Did You Ever? Chapter 2

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Mac was tapping her fingers against the steering wheel of the car. She was stopped at a red light, it seemed like the millionth that she had hit on her way to Harm's. (A/N: Guess it's the end of the "mysterious" *snickers * thing, huh?) 'Does it always take this long to go from red to green?' She wondered. Finally, the light turned green.

Mac slammed her foot on the gas, and sped off towards her destination again. If she squinted, she could see the silhouette of his building. All too soon, the ride over was through. Mac chuckled to herself. 'Wasn't I just ordering the light to change, now I'm thinking that the drive was to short? I need to make up my mind.'

She took a deep breath, and tried to put up her strong Marine fa├žade, the one that would protect her. But for some reason, she just couldn't muster it. So she started up to his apartment, a vulnerable Sarah Mackenzie.

'Mackenzie, please just knock on the stupid door!' She told herself. She was in front of Harm's loft's door. She was debating with herself whether to knock or not. 'What an interesting door Harm has. No, Mackenzie, just knock! Don't examine his door!' She gave in, and knocked on the door.

She was seriously thinking about running, right after she heard herself knock, but her feet refused to follow orders. She could hear Harm approach the door, and she could picture him looking through the peephole. She heard the door unlock, and then, Harmon Rabb Jr. was standing in front of her.

Harm smiled softly at Mac. "Hey Mac c'mon in." He opened the door wider so that Mac could get in. 'Was it really him at the bar? 'Cuz he seems way to calm.' Mac thought, as she entered his apartment.

She sat down on his couch, and waited for him to speak. It didn't look like he was going to open his mouth any time soon, so Mac decided that she would have to take the first step. 'Typical.' She thought.

"So you were at McMurphy's tonight, right? Hear any interesting acts?" Mac was going for the subtle approach, so she wouldn't scare him away.

Harm recognized the approach. "Mac, I won't run, besides this is my apartment, I doubt I'd run out." Mac blushed. "And yes, I did hear a very interesting act. Sarah something was her name." His eyes were teasing. Mac was fuming.

"I came over here because I thought that you understood the meaning of the song! I expected to finally have that talk that we've been meaning to have! I didn't come here to tease!" Her hands were shaking from either anger, or sadness, even Mac couldn't tell. "I can't believe I came here!" Mac said, while storming out of the apartment.

"Mac wait!" Harm shouted, but it was too late. The only thing that answered him was the slamming of the door. For once in his life, he didn't hesitate when it came to Mac. He rushed out the door to catch her.

It turns out that she didn't go very far. Harm found her, sitting outside his apartment, crying. He knelt down to her level, and took her into his arms.

"Let go of me Commander!" She sobbed, struggling against his strong arms. But Harm refused to let go. Finally her sobs were reduced to silent tears. "Please just leave me alone Harm." Well that was a bit of an improvement, at least she was using his first name.

"Mac- Sarah, I'm sorry. Sarah, just please come back inside, and we'll talk about it. I do understand the song, and what it means for us." He looked at her with the puppy eyes that she couldn't resist.

"Fine." She let Harm help her up, and followed him into the apartment. The tension in the room was so thick, that you could cut it with a knife. How Harm wanted to make that tension go away. She turned to him, and his heart broke at the sight of her tear-stained face.

He approached her with caution. He stopped when they were toe to toe. He reached out to brush away the few remaining tears. "I love you so much, but all I seem to do is make you cry." Harm murmured, almost to himself.

"As long as you're here to wipe away the tears. . . " Mac let her voice trail off. She looked up at him with a watery smile. "I'm sorry about freaking out on you like that. I know that you were trying to make me comfortable, I just. . . I don't know. I'm just afraid of what tonight may or may not bring." She looked so vulnerable, standing there, her eyes still shiny with her tears.

Harm couldn't seem to stop himself, as he gathered her into his arms. She buried her face in the crook of Harm's neck. Harm took a deep breath. "I love you Sarah." He said quietly. She didn't reply, so he thought that she hadn't heard it. He was about to say it again, when he heard her.

"I love you too Harm." She looked up from his neck. She gave him a radiant smile. In return he gave her a full-fledged flyboy smile. He leaned down and gently kissed her. She sighed into his mouth.

When they broke apart, she reluctantly wiggled out of Harm's embrace. "We have work tomorrow." She looked at him, pleading with him to understand. He nodded slightly.

"You're right. I love you Sarah." He walked her to the door, and put his hand on the doorknob. She leaned up, and lightly brushed her lips with his.

"Love you too." Harm turned the knob, and opened the door. Mac squared her shoulders, and walked out the door, determined not to look back. She knew that if she did, one look into Harm's eyes, and she'd rush back to him, and spend the rest of the night tangled in his arms.

Harm watched her walk down the hall to the stairs, the elevator wasn't working again. Tomorrow would be work as usual, but the night was a completely different story.

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