

"Yeah , that'll happen to an underground tunnel after being abandoned for couple hundred years," Charlie replied. "The fact that this whole place hasn't caved in is amazing."

"It is a little shocking that it hasn't collapsed and brought a section of the city with it, huh?" Raphael commented. "It feels way to deserted though. There's no sign that life ever existed here. Other than the fact that it's clearly man-made, of course."

As if to prove a point, he swept the flashlight's beam over empty space.

"Who built this place, anyway?" Marie asked.

"I have no idea," Raphael replied. "I happened to stumble upon it through a bunch of ancient records, but nothing about who built it."

"But why would they just abandon it?" Charlie asked, crossing her arms. "I know it's desolate, but surely there's something of interest still here."

"And that, my dear, is why we're here," Raphael told her.

"Dear?" She asked.

Raphael didn't respond, instead turning his attention back to looking for things of interest. Turning down a small passage, he seemed to brighten. "Look what I found!"

The two females looked around Raphael, and found a sign hanging from the door. Most of it was faded with age and the rest was gibberish.

"What?" Charlie asked. "I can't read that."

"Neither can I," Raphael admitted. "But there's got to be something down there."

"I don't know. I get the oddest sense that whatever is down there won't be a good thing," Marie said timidly.

"I think you're getting that feeling because of the skeleton on the floor there," Charlie pointed to said pile of bones. "But I agree. I don't think we should go down there."

"We'll be fine!" Raphael reassured them, happily grabbing Marie's hand and walking past the sign. After a moment, Charlie followed, albeit hesitantly.

Along the way, they encountered more skeletons and more signs, making the two females jumpy. After a while, Raphael started to joke about what the signs could be saying. "Turn back!" He whispered creepily in a high voice that made him sound like a little girl. He got the same annoyed expression from the girls for his trouble. Seeing another sign, he changed his voice's pitch again so it was similar to an old man's. "No seriously! Go away, or you'll die!" He said, lingering for a while on 'die.'

"While your ability to change your pitch could be considered impressive, it's not funny," Charlie told him. "If you don't stop it, I'll knock you into next week!"

Raphael chuckled. "Where's the fun in walking down a spooky corridor without making spooky noises though?" He continued to laugh until he looked back at Marie, who was giving him her best death glare. "Fine, fine, I'll stop."

Marie dropped the glare and smiled at him in appreciation.

"Wow, you got the nicest person in the city to glare at you. Good job," Charlie commented.

"Oh, shush," Raphael groaned.

"We're here. I think," Marie informed them.

The room they had arrived in was just as blank as everywhere else at first glance, but upon closer inspections, there appeared to be signs that a struggle took place, with various scratches on the walls, and what may have been blood stains as well (with it being probably more than 100 years old, it was difficult to tell, so they just assumed).

The only other thing of interest was an old chest in the back. Various locks criss-crossed it, but they were just as old, if not more, than the chest, and were falling apart.

"It's really creepy here. I really don't want to be here," Marie said.

"Same," Charlie agreed. "I feel those signs you made fun of back there were actually saying that we should stay away."

"You guys are no fun, you know that?" Raphael asked rhetorically. "Your danger senses are overactive."

"I think you just lack a danger sense altogether," Charlie muttered.

The two girls watched Raphael approach the chest. He easily removed the worn locks and lifted the lid an inch or so. He peeked through the crack and found nothing immediately dangerous, so he threw the lid up, reaching into the chest and bringing out the item inside. The whole process looked almost like he was attempting to imitate the Legend of Zelda.

After a moment of just standing there with the object, he turned and showed it to the girls, returning to them, a confused expression on his face.

"Interesting," Marie muttered. " I think."

"Where's the point of the chest if there's just going to be a smaller one inside it?" Charlie asked.

Indeed, inside of the chest had been a second, much smaller one, this one being only a little bigger than both of Raphael's hands.

"This little thing does raise that question, huh?" Raphael commented. "If they wanted to hide it, you would except them to put it in a hole and then cover it, rather than put it in a chest. Locks don't last forever, after all."

"Alright, so we've found out what was in that chest. Can we leave now?" Charlie requested.

"Nothing's keeping you here. Anyway, we still need to know what's in this chest."

Marie and Charlie exchanged worried glances. Regardless, they were curious and peeked over his shoulders and he slowly opened the lid.

As soon as he cracked it open, however, a dark force jumped out of it.

With his fast reflexes, Raphael dropped the box and jumped away. His companions weren't so lucky, however. The black force, or, forces, as Raphael noticed just about every particle seemed to contain a different mind, just about swallowed them up as they ran free. None of them waited for a second, and phased through the ceiling, away from the dark room.

While he was concerned about the forces that escaped from the box, his first concern was naturally his friends. Marie was on the ground, either unconscious or dead. Hopefully not the latter. Charlie was still standing, but wasn't moving.

Moving first to Marie, he checked to see if she was still alive. To his horror, he couldn't find a pulse, or anything that might indicate life.

"Oh, I am so dead for this," he muttered. Seeing a shift out of the corner of his eye, he looked over to find Charlie moving over to him. "Good to know you're still alive, at least."

To his shock, she didn't reply. In fact, she, rather clumsily, attempted to hit him. He easily dodged the attack. "What the hell?!" He yelled. It was then that he got a good look at her eyes, which had been changed it a blood-red color. "What the hell?" He repeated, this time more confused than annoyed.

She attempted another attack, which was dodged as well. Again and again she attacked, her movements getting faster and more fluid each time. Raphael didn't retaliate. He knew something wasn't right, and didn't want to hurt her. The worst he did was trip her.

This went on for probably five minutes. Hearing hurried footsteps coming towards the room, Raphael turned his attention there. Surprisingly, the ones who appeared were Elisabeth and Alfred.

The first thing she did upon seeing his situation was sigh. "You just love getting yourself in situations like this, don't you?" She asked.

"No, I do not!" Raphael yelled. "Now, since you seem to know what's going on, help!"

Elisabeth rolled her eyes, but complied. "In that box you opened, there should be a pendant. Grab it."

Raphael nodded and ran to the box, hastily shoving his hand inside and pulling out the first thing that his hand latched onto. It was... a note. Upon realizing his mistake, he dropped it and reached in again. This time, he pulled out a necklace with a grey lifeless jewel. He held it up. "This?"

Elisabeth nodded. "Yes, good." Turning to her bodyguard, she said, "Distract the demon for us, Alfred." Alfred nodded and jumped into action.

Running over to the Duchess, Raphael asked, "Alright, what now?"

"Put it on and focus energy into it," she answered.

Raphael nodded and slipped the necklace on. "Question, how do you focus your energy into a necklace?" He asked.

"I don't know how to describe it. You've done it, though, with the Bracelet of Tiamat."

"But that was on accident!" Raphael yelled.

"Yes, but you still did it, and you saved the world with that simple action. And now you have to do it again."

Raphael nodded and tried to recall how he did it with the bracelet. He focused his energy. And then he heard a voice. "You who dared to open the box and awaken the demons inside... You're a dumbass."

Raphael damn near fell over in surprise. "I think it just called me a dumbass."

Elisabeth couldn't help but laugh. "It's correct."

The voice spoke again. "Because of your stupidity, you have released demons upon the world, and are now tasked with hunting them down. With your blood, form a contract."

"How cliche," Raphael commented. "Blood contract?"

"Just do it," Elisabeth told him. "That way you can't just walk away from the mess you've made."

Raphael shrugged and bit his thumb hard enough to make it bleed. He dripped the blood onto the pendant, which seemed to soak it up. The lifeless jewel changed color to a beautiful red.

"No running away now," the voice told him.

Suddenly, he was engulfed in light. It faded away just a second later, but when he looked at himself, he found he had armor on, its color monochromatic red that alternated at various sections. The jewel was integrated into the armor as a part of the chest plate. The helmet was a bit stifling, covering his whole head and only leaving his eyes uncovered. Despite how bulky it looked, the armor seemed to weigh nothing. He got the feeling of having a new set of limbs on his back, so he looked behind him to find that he now had wings.

"Ok, the wings are sweet, but how does this help me?" He asked.

"Because you are nigh immortal in this form," Elisabeth answered. "Your strength and stamina have been increased to the point whereas it's god-like in comparison to the average human. Your only limit in this form is how much energy you have. You use it up with attacks and various actions like flying."

"So basically this is a poorly made RPG?" Raphael asked.

"That's one way of looking at it," Elisabeth shrugged. "Now, we need to get this demon out of your friend. Form a ball of energy and launch it at her."

Raphael complied and focused his energy into his palm. It glowed a brilliant white color upon becoming a physical object.

"Now shoot it," Elisabeth commanded.

"I can shoot it?" Raphael asked, confused.

"Yes, you can. Just use a little energy to force it away from your palm."

Raphael nodded and did so. His aim was off, though, and it nearly hit Alfred, who was still attempting to distract the demon for them.

Upon seeing the ball of energy, the demon turned to glare at Raphael. It rushed forward to attack him. Thinking fast, he formed another energy ball and shoved it into his friend's body when it was in range.

The demon let out a shriek, the light paining it. It was slowly, and seemingly painfully, ripped from the body it had been inhabiting. It flopped a couple feet away, initially just a ball of darkness, but slowly grew bigger until it was a misshapen sphere three times a normal human's height with legs and an eye. It stood and roared in annoyance and pain before charging at the armor-clad boy.

Charlie, the demon possessing her gone, nearly fell over, but Raphael caught her and dodged the demon's attack. He set her down by the Duchess.

"Alright, so the demon's out, what now?" He asked.

"Focus on a weapon! I'm sure a sword would be most your style. Just focus on it being deadly for now. We can work on the specifics later."

Raphael nodded and focused. Nearly instantly, he was holding a metal stick. "What's this?" He asked, looking at it in confusion.

"It's a hilt. Pour energy into it to make a sword. The amount you put into it will determine the size."

"Why do you know so much about this?" Raphael asked as he created the blade. his question was left unanswered.

Apparently, he put to much energy into the act, and the blade was about as long as he was. It was also very thin, about as thick as a needle, really.

Wielding it with two hands, he ran forward and stabbed the demon. It shrieked and swiped at him. He parried the blow (which was very difficult with the thickness of his blade) and sliced off the creature's hand.

"Seal it in the pendant!" Elisabeth commanded.

Raphael nodded and looked down at it, grabbing the jewel and removing it from the armor. He held it up to the monster and watched as the jewel did the rest of the work, sucking up the creature.

The crystal, the demon now sealed inside, darkened slightly.

Raphael looked up at Elisabeth. "Now what?" He asked.

"Retrieve the rest of the contents from the box and close it. Put it inside the chest and close that as well." Raphael did so, finding two other necklaces were inside the box. When both chests were closed, she said, "Alright, now hold your jewel in front of the chest." Raphael did so, and the demon was sucked back into the box. "And that is Demon Sealing 101. I hope you enjoyed your lesson," she joked.

Raphael rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. "What is going on?" He asked. Suddenly, his helmet retracted from his face, making him jump. "What the hell?"

"Yeah, your helmet with remove itself when no danger is present," Elisabeth said. "Now then, why didn't you heed the sign's warnings?"

"I can't read them," Raphael answered with a shrug.

Elisabeth seemed shocked. "You mean that you can see the corridor, open both boxes, and still not be able to read them?! You couldn't even assume what was said?"

"I assumed they were saying 'Go away or die' but that's just a guess. And what's this about seeing the corridor?"

"They said 'Demons down here. Don't open the box!' And very few people can come down this way."

"You have some serious explaining to do," Raphael groaned.

"As do you," Elisabeth replied. "Now then, about my daughter..." She glanced at the body in the middle of the room.

Raphael, nervous, said, "Yeah, about that... I think she died."

Elisabeth glanced at her, seemingly unmoved for the most part. "No, she's alive. Just missing a soul."

"But she lacks a pulse," Raphael pointed out.

"Her body's just stuck in a hibernation-like state. When her soul is returned, it will be like nothing happened."

"Well, that's a relief. I thought she was dead."

"If she was, I would have strangled you a long time ago," Elisabeth told him nonchalantly. "Now, let's return to my mansion. This place is not the most suitable for a chat." Raphael nodded and looked down at his armor, wondering how he could take it off. Elizabeth understood what he wanted and instructed him on taking it off while Alfred retrieved Marie. When he was back in his normal get-up, he picked up Charlie and followed the Duchess and her bodyguard out of the area.

Alright, because I'm bored, let me tell you of my original ideas for this chapter!

The first idea that I had included a god that had Elisabeth's role in the story, and would reside in an otherworldly place that I always imagined as a mix of the inside of the Moon from MM and the Ghostly Ether from TP (both Legend of Zelda games for those who don't know).

Eventually, another idea came to mind, which only lasted a small amount of time before I returned to the god idea. It was that a spirit was sealed alongside the demons, and it helped them, residing in the pendants and giving advice from there.

In both of these versions, Elisabeth was in the story to pretty much act as an RPG nurse, and lacked a lot of plot relevance.

Another thing that was common in both those ideas was that Marie's soul wasn't stolen and Charlie wasn't possessed for the first fight.

I ended up settling with the Elisabeth idea midway through writing the intro because I thought it fit or something. Marie's missing soul was so that way I wouldn't have to deal with writing three characters at once, which at times can be a bit of a pain, and could have an excuse to focus for a while on the interactions of Raphael and Charlie, which was pretty lack-luster in the game.