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July 21st

We were foolish when we thought that defeating Voldemort was all that we had to do. We were foolish to believe that everything was okay just because their leader fell. We had believed all we needed was to win the Battle of Hogwarts and the war would be over. We were all fools.

The Death Eater's claws dug so far in to the Ministry itself that there was nothing we could do. All of us that were left went back in to hiding as we slowly tried to take the Ministry back.

About a month after I defeated the Dark Lord, Ginny was attacked and murdered. Her limp body was paraded around the streets of London, for all to see; Muggles, the Ministry, and especially me. I hadn't known who I was looking at when I first saw them. I saw a nameless face covered in blood, a body soaked with dirt and gore. I fought them all, brought them to their knees before one of them coldly told me that it was Ginny floating 10 feet from the ground. That it was Ginny Weasley's blood they had splattered across the streets of London. I can't remember what happened for an hour after that.

I spent weeks running from the Ministry after finding out that I was wanted for the murders of 7 people, including the "blood-traitor", Ginny Weasley. I didn't know what had happened between Ginny and the Ministry, but I suspected that she had nothing to do with whatever she was framed for.

It was Neville and Luna who helped me the most after everything was said and done. I knew I had to reach Ron and Hermione, but the Death Eater's knew I would try. Everyone knew I would try. And in all honesty, if Luna hadn't stopped me, I would have tried. I don't know how she knew where to find me. Within 12 hours of my decision to find Ron and Hermione, she had set me up with a passport, a muggle credit card, and a plane ticket to Seattle, Washington, someplace in the United States. I still don't understand everything that has happened, but I trust Luna and Neville with my life.

"Harry?" Luna's soft voice invaded Harry's thoughts as he finished his first entry into his new journal. "Are you ready to get going?"

"Uh, yeah." He sighed, pushing his glasses further up his nose and closing his journal simultaneously.

"Everything will be okay in the end." She placed a small hand on his arm. "Have faith."

"I do, Luna. I just…" Harry sighed sadly. "I'm just a little nostalgic. It's been two months and nothing has gotten any better. We're still at war! How can I just leave when we're in the middle of a war! I feel like I'm abandoning everyone. I feel like I've failed."

"Harry, we would have already lost without you." Her soft voice sounded hallow to Harry's ears. The truth in her words frightened him more than the prospect of the fight ahead of them. "Everyone you know and love would have died. What you have done has turned things around for us. We believe in ourselves now; enough to fight back this time. You just need to have faith. No one really believes that you had anything to do with what happened, you know."

Harry sighed, suspecting Luna of being able to read his thoughts and emotions. It was uncanny how accurate she was when pinpointing what was wrong with him. "But it is my fault though, isn't it? It's my fault that Ginny… it's my fault." He stated brokenly as tears welled in his eyes.

"No, Harry." She stated firmly. "It is not your fault." She wrapped her arms around him in a comforting hug. "No one could ever blame you and you shouldn't either."

"If I had just been better. If I had just…" He tried again, his voice cracked and he attempted to return her hug in vain.

"Just what? Predicted the future? There aren't many people in the whole world who can do that. Let alone predict anything accurate enough to help anything."

She sighed and took a step back, brushing his bangs from his eyes. "Remember, you've done more for the wizarding world than anyone could ever repay you for. You stopped Voldemort twice. Something not even Dumbledore could do. Something no one else could do."

"But I didn't do anything!" Harry argued with a heavy feeling of defeat.

"Never underestimate your contribution. What you have done for us is not something just anyone would be willing to even try."

"What good did that do?" He asked bitterly. "Nothing has changed!" He shouted, his fists balled at his sides.

"Harry Potter don't you dare say that." Luna quipped back, defiance burning in her eyes. "You were there when everyone else had all but given up hope. You never saw what people were like because you were off defeating Voldemort, but I saw it. I saw how hopeless people were starting to feel during that time. But this time it's different. You've given people a reason to fight back. A reason to feel like we can win! We will win because we have to! That is something only you can do!"

"How are we going to win? I can't bloody help by running away!" He began, a horrible ache burning in his chest. "How can I help anyone by doing nothing?"

