Juliette Waybourne sat on the window seat, watching the rain re-shade the colours of the Horizon buildings. She sighed as her slippers fell from her feet and dropped to the floor. She felt someone sit down beside her. Turning her face, she realised straight away who it was.

"Juliette," The voice said gently. It was Sophie Becker, Horizon counsellor. "The guys told me they suspect you. Are their suspicions right?"

"Suspect me of what?" Juliette asked. She knew what Sophie was talking about though.

"Jules." Sophie sighed, putting her arm around her. "You need help, if you are doing it again. Tell me and I can help you." Juliette stared out of the window again as Sophie pushed Juliette's sleeves further up her arms. "Oh Juliette."

"Everything got on top of me. My last conversation with mommy dearest really got to me and.I'm sorry Sophie. I need help." She cried. Sophie stood up, bringing Juliette with her.

"Then you'll get help." Sophie said as she took her down to the infirmary.