Did You Ever? Chapter 1

Author's Notes: Okay, I came upon this song one day looking up lyrics to songs, just cuz I wanted to. The second I read the lyrics, I knew I had to turn it into a songfic. I'm having a brief period of writer's block, sorry. Also, I know that the JAG crew doesn't go to McMurphy's anymore, let's just pretend that they do, okay?

Disclaimer: JAG and its characters do not belong to me. The song 'Did You Ever Love Somebody' is sung by Jessica Simpson, and I'm not sure who it belongs to, but it's not me.

Mac entered the bar, for once, not longing for a drink. It was strange, when she was in this kind of mood, she walked into a bar looking for a drink. She wasn't sure why, but this time, this time it was different. She knew that it was open mic (A/N: Like microphone, not Mic her ex) night at McMurphy's, and she really wanted to sing.

She went up to the coordinator for the night, and put in her name. She was told that she was on in fifteen minutes, so she decided to go get a drink. "One tonic water with a twist of lime, please." She didn't notice the tall dark-haired man at the end of the bar, and he didn't notice her.

Mac finished her drink, and went to the temporary 'backstage' area. She gave the DJ the tape, and started to warm up her voice.

"Now, McMurphy's is pleased to welcome, Ms. Sarah Mackenzie! She'll be singing 'Did You Ever Love Somebody', by Jessica Simpson. Now give it up for Sarah!" The dark-haired man's head jerked up at the mention of his best friend's name.

Mac walked up on the makeshift stage, with as much confidence that she could muster. She adjusted the microphone to her needs, and cleared her throat. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as she heard the intro. to the song.

'Did you ever love somebody?

So much that the earth moved

Did you ever love somebody?

Even though it hurt to'

She remembered the many times that she had felt this way, about a certain Sailor. She loved him so much that it hurt.

'Did you ever love somebody?

Nothing else your heart could do

Did you ever love somebody?

Who never knew

Did you ever lay your head down

On the shoulder of a good friend

And then had to look away somehow

Had to hide the way you felt for them'

So many times, he had offered her comfort, and she felt that she was about to self-combust because she couldn't keep it hidden any longer. She continued to sing her cares away.

'Have you ever prayed the day would come

You'd hear them say they feel it too

Did you ever love someone?

Who never knew

I do.'

It was then that she opened her eyes, and looked out into the crowd. Most of the patrons of the bar were mesmerized by her deep sultry voice. Her gaze landed on one man, at the bar. It was him. He was watching her intently, like they were the only people in the bar.

'Oh no Mackenzie, how come you didn't see him? Let's just hope he feels the same way.' Mac locked eyes with him, and continued to sing.

'And if you did

Well you know I'd understand

I could, I would

More than anybody can

Did you ever love somebody?

So much that the earth moved

Did you ever love somebody?

Even though it hurt to

Did you ever love somebody?

Nothing else your heart could do

Did you ever love somebody?'

'Like I love you

Like I love you

Like I love you'

She sung the last lines of the song, with so much emotion, that some of the people in the bar actually had tears in their eyes. She took a deep breath, and bowed slightly. She stepped off the stage. She rushed out to the bar, looking wildly for him. She couldn't find his familiar frame anywhere. She called the bartender over.

"Um, there was a guy just here, he's a regular here. Do you know if he left already?"

"Yep, he already left. Just paid his tab, right after you were through singing in fact. Good job by the way." Mac barely had time to thank him before she was out the door. Surely enough, his Lexus SUV was gone.

Mac slumped against the door to her 'vette. He had heard her sing, then left. Did that mean he didn't want to talk to her, that he didn't feel the same way?

'I have to go to him. It's gonna drive me crazy if I don't know how he feels. Even if he doesn't feel the same.' With that, she found the keys to the 'vette, and got in. She revved up the car, and started on her way to the apartment near Union Station.

Author's Notes cont.: I'm trying to be all mysterious about the Sailor's identity, but if you've read any of my other stories, I'm guessing it's painfully obvious who it is. This is only a two-chapter fic, I think, so the next chapter should be the end. Hope you guys like it! Did you know that it is really hard to write a songfic to a song that you've never heard before?