"You are our leader. You are our inspiration. You are the reason everyone out there is fighting so hard. If the Ministry got their hands on you, we would be lost." Harry felt his head whirl as Luna spoke, her words imbued with so much gravity.

"I, never thought of it that way." He blinked, confused. "How can I be that important? I'm just Harry."

"No. You're Harry Potter, the most powerful and respected wizard in the world."

"I'm not that powerful." Harry could barley suppress the desire to roll his eyes.

"Yes, you are. You're powerful not because of the wand you wield or the spells you know. You're powerful because you have the ability to unite the wizarding world. You have the power to give everyone hope. Hope they wouldn't have had if you hadn't done everything you have. You're more than just the-boy-who-lived, you're an amazing person, a wonderful friend, and finally the bravest person I have ever known."

"Luna…" Harry could feel his throat clench and his words vanish at the conviction in which Luna spoke.

"She's right, Harry. Without you, we'd all be lost." Neville spoke quietly from the door way, causing Harry to jump. "I know you don't want to go to America, but to be honest, it's the best way to keep you safe. And we've got a plan, after all."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked as he ran a hand through his hair.

"We need to remove you from the game for a while. We need you to stay hidden while we sort everything out!" The round-faced boy placed a fist in his other hand. "We need to take the focus away from conspiracies about you while we bring light back on to what really matters."

"So again you want me to run away and leave everything to you guys? No way!" Harry shouted.

"Harry, you've done your part. You've given up everything to help us!" Neville shouted back. "You're a wanted criminal now. If you stay to fight, you'll become a rebel! They'll label you and tear you down out of fear, like they have time and time again. Let us keep you safe for a change. Let us save you." Neville pleaded causing Harry's heart to sink.

"Nev, I…" Harry began, a small hand touched his arm, causing him to fall silent.

"We need to keep your image as clean as possible. Just because we know you're innocent, doesn't mean that everyone does. There are rumors going around that people think you're just going to become the next dark lord." Neville told him quietly.

"What!" Harry yelled, a look of dread formed across his face. "But that's ridiculous!"

"We know that." Luna replied calmly. "Which is why we need to get you out of here. If you aren't around, they can't pin anything on you."

Harry took in a deep breath, focusing his brilliant green eyes on his friends. "I'll only go if you promise me one thing."

"Alright, what's that then?" Neville and Luna chorused.

"You keep me up to speed with what's going on. I want weekly reports!"

"Harry, we can't." Luna's voice wavered. "We can't have any contact with you at all. We won't even know we've sent you away."

"What?" Harry breathed as his head dropped into his hands. "How will that be possible?"

"As soon as you're safely settled into your new life we've fabricated for you, we're going to ask Hermione to erase our memories of this week. The ministry will want to question us soon, you should know that."

"Hermione?" His head shot up. "We can't go to Ron or Hermione. The ministry expects that!" Panic laced through his voice. "I can't put them in danger!"

"Harry! It's alright, calm down!" Luna pleaded. "We aren't going to tell her why. She's erased my memories for me many times. Often because of.. well, I don't really know why…" Luna said in a very dreamy voice placing a finger to her mouth. "I just know that she does!" A smile graced her lips. "But please, trust us. Neville and I know what we're doing, alright?" She held her hands up, and even larger smile graced her lips "At the very least, trust Hermione's ability to wipe our memories clean!"

A small smile formed on Harry's lips as he shook his head. "Alright, alright. I absolutely trust Hermione's ability to charm you."

"Thanks, now all you need to do is say you trust us on the same level and enjoy your vacation of sorts?" Neville tried in an attempt to make the trip sound positive.

"I refuse to call this a vacation, but I trust you both. Just please, leave yourself a clue incase you need me. I can't just turn my back on the wizarding world."

"Don't worry, Harry, I have a plan for that too." Luna smiled sadly. "Hopefully, it won't come to that."

"Enough worry, Harry, we need to get you to the airy porter." Neville interrupted. "Your flying tin-can leaves soon."

"Tin can?" Harry asked, highly amused. "They're called airplanes."

"Doesn't matter what they're called, they still look like flying hunks of metal." Neville shrugged.

Harry sighed and gathered the rest of his belongings. "Let's get to the airport before I change my mind, then."