Mag And Linear
Mag's Point of View
By Faria
Submitted by Angelica
Note: This is my friend's fic. I have written one but it is not completely done. Hope you like it.

I'm useless.
Over the period of time since Linear's power was revealed, this fact has become painfully obvious. I can't protect her anymore, and she doesn't need me to. "Mag," she said to me the other day, violet eyes wide and innocent, as usual. "Why do you protect me?" She had asked the question I'd been too scared to voice, forcing me to realize the obviousness of the truth. I didn't answer, just turned my face to look upon my golden angel, more precious to me than life itself. Protecting her had come naturally, and even after she'd reveal herself as Evolutia, I'd deluded myself into believing I was still needed. Until she asked me the same thing I'd been wondering for the longest time. Sometimes I wish she was still mute. After a long silence, she walked over to me, placing her hand on my shoulder.
"Mag..." She looked as if she wanted to say more, but only shook her head, almost sadly, and turned away. We didn't speak to each other for the remainder of the day, and I was unable to meet her penetrating gaze. I didn't know why I protected her, and she didn't either. It had always come naturally.
Right now I'm standing outside her bedroom door, wondering whether to go in and try to talk to her. Odds are she's asleep already, though -it's pretty late. Maybe I'll just wait till morning.
My thoughts are interrupted as a sudden scream-Linear's- cuts through the air. Without thinking, I run through the door, only one thing on my mind-protect her. Peering through the darkness, I see her thin form, thrashing madly in the grip of a nightmare. Just a dream. I don't need to protect her from a dream.
But I find myself running to her side, and before I know it I'm holding her tightly, stroking her hair and calling my name until her screaming finally ceases, and she relaxes against me, still sleeping. Now the situation fully hits me and I realize if Gre walks in now, I won't be able to explain myself. Here I am, in Linear's room at some godforsaken hour of the night, with her clad in nothing but a nightgown. It looks pretty suspicious to be sure.
Yet even as I think that I realize I already have an explanation: I'm protecting her. Whether it's from Eugene and his empire, or a simple nightmare, I'm protecting her, just like I've always done. It just comes naturally.
She's in my arms, and slowly her eyes open to look directly into mine. I'm no longer afraid of meeting her gaze, and I smile reassuringly.
"Go back to sleep, Linear. You just had a bad dream."
She smiles back, leaning into my embrace, and I sit and hold her until she falls asleep again. After that I rise, and gently set her down, so I won't wake her. Before leaving, I lean over and softly kiss her forehead.
"I don't have to protect you, Linear," I whisper, "But I think I will anyway